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November 24, 2008


Rochelle Gaukel

It was funny to go to your blog and hear you talking about True Blood when I am right now watching it on our t.v. with my son (we taped it off our dish and just now are able to watch). I too am wanting to see the movie Twilight but it will have to wait for an opening up in my schedule!
Off to Oregon on Wed. to visit parents for Thanksgiving and then back to BC to start the decorating process of Christmas in our home!
Have a great Thanksgiving!


Hi Karla! So glad you are back and had so much fun! I think the reason is that werewolves are just...well, monsters, sort of, and the vampire has that longing, lonely, existence, hearing the howls of the wolves and being alone only having the moment of ecstacy when they bit and feasted. But then, too, I don't know the new stories, not really, although my daughter was a huge Buffy fan, too. I will have to get one of those books you spoke of and see what is out there now. Personally the old, romantic vampire stories used to make me....sigh. Years ago Showtime did one, heavens, it must have been 30 years ago now (!) (how did that happen?) and it was, imo, the best ever. sigh.......
Your friend, Bobbi


awww I'm sorry you are feeling down. Your packaging looks awesome for your etsy shop. I haven't seen the vampire show yet. It's been a icky week here too. That is sad when someone says unkind words. I hope your weed gets better and look forward to the sale next weekend! I'm sure you will do great! Hugs. You are a great friend never forget that :)


Hi Karla,
Sorry you have been feeling down.I have never really gotten into vampires. If I read the Twilight books I would probably get hooked too! I think vampires are just better dressers than werewolves! haha! Your pendant is beautiful!


Too bad your partner in crime is unwell and you couldn't go to the movie.Maybe in the next couple of days when she feels better. I am sorry someones sour grapes hurt your feelings , and most certainly an apology was in order , I hope you're feeling better now. See you can even multitask while you're blogging , talking away and showing us your etsy listings. A ((BIG HUG ))) Donna

Beth Leintz

Although you clearly know a lot more about vampires and werewolves than I do, my first thought is that the werewolf loses out because of the hair. Werewolves are probably great to party with, but do you really want to wake up next to that fur face?

By the way, I really want to win that Sugarwings necklace....

La Donna

Wish you, and those you love a wonderful Thanksgiving! : )

Kathy in Chicago

So you always go for the underdog er..wolf, I guess. That's sweet. I've always loved the whole vampire genre myself. I think I've seen and read pert-near everything. I do like the old "furface" wearwolf movies too, though. Remember the old cheezie Universal picture ones? My daughter and I were just talking about the not as old Mike Nichols movie with Jack Nicholson called Wolf. Do you remember that one?? GREAT were-wolf movie. (Where wolf? There wolf! - sorry I'm channeling Mel Brooks)
Hey - to perk yourself up go rent Young Frankenstein! No vamps or wolves but it'll make you laugh!!
Heading over to Etsy to see whatcha put up.

Cheer up Karla.


Jen r sanctuary arts at home

I haven't read twilight yet, but I was a hge..buffy,,,charmed...etc. fan and I LOVED ANGEL (and still do..ahhhhh.) I am trying to decide if I should read the book first or see the movie.

Kerryanne English

Cheer up sweetie...we all love you.
Hugs and smiles,


Karla, how could anyone say anything unkind about you? that makes me MAD!!! you are one of the sweetest girls i know:)


Vampires?!? Can't get into it. Won't get into it either. There's been an awful lot of hype about the Twilight books/movie. It gives me a bad feeling knowing all the people out there getting all wrapped up in it.

Sorry you got your feelings hurt, but love that something sweet came your way to make up for it.

Love your sweet pendant. I'm off to your etsy shoppe too! I still kick myself for looking at a piece of yours and taking tooo long to decide to purchase it and when I decided - 'poof' it was gone!. Argh.. :-)

xo LindaSonia

Jean Eakin

Karla, I loved Buffy too. I watched it from the first day it came on to last time it was on. Angel just wasn't as good without Buffy around. I can't imagine anyone saying something unkind about you. You are a giving and sharing kind of gal, and you always make me laugh when I need it the most. How great of you to share Sugarwings on the giveaway pendent. She is a precious little fairy. You have a great evening and enjoy the goodies you were sent.
Jean in Virginia


The Buffy house was 2 blocks away from our last home and my son went to the High School where they filmed most of Buffy....And I never saw the show! I have a thing for Vampires...I love Edward! If you go see the movie, wear earplugs...my daughter went on friday and said the girls were all screaming! She came out with a headache, I asked her if it was from her screaming or the other girls screaming...she sheepishly said "Both"
I can't wait to go see it! Talk to you soon! Loved the Silver Bella pics!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I've never been a fan of Vampires..unless you count "dark shadows" the tv show from the late 60's! I'm really dating myself here!
Glad you got the apology you deserved. And it is true...it only takes a moment to compliment someone (but it has to be genuine) and it will make THEIR day and YOURS!
PS I was a child bride so I guess I threw it all away for one man!


Off with their head....no one and I mean no one should ever never be mean to you. I feel better hope you do too! Hugs, Terri


I agree that werewolves lose out because of all that hair. Tall, dark, mysterious bad boys always win :) My daughter has read the series, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I think the "Cinderella" fantasy in literature is still appealing to girls and women. Many young girls... even with all the choices they have today...are still willing to give up everything for a man. I've been telling my daughter for a long time..."Never give all of yourself to any man... nurture a part of youself that is just for you." Hopefully, that advice has
made an impact.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I am right there with you on Jacobs side. I just finished the 3rd book and who would you rather snuggle with?? Cold as ice or someone to warm your cold toes??? Jacob all the way....by the way....He also has a heartbeat!!!Another bonus. Big Buffy fan too!! Spike can bite me anytime !! My fav episode is the musical one !! Feel better sweetie!!


I have always loved vampire movies. I don't like really scarey things, which is why I so loved the Twilight series! We saw it on Sunday afternoon, it was wonderful, and I will have to buy it when it comes out on DVD. Can't wait for them to make the rest of the books into movies! And for once in her life, my 12 year old daughter agree's with me when I say Edward is HOT!

Elaine L.

With the werewolves, I think that all the body hair must be a big turnoff. LOL

I can't imagine any one finding any thing unkind to say about you. You're such a happy sparkly person. And I mean that.



Hi Karla,

I'm not into the Twilight series either, but I loved the Dracula movie with Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder (I think.) There's something about brooding, melancholy boys (men?) that is very compelling to young women--I too speak from experience. I am watching my 19 y.o. niece go through the same thing and I wish I could warn her, but like me, she will have to learn from experience.

I also want to thank you for being so generous with your Silverbella tales and photos. I am new to this art community (well, actually any art community!) and I love reading about everyone's experiences. The amount of work that Teresa and all the vendors dedicate to this event is incredible.

You and the other Bellas I have shopped from are the epitome of customer service and talent!!! I really appreciate the time you and most everyone takes with your shops and blogs.

I've noticed that everyone brings a unique talent to "the table" and it's hard for me to understand why anyone would be rude, petty, or catty. For every unkind person, I'm sure there are 100 admiring fans like me, lurking in the background.

Happy Thanksgiving, Karla! I so enjoy reading about your art, and thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Daisy Cottage




I always loved Spike, too. He was a bad boy but with a sense of humor and I loved the Billy Idol hair.
Angel was cute and still is. I like him on Bones much more, though. Sorry I can't spell his real name.
I'm going to Twilight this week. Hope it's a good movie.


My sisters and I were talking about that after watching the movie, about how we wouldnt want our 13 year old daugthers reading and going crazy over the storyline. As much as I've enjoyed the fluff and fun of it all... it's a little grown up for little girls.


Can't believe anyone would say unkind things about you . . . Rachaelxo


What could be better than vintage flowers picked form your hat garden? So enchanting, it bought such wonderful visions to mind…I think this is one you are going to have to stage come summer.

It took me a long time to figure it out (many tears), but most chatty and mean comments come from a heart of envy.



I think my favorite vampire movie is Interview With a Vampire - I was a kid when that came out. But F.W. Murnau's German silent classic Vampire movie is among my favorites as well. (incidentally if I had been a boy my parents were going to name me Brahms.) I made a plug about the Mrs. Frinche's Holiday Brocante yesterday. I am excited about this one!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


gail friend

Hi, I was just blog hopping and came across your post. I love to stop in a visit from time to time. I love your work. Just gorgeous.
I have to say, go see Twilight. I loved it, I loved the books. Vampires have I guess always had that hypnotic irrisitable sexual way about them. LOL And like someone already posted, definately better dressers! I guess the one thing that bothered me more was the imprinting thing with the small children. I have to say, kinda gives me the creeps. Have a great day :) gail


There was a discussion about this series at my last art group and I had no idea what they were talking about. Now I understand why all the girls are wearing "I love Edward" t-shirts. I think I'll delve into the series over the Thanksgiving holidays.

I just found your blog and am having a great time visiting.

Karen Young

Karla, I haven't read Twilight yet, will have to do it soon so I can go see the movie.
Loved the eye candy. I always feel so inspired after a visit with you.



I'm sorry someone was saying something unkind. I'm glad they apologized... still... And your surprise sounds well worth it! Don't you love surprises? Nice new stuff for Etsy! You ARE accomplishing things!

Susan Hickam

Wow Karla you have surprised me! I loved the Buffy series and definitly like Spike over Angel too. I am a sci-fi/fantasy fan myself. I am not familiar with the Twilight series but had been considering going to see the movie. Tell me what you think when you go. I am glad whoever it was apologised(I can't imagine anyone saying anything bad about you- You are a very kind and talented lady!).Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is terrific.

Tracy M.

Hi Karla,
I was pulling for Jacob too! Nice to see I'm not the only one who has to go the opposite way. I sure hope She writes a series for him as well, but I'm not sure if he's as popular as Edward. I also LOVED Spike and Angel too. Really miss those shows.
Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Maija Lepore

Hey- I'm like a loyal pit bull- I'll kick that person's ass who hurt your feelings!

On to vampires...There is no one for me before Bill- he is my #1 vamp. Sam's a sweetie, but I want hot! I was a Jacob fan reading the books- I loved his depth and devotion. Never watched Buffy, but I think "Angel" was hot! Twilight was a fun movie! Remember- it's not real life, it's fantasy- what every young girl dreams about- a love you would die for! And look how many of us are such suckers for that kind of romance!!! ox


I can't really relate to the horror-vampire-type movies and characters, but I do relate to your concern about young women getting into relationships where they are not likely to be treated well. My father was emphatic about raising boys to respect and value the girls and women in their lives, I feel fortunate to have grown up expecting that of the men in my life. I hope your little granddaughters have fathers who give them that kind of gift!

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