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November 18, 2008



loved all the pictures! sounds like your party was a blast. wish I could have been there! You cracked me up leaving the dolly on the side of the road.. but I think I would have done the same thing. Also.. I cant imagine how natasha managed all that luggage!! she must have had the time of her life!


It was so fun. I sure have enjoyed our potluck gatherings. What fun we had! I miss you girls already!

sherry goodloe

Wow, what a party! I felt like I was there just reading this blog post *smiles*.

PS Trapp Candles are my FAV-OR-ITE candles!

Christa from Chloe Rose

It sounds like a fun adventure you had. Your embroidery project looks sweet. I can't wait to see your other pictures.


Chloe Rose


Well what a crazy group of events, the story of the truck Oh MY!
But looks like everything worked out well at Silver Bella what a beautiful disco ball (:
Hugs, Diane


Love those yummy Trapp candles. Looks like you had a blast. I so wish I could have met Natasha.. looking forward to more pix!


Wonderful! Just soaking it all in! The party at home and in the glitter lounge looks fantastic! Lots of fun going on!


WOWOW!! How do I find out about attending next year? Or do you have to be a vendor? It looks like so much fun!

Elaine L.

Wow! You had so much fun. I can't wait to see more. Natasha is such a cutie.

Didn't you freak when the stuff fell off the back of the truck?



Oh my lawdy, that all looks like so much fun! And your sewing project turned out very lovely! And I do agree with the multitude of mistakes that can be concealed with glitter and mica! heh heh


Great pic's, it looks like all of the bellas know how to have a good time. Your sewing project looks absolutely precious!


Fantastic pictures! What a fun time that must have been for everyone. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dolly though!

Judi S.

I'm sooo glad you are showing all the fun you had. Eventhough I live 45ml.away,and the Old Market was our favorite place to be when we lived in South O. I could not make the big Glitter fest but how I want'ed to.
ALL of you Girls are Fabbooo. Do you have to have a Blog to hang with all the cool girls?(because I don't). Besides if I did I'd never get to live vicariousely(SP) though you-all, and your craft ability.(sp)
You,and the rest are soo out of my leage I wouldn't want to join in, but I wouldn't mind sitting close by and watching.
Thanks for letting me watch.
P.S. Can't craft well can't spell at all.

Susan M Hickam

hey Karla! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Can't wait to hear more!

Kerryanne English

Karla, what a post - you had me captivated right from the mishaps on the way to the airport through to the sewing workshop. What a character you are!!

Rochelle Gaukel

From the looks of the pictures it seems like you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing them with us!


Thank for sharing such wonderful pictures..Natasha is cute as can be!!!Laurie


What a wonderful week you must have had! Looks like a lot of FUN going on:)


You have me in stitches Karla and I don't mean ugh! Just think of the person who has all the vendor table wanna be stuff. That puts me in mind of the time we stopped and picked up some stuff all over the road on our way to the Palmer fair(2 huge boxes of toys), we ended up getting a reward and some free stuff. Happy happies.

Fleur de Bee

Hi Karla!

I don't think I have ever commented on your blog...maybe one other time? I just adore Natasha and am friends with several of the gals you went to silver bella with, like Heather too! DARLING all of them. I can't wait to meet you hopefully next year. You totally crack me up, especially leaving the dolly on the side of the road!! haha! Good one! Thanks for all your magical pictures and the fun stories thus far! Can't wait for more!


Molly xo

Karen Young

WoW!!! you certainly had an adventure pre Bella. But, oh what fun you have had. I just love it. I also thought your embroidery project turned out lovely.

As well as sharing your adventures with all of us, you are making a very special journal of your trip.


laura dellaporta

you are so funning & entertaining.. Love your pictures... thanks for sharing.
xoxox Laura


It all sounds like so much fun! I am so sorry I missed meeting the girls! From reading so many different blogs, I can see that Natasha got around while she was in the States! And Silver Bella looks like a blast!!

Alissa Millsap

sounds like you had quite an adventure! i bet it was a wonderful time with all those bellas...thanks for sharing all of your pictures! look foward to seeing more.

linda thompson

Oh Karla, sounds like sooo much fun!!
You are such a giving, loving sweet gal.


Great pictures and post...as usual. It was so nice to meet you at Silver Bella...you are the cutest!


You are so real & so funny..love the dolley story!

Welcome home & thanks for sharing the pics. What a time y'all must have had!


Ahhhh sighhh... thank you for the fabulous photos! I ALMOST feel as if I were there... but next year... fingers crossed (I'll start losong some weight now so I can find me a bella dress)! lol

Amy Bauer

Karla, Thank you, thank you for sharing pics and details of Bella. It means alot to those of us who couldn't attend. So very glad you had a time worthy of the glitterati! - Amy Bauer


How fun! I think your project came out great. Your stories of driving to and from the airport crack me up!


Your embroidery looks pretty! I wish I had more time for that ! I want to go next year ! Natasha looks like a doll and so do you !!


Wow...Thanks for sharing all of that Karla...You all must have had such a ball!!!!! I can't wait to see more!


What fun you all had! I laughed envisioning you unloading the dolly onto the side of the road and then driving away!

I'm so enjoying reading all about Silver Bella.



i'm on the hunt for edible glitter! thanks so much for sharing:)

Gretchen Schauann

Too much fun Karla. Glad you had a ball.
How did you do for selling your goods? Was it what you had hoped? And how did the smalls sell for you?

Jean Eakin

The further adventures of "Karla" and the trip to the airport gave me the laugh I needed tonight. I just kept picturing you doing all that stuff, especially leaving the dolley on the side of the road. You just plain out have too much fun. I think I need a snack now. The pasta shells have made me really hungry. You have a wonderful evening.
Jean in Virginia

Pam Schroeder

That is way too much fun for one person to have! It does look like such fun - the laughing, the creating, the fellowship - GREAT! You had a great post! PAM


Love all the sites of the party and friends at Bella. Some day I am going to go! That is my current motto anyway. I wish I could have been behind you on the freeway--picking up all that wonderfulness (LOL)


Oh, Karla -- your airport sojourn sounds -- well, like Bella overload! And a grand party! What a delight!


Looks like a blast...Katie

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