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November 20, 2008



You are a very clever gal! Made me laugh just picturing it. My daughter had this pink bear that she literally worn to a frazzle far before she was ready to part with it. I happened to stumble across an identical one in a store and tried the good old switch. Didn't fall for it for one second. So we made a deal, she could play with the new one and lug it around, but got to fall asleep with the old one while rubbing the "silky-threadbare-tag".

Better head to the airport for back up just in case, Christmas is coming soon ya know..


Good thing it worked ,and that Sugarwings knows the wizard of Oz so well. I noticed Twinkles wears a little bling too on her neck. Can't really tell what it is but it's blingy. My daughter has a beautiful ctystal necklace for her dog. Still looking forward to more bella pictures Karla, don't worry about posting lots. Donna


That is the cutest story. Thanks for the smile. You might want to buy a year's worth of them and hopefully by then she will get tired of Dorothy and move on to some other treasure.

Kathy in Chicago

I'm still laughing over this. Just took a break cleaning since my family is coming up for Thanksgiving. Can't have them knowing how I REALLY live, now can I?! My daughter was also captivated by the Wizard of Oz when she was 2. One day I heard her running around the living room screaming at the top of her lungs. I came flying out of the kitchen thinking the worst! She says, "My house is flying. My house if flying.". It took me a few seconds to calm down and realize she was pretending to be Dorothy. I'm sure at some point we really should have taken that girl in for counseling.....

Loved your Dorothy story!!



Loving this story; it brought a smile to my face!!
Our youngest had a little lamb with *silk* ears, but the loved-on ears fell apart. My mom tried replacing the silk, but she used red instead of pink, thinking he wouldn't care. He wouldn't go near it.
I'm glad Sugarwings is "guggabo" and you were able to make the switch!!


What a wonderful smile. Poor Dorothy. Golly, you'd better hit Etsy now! Sounds like you could use the cash -- a case of Dorothys...


Cute story! Sugarwings is a very blessed little girl! I tried that with my two year old son with his first teddy bear and it didn't work! I went to great lengths too. I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks for bringing back a nice memory.



I am glad that Sugarwings liked the new Dorothy...I think your little game made it work...The things we do to keep the little ones happy..

by the way, I have been enjoying your pictures and stories of Silver Bella...

Debra Ganas

Bless her heart. That was so cute. "Guggabo" I love it. Really everything except the face looks almost the same.

Reminded me of my beloved monkey. It was jointed and covered with monkey fuzz when I first got it. In the end it had no fuzz, no arms or legs. It was pitiful. My Mother said she lost friends over it. It was so ugly. It was left behind on a cross country move. I'm still having monkey fuzz withdrawals. That was 45 years ago. Thanks for the memories.


You are a Good Grandma !! :c)

Pattie :c)
Mazatlan Mexico


Bethany has her favorite doll and we thought it was lost one day. Good thing we found it because Grandma had gotten it at the $1 store and we can't find them anymore!

Beth Leintz

That kind of reminds me of The King of Queens, and how Doug's parents didn't tell him when his dogs died they just kept replacing them- and it never occured to him that 27 is really old for a dog.

His parents didn't tell him that he flunked kindergarten either and had to repeat it- they told him it was "super kindergarten"


very clever Karla!!! she won't be falling for that much longer, fair warning:) LOL!!!

Kerryanne English

Too funny Karla...hhmmm, don't suppose you could wrap me in a towel and work your scrub, scrub, scrub magic for a super quick make-over???? Perhaps not...I'd probably come out covered from head to toe in glitter and that could be a bit itchy.

Jean Eakin

A very special child with very special grandparents, plus you are either very smart or very devious. Either way ,it worked.Have fun with Sugarwings.
Jean in Virginia

Elaine L.

Very sweet story. Kids believe in magic. As long as we believe we'll never get old.


Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven

Oh so cute! About half way through the story, I got the airport...Dorothy, Kansas thing! Wow, if only I could sing a song and get a new face. I'd be forever wrinkle free!


That was some grandmotherly brilliance! Sweet story:) I love that part of the movie--especially when the cowardly lion gets ringlets--and please know that I am now singing along..."in the merry old Land of Oz"!

laura dellapora


Jen r sanctuary arts at home

Ha ha. I love a woman who thinks on her feet! And with a 2 year old you have to! :)

Mary Isabella

What a wonderful idea. They do get attached to their dolls quickly at this age.Have a great weekend ...m..


What a wonderful sweet story…
Two is such a magical age, I have always loved two.

We did a similar thing with our daughter when she was two, her rabbit died.
My hubby planned on picking up another one on his way home from work that day.
I told my daughter that her bunny
wasn’t feeling good. So daddy took Suzy to work with him to make her better.
He did such a good job that Suzy Bunny came home a little bit bigger and lived many happy bunny years.


Oh my gosh, Karla, you had me laughing so hard I nearly pee'd my pants! lol What a CUTE story! You ought to submit it to one of those ladies' home magazines! =)


That's so funny! Kids have such free imaginations, that anything is possible. When I think of the outrageous things my Dad told me, and I believed.....!


OMG! You are such a clever grandma! Glad she 'bought' the makeover story!!! Next time you venture into KC, try Union Station. They have a little souvenir shop there with all kinds of Oz stuff, they just might have your Dorothy doll there too. (Never hurts to have a backup supplier for something as important and necessary as Sugarwing's doll!)


What a wonderful sweet story.

Oh so cute!

Karen Young

Karla, you are one smart Grandma. What a darling little sweetie Sugarwings is.



Well, seems like you've been keeping (crazy) busy as usual Karla! It's perfect that you're from Kansas, cuz you're like a tornado of energy, lol!
looks like a blast, love all the stuff you were selling, no wonder you did so well!

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