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November 23, 2008



Oh Karla you make me smile , you have so much fun . It's amazing the older we get , it doesn't take much for a thrill. Your husband should be happy it's only wallpaper. It could be diamonds you can't live without. I love everyone of your show and tell's. Donna

m i c h e l l e

Astounding! A visit to Marilyn's home would definitely be worth a trip to Omaha in itself! Spectacular pictures and I can't wait to see more of your bounty!!!

vintage flair

Oh my.....just look at it all! I think I would of died and gone to heaven. Pure joy!
P.S. you need to show us how to make that hollowed out book sceen. It is lovely.


Oh Karla, what beautiful paper. I bet you were in wallpaper heaven weren't you?

Mary Isabella

So much beauty!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....m....

Kerryanne English

OMG...speechless!! Unbelievable!!
Wallpaper Heaven...see, I can't even get a sentence together.


I DIE!!! what an amazing place...OH MY!!!


Oooh! I like the pinky Christmasy one too!

Heather Kowalski

Karla... I just posted my wallpaper post too! haha... it was SO fun and a memory I will never forget. How lucky Marilyn is to LIVE there huh??? hahah!!! She needs a blog...

We really did have so much fun! xoxo heather


Heaven on a wallpaper roll! Rachaelxo

Cindy (Junque Art)

Wow is that wallpaper heaven or what? Just awesome! I know you gals had a blast!

Karen Young

WoW...that certainly was wallpaper heaven. I like your choices and the one your using in your Christmas pageant looks fantastic.


Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

20 ROLLS? OH MY GOODNESS KARLA! You were sooo lucky to go there! What a treat! That will be a weekend to remember for sure!

Jean Eakin

Karla, how in the world did you decide which wallpaper you wanted?You did well only getting 20 rolls.Have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia

Deborah Woodrow

KARLA ! you gotta hook me up !
Wow ! Hey, I laughed at the comment about your husband not seeing your blog, and how many rolls you bought ! Thats was so funny !
ok, I'm gonna start saving starting now !


I am SO driving to Iowa. In the snow. From New York. Wow!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Karla!!! LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN TO ME! Did you make a stop to Heaven on your way home??? I know all of you girls must have just loved visiting Hannah's, I've seen her work featured in mags....I'm so glad you all did this, what a wonderful memory! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, xxoo, Dawn


Love your choices!! Laurie

Debra Ganas

Don't worry Karla. Your secret is safe with us. Were you all hyper-ventalating? I would have been. AND you already made something with it.
BTW, what happened the the listing of Bella attendees on your pretty places to visit? I loved going to each blog.


I just saw pictures on Heather's blog too what a fun time I bet you all had! Looking forward to the sale! I'll get that posted on my blog and forum too! Miss ya!


WOW, that would have been like a kid in a candy store!! I can see why you got 20 rolls... I'm sure it would have been hard to limit yourself just to 20!


Wow, how in the world did you ever pick out just 20?! I love your pink christmassy one!

meleen dupré


i wish someone had taken photos of all your faces when the door to wall-paper-heaven opened!!! did your eyes pop out?? do they keep smelling salts near the door?? is there a great big fainting couch??? all i can say is "holy smokes" !!! another stop to add to my bucket list!



I've never seen so much wallpaper!


oh my gooodness gracious how could you not stay for a week or so looking through that!!
how fun for you!!!

LiLi M.

What can I say? Sigh, sigh, sigh......
So this is what Heaven looks like, I'm only missing the french macaroons by Ladurée, but they might be in the room next door or in one of those lovely wallpaper boxes. And I totally agree with every one before me that your husband can be proud of you that you managed to limit yourself to only 20 rolls. I think you have made some excellent choices and I love your first project with the wallpaper.
I would love to go to that antiques show!


OH MY GAWD!!!!!!...is all I can say about that coveted stash of old wallpaper!!! What a dream come true!!!


Holy crow! I would have thought that I had died and went to heaven!

Hannah Shaw

Oh My! Wallpaper heaven. That place is amazing! I don't know if you could have gotten me out there. I might have pitched a tent and set up camp! hahah. it looks like it was a lot of fun!

Have w wonderful day

Maija Lepore

My head would have exploded!!
Wishing you girls the best with your upcoming show! I so wish I was there!


how fun! thanks for taking us along :)


Seriously, I've jested about drooling no my keyboard before, but I do believe this is the first time I truly have. Drooled on the keyboard. And a little tear of envy is rolling down my cheek.


*wink* I have always been a little secretly happy that my dear husband doesn't read my blog - for these very reasons!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Heaven. I'm in Heaven! Wow. I'm speechless.


I can tell that you felt like you'd died and gone to heaven! It looks fabulous!

tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

OMG! I have seriously died and gone to heaven!!! I am SOOOO BUMMED I couldn't change my flight to go with you! Now that I see it, it would have been worth the $350 Untied wanted to change my flight! Next Year...on the top of the priority list!!!!
Thanks for sharing...oh, maybe not, ignorence is bliss, right? Glad you had a great time!!
xoxo, Tiffany


JEALOUS! JEALOUS! JEALOUS! I'm rolling on the floor crying, why, why, why, I waaant tooooo goooo tooooo waaallpaaappppper heeeaven! So that's why Natasha asked my to pop over to rub new pretty wallpaper in my face boooooo hooooo, sob, sob.

Great posted Karla, just rub it in a little feather...lol.


Marina Capano

Hi! nice post!so cute! Natasha is great!

Martha Cook

Hi Karla! It is so fun to see all the pretty things you have purchased at Silver Bella. I don't know what that person said that made you sad. I want you to know that you make my day every day. I miss you when you don't blog and I don't get to see your pretty things. I am going to do it to, you watch, I will blog, if it is the last thing I do! You are too fun! Thanks, Martha

Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven

Are your SERIOUS! This is a REAL person with that much REAL wallpaper. My heart is beating furiously! JOY of all joys!


Oh my Goodness!!!! all that lovely wallpaper, am drooling lol

Susan Hickam

I am a twitter over those pics! Wow! do you have to have an invite to shop there?

Valita Baxley

hi Karla,
I am finally gettng around to catching up on your blog. WOW! What amazing wallpaper! maybe you can convince her to be a vendor at Silver Bella next year! I bet you thought you died and went to heaven in a home with that much wallpaper!

Vicki Chrisman

What a dream that place is!!!
I have been so busy I havent gotten over here for a while..so I had to catch up!

Martha Cook

Hi Karla: Sorry to hear you are not well. I hope you are starting to feel better. I really love your table center piece. My friend decorates her home in blues. I had her look your pretty table. I want to thank you for the instructions on the star. I will be making some as well. Thanks again for the pretty feast for our eyes! Martha

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