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November 28, 2008


Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

What a beautiful post Karla! Your Thanksgiving looks and sounds beautiful!



I love the stars karla , I will be trying those for sure. I am glad your Thanksgiving was a nice day for you and your family. Donna

Karen Young

Oh My Karla, the cousins are so, so sweet. Love them in their red dresses. Thank you the start tutorial, I will have to make some.



Thanks for the tutorial. I will try it. I left and came back to comment and there was more posted! How fun to see more!


LOVE the "quick cuddle something furry and cute". Adorable Karla!


Very pretty! I'll definately have to go make some of theses. Thanks! Your dodadded birds are so pretty!


Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving day! The stars are gorgeous and thanks for sharing how to make them...The little ones look so sweet!


Glad you had a great turkey day! Crafting sounds fun that is what we did too :) Poor Corey is dealing with the dining room table being covered in craft stuff. He's a good sport. Thanks for the tutorial!


Thanks for the tutorial! I have always wondered how those were made, I will be crafting some for my own tree now:>) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving1


Love how you get the family crafting before and after family dinners. Gorgeous! Rachaelxo


Fun! Can't wait to make some!



I love how you craft before and after dinner--how special is that!


Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Crafting with people you love is so much fun.



Your stars are so pretty! I can't wait to try one.


The fairy/pixie cousins look adorable! Looks like a fun day! Love the Christmas stars--thanks for showing us how to make them. I'm definitely going to give them a try!


Hi Karla
Thanks for the tree topper tutorial. Me and the girls had a lot of fun doing these with family pictures of Christmas Pasts. Glod to hear that your Thanksgiving was a joyous and happy one

hugz and smilez


Kerryanne English

Your Thanksgiving celebration sounded perfect Karla.


Oh I loved getting a behind the scenes tutorial Karla! I am going to have to try and make one now :) Hope your Thanksgiving was relaxing.



Jessica Canham

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I wish my family liked to do crafts. Your Christmas stars are beautiful and the babies look adorable!

Miss Sandy

Thanks for sharing the fantastic tutorial! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Have a restful weekend!


I would love your recipe for your green bean cass...my daughter makes one (also from scratch)...but the green beans were a bit to crunchy for me. Laurie


Karla, Thanks so much for the Christmas star tutorial! I'm really going to love making those!

Would you consider sharing your green bean casserole recipe? One of my daughters can't eat canned soup because of the msg.

Cute photos of the beautiful little girls - don't you just love matching dresses? I used to make them for Easter & Christmas until they begged me to stop (in jr. high)! Then they later both asked me to make their wedding gowns - not matching.

Thanks also for sharing your Silver Bella adventures. Fun to enjoy it vicariously.
Faithful reader, Jane - Jacksonville

karla nathan

I'd be happy to tell you how to make the casserole. I don't use regular recipes, kind of make things up as I go along, but I'll tell you how I made it.

I sauteed onions and garlic in olive oil, till golden, then added corn starch disolved in cold water and stirred till blended, and slowly added added about a cup of fat free half and half and a cup of skimmed milk. It was seasoned with just salt and pepper and cooked till the consistancy of canned soup.

I mix in 3 large cans of Italian cut green beans, and pour i all into a greased casserole dish.

Then, I toss cracker crumbs with olive oil, garlic salt and almonds, then sprinkle over the top and bake it at about 350 for a while since the turkey is still in the oven, then when I take the turkey out, I turn up the heat to about 400.

Sorry, about no exact measurements or times!

Debra Ganas

Love the Stars and all the cute fairies and pixies on them. TFS the tute.

We're having our Family Thanksgiving tomorrow. Crafting there would go over like a lead balloon. lol Glad ya'll had fun.

LiLi M.

I think this 'family crafting' is such a good idea. I love the picture of the two girls in their Christmas gowns and that photo of Sugarwings hugging one of the dorkies is great too! The stars are beautiful, I'm going to try this too, thanks for the tutorial and have a great weekend!


Thank you for the star tute karla, I will give this a go over the next couple of weeks. Love the dyed bottle brush trees and the cutsie birds too xxx

betty lou

What fun!! I'm gonna have to make a star with my new grandson's pic!! Thanks for sharing!

Susan M Hickam

Thanks for sharing about the starbursts Karla!You read my mind! I can't wait to try making some as they are so sweet! Did you ever go see Twilight? Friend of mine wants to go see it for a second time so we might go to a matinee tomorrow. I am curious what you thought of it. Movies are so expensive anymore I don't go to very many-mostly do Netflix these days. Have a great weekend.


I was curious being canadian and all , you serve noodles with your Thanksgiving dinner.I have noticed on other blogs that they are served too. If you have time could you or one of your readers tell me how they are made and served. You say they were simmering on the stove all day. They sound so interesting , as well as the green bean casserole. I love green beans.Thanks Donna

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a fun day! I can't imagine my brother's (4)faces if I told them we were going to make ornaments after dinner. What no football?? Maybe I'll try it next year. The photos might be priceless!
I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!


Thanks for the tutorial :) Brilliant!!
Looks like you all enjoyed Thanksgiving. You are so smart to prepare everything & have craft time. Such a great idea for family time.


Even more good ideas! Have I mentioned that I loved your SilverBella goodies?


hey!!! Its been forever since Ive been by! I miss reading your blog! love the idea! super cute! hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! big hugs



Oh cool! I have been making the according folded circles forever, but never thought to attach them like you did!! They do look good on a banner, go check my blog!! http://theredbulletinboard.blogspot.com/2008/11/crafts-galore.html

Melissa Burford

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It looks like those two were a handful but fun nonetheless. Thanks for the tutorial...I love making them so much and it seems that there are so many different ways to make them. Take care.

Natasha Burns

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your sweet family Karla! Sugarwings looks so cute there with her cute little cousin! I can just picture her going back and forth with the food! hehehe!
Missing you oxox
PS. my box came super quick, in less than a week from when you shipped it!

Sheila R

What a great way to spend Thanksgiving... crafting and eating. Gotta try that next year! I love your tutorial... will have to try one - so very cute!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


WOW - talk about a wise woman - how inspiring to craft with your family. I love a lady with her priorities straight! Thanks for the tutorial - I am going to make one today (or two or three!)


I love the idea of crafting before dinner. (Which I sometimes do, but without the fun of it being a group project!)

Thanks for the tutorial -- I need to try these. I love the family tree idea. Lovely!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Thank you so much for the tutorial, I can't wait to make some stars with my girls!!


Your tree topper and ornaments look too cute!

Greta Noren

my beau is a jazz musician, so I like making musical presents for him. Looks like a good project for all the leftover sheet music he has from sundry gigs!

María Elena

Beautiful tutorial! Always there are something novel in your blog.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

How sweet is that? You had all the stuff ready to go so everyone could get their glitter on! You definitely have your priorities straight Karla! Love the tutorial too......


Wow, Karla, you do manage to keep everyone hopping! I can't imagine being part of your family and trying to keep up with you!
Our family keeps things a bit more low key when we gather. The focus of our Thanksgiving gathering is on the bounty of the meal as a symbol of all we have and all for which we are thankful. Most of us enjoy cooking and being close while we prepare our Thanksgiving meal, and most everyone helps with the cleanup before and after, as well.
Donna from Canada, I think everyone has special family traditional dishes they prepare on Thanksgiving. We've never eaten noodles on Thanksgiving, but we do enjoy preparing homemade egg noodles with chicken for other family meals during the holiday. We like our green beans fresh and steamed with a little garlic so they are crisp and colorful. Yum! Happy holidays to all!


I am going to try and make the tree toppper. You gave really good step by step instructios. Thak - you so much....m..


Karla, what a fun Thanksgiving you had!!! i think it is just wonderful that you all did a little bit of crafting before and after you ate the bird...those stars you made are too cute with the pics of the wee cuties in the middle...LOVE the doves, they look SO pretty!!!


hi karla -

love your tradition! chrismas starts right after thanksgiving dinner is over for us ~ the christmas music goes on and crafting begins! love making those stars too!

take care and best wishes this wonderful holiday season ~
xo heidi


WOW! You even craft ON the holidays! Gotta love that! We used to put a plastic tablecloth under the children's table at the holidays... as there was ALWAYS mush on the floor! heehee


Can't wait to make some...thanks for the tutorial! How neat that y'all craft on Thanksgiving day! The boys have their football & y'all have your glitter...I love it!

Gretchen Schaumann

Love this tutorial. Thank you so very much for posting it.
Glad you had a great day with your family!

Joanne Kennedy

How fun! Guess what I'm going to be making today! Yup, your lovely stars! Thanks for the lesson!

Oh btw I hope I win your giveaway.



I got it all at HomeGoods! (homegoods.com) I'm itchin' to go back for more! =)


I love it all, can I come over and craft!


hi Karla, Welcome to December. I'm going to have to get some paper out and follow this tutorial. Happy happies.


Thanksgiving at your house looks like such fun. And, your models are beautiful. ;-)


I want to come to your house for thanksgiving...I don't think I could get my men to craft. But, I could get my sis and mom. What a good idea! Love the how-to!


Karla-I love the stars! Thanks so much for the instructions, I will definitely be adding some of these to my little bedroom tree.


Hi Karla,
Looking forward to meeting you this weekend at Miss Frenchie's! I need to bookmark your blog so that I can spend some time later - I need every second to get ready for the show!
Have a good week!


Your tutorial is awesome and I look forward to trying to replicate the stars for my trees. :o)


Well, this is always the place to come for wonderful Christmas inspiration. I love your star, Karla. Thank you for taking the time to share how you made it.

Those two little girls look so sweet dressed up in that "Santa" photo. I think it's so nice that they can be together. I loved having cousins nearby when I was a girl.


Can't tell you how much I love your craft before dinner idea -- and how flat that would fall with my family! What a great way to build fun and keep the kids occupied too. Well, maybe someday...

Looks fabulous and I like the stars!

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