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December 03, 2008


Kerryanne English

Karla, I hope you can shake that nasty little bug real quick so you can get on with the joyof decorating for the holidays. It's already looking wonderful.

Susan M Hickam

sorry to hear the bug bit you. Janette and I are planning on coming in Friday evening. I still have to figure out how to get there though. Looking forward to it. Take care of yourself Karla.


Karla, i have to say it looks pretty festive over there already for someone who says she doesn't have much decorating done...i have NOTHING done...send Sugarwings my way, will ya? apparently i need some help:) LOVE your little houses and trees, they are WONDERFUL!!!

Jean Eakin

Hope you are feeling a lot better. I love the blues you used on your table centerpiece and I love using the old Christmas balls all over the place. You are so busy as usual and you'll do great at he big to'do next week.The trees will be a sure hit. I wish Kansas was just a little closer to Roanoke, but alas its not and I don't beleive clicking my heels together would get me there so I will just have to be satisfied with seeing lots of photos. You have a great evening and I loved your Thanksgiving photos.
Jean in Virginia

Gretchen Schaumann

Hey Karla- Love the 1st photo showing your white cabinet in the background and all of your great architectural pcs. you've collected. Love the silver balls in the white pottery pcs. The centerpiece was very fun to see too. I love cloches and agree with you that anything can look good inside one of those.
Love your dyed & glittered trees too.
Hope you're feeling better-

Debra Ganas

So sorry to hear you were sick. I knew something was up when I kept checking your blog and there were no updates. So glad you are feeling better.
Love all the shiny brights. I was digging in my shiny bright stash too. I decided to hang all of my vintage ornaments on my silver tree I found at Goodwill. I like my siver tree better than my new 7.5 feet that I bought the end of last year. It is still naked. I like playing with the vintage stuff too much.
Enjoy every moment with that little fairy. She will always remember those Easter egg trees. I think I need to find some and bleach and dye them. They are so cute.

Do get out the sitting elves. I would love to see pics of Sugarwings with them.


Hope you're feeling better and back to flinging tinsel. I really like that cloche theory.


The weekend after we left silver bella my dad was really sick too. Whatever it is the stomach bug is going around. Glad you are feeling better I wondered what you were up too! See you on saturday :)

Kelly Barney

The little houses are a d o r a b l e !!! They so remind me of decorations my mother had when I was young. I love, love, love them! And, the bottle brush trees are to die for! Again, sweet memories of my childhood. Thank you so much for sharing!


Love your holiday decor. Your home looks lovely. I cracked up when you called yourself 'Typhoid' Karla... LOL... too funnee!! LindaSonia

Account Deleted

Adorable! Hope you are feeling better!
xoxo, Tiffany


Wow you've been busy as usual. I love your trees and I bet your little assistant enjoys helping you. Glad you are feeling better.


Sorry to hear you were under the weather! I love the silver ball in the hutch! I have yet to invest in a Cloche. I agree, they make anything under them instantly "special".

suzanne Harley

Hi there typhoid Karla! You really crack me up! Glad you are feeling better and I love all your Christmas sweetness! Just gorgeous. Love Suzanne:)


oh karla.....your blog is always so "sparkley" good!!!


Aww! Your houses and cloched deer... so very Xmasy and so very Karla! :) Thanks for letting us savor Xmas the Karla way!

Jessica Canham

Congratulations, Vicki, you lucky girl! ;)

Karla, I love your table centerpiece. I've noticed the glass cloche effect, too, and I love them! I noticed your cute little deer and have been seeing deer popping up here and there in the craft industry. Maybe they're the next in "thing" (after this year's owls.)

Ele at abitofpinkheaven

Now that is super cute....Sugarwings rearranging. Love the potato masher. That's where it should be! She has learned from her grandmother. The vintage baubbles in the cupboard are adorable. You keep amazing me! Simple things, but you are the ONLY creative one who would think of them!

Karen Young

Karla, I just love those little houses. I only have one that a friend gave me last year.



I'm swooning over EVERYTHING in this post. Really, everything :) I'm in love ♥


When you hadn't posted for several days, I thought you were just extra busy with the sale. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well--glad you're doing better:)

Your vintage ornaments in the cabinets are really lovely! Sugarwings rearranging things reminded me of one of my daughters. She started rearranging stuff at that age too...I guess it's just in their genes:)

By the way, I'm coming to Miss Frenchie's sale on Sat...can't wait! I'll see you there:)

Ali Gripp

I love all of your foofy sweet Easter colored trees!! Oh and I am adding mess-with-able to my vocab!! LOL
Counting down the days to craft day!!! Ali

Elaine L.

I'm relieved and happy to see you back. I was getting a little worried. I'm glad you're feeling better.

I love the cabinet filled with the white pottery and the silver balls.

I like the idea of the simplicity of tucking little things into your existing decorating, rather than having to put things away to add whole displays of things. I'm going simply this year, too.

The Holiday Brocante looks very exciting. I've seen posts on other blogs. I see that Elizabeth from The Adventures of Elizabeth Blog is going to be there. I'd love to meet her. She seems so sweet and genuine.



Wonderful pictures of the house and the diningtable. Oh you listed them on etsy. I sure will jump over to the shop! Have a wonderful day /linnea-maria


your pictures are so magical and whimsical.. love each and everyone of them!

i adore those precious little trees! can i have them ALL please! :)

Sheila R

So sorry that you were under the weather! All your bottle brushes and small house are so cute!


Youir home is naturally sparkly Karla, how much decorating can it need? Don't feel too bad about infecting your guests, the crud is going around everywhere, they probably didn't get it from you. I love the little houses and the sparkly old ornaments. The light hits them so beautifully:>)

Kathy in Chicago

Don't you just hate being sick this time of year? I do!! Love all the pretties you have strewn around the cottage. Just gorgeous. Can you tell me what that background paper is that you have been using with all the Christmas trees in different colors? Was it giftwrap? It looks SO familiar to me! I'm dragging out all of our old vintagy Christmas bits and bobs this week. You're an inspiration!! - Kathy in Chicago

Miss Sandy

I just love reading about your fairy baby adventures, a potato masher exchanged for a mermaid, too cute! My post is up with you as one of the feature artist if you care to take a peek. Thanks so much for letting me link to your tutorial. My tree is topped to perfection!


How sweet that you made those little bottle bruch trees with Sugarwings! You know, you should copyright that darling nickname of hers and start a line of craftiness goodness with it... move over, "Martha Stewart"... there's a new kid in town! "Sugarwings Originals"! heehee

Hope you feel better quickly!


I'm only adding accents of Christmas this year too & I'm loving it. Love the ease & the simplicity of it...& best of all, I won't have to spend days packing it all away after the holidays. ;o)


Hey Typhoid Karla,
so sorry your sick! Yuck!
I love all your creations- the tablescape, the trees...you are even inspiring when you are dying from the gack!
hugs! karen....

Angela Harris

I just saw the pictures of your dream home on Heather's website. Just Gorgeous!


you have such talent & knack for display!
I enjoy everything you do.


I'm with you - we did our decorating (well I did while hubby kept promising he would help!) and I left a bunch of stuff in the attic this year. Some of it just doesn't fit my tastes this year but next year who knows?! Excellent point about the cloches - anything does look better under them.


Everything looks so beautiful! I love your cabinet with the ornaments popped in here and there. But my favorite is that cloche with the blue deer inside! I collect those deer, and I haven't found one in that pretty blue. If there would ever be ANY chance that you'd be willing to part with it after Christmas?? Just askin'.....

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

You bring back such good memories for me! You and Sugarwings are just like my grandma and i were when I was little. Those times at my grandparents house truly are my BEST childhood memories! My grandma and I are still so close. Crafting was one thing we always did together when I was little.

I love the bottlebrush trees and houses, so pretty!!!


Miss Sandy


You are most welcome! I love my Christmas star!


Hi Karla:

I just received my bottle brush trees today and LOVED them! Your packaging was so pretty! I loved the little bell on the top of the package.

Your home is SO beautiful. I just saw all the pictures that Heather took during her visit. How wonderful to live in such a magical nest :)

Happy Holidays,
Coastal Sisters


what a dreamy home!!
i love peeking into your beautiful world


You never seem to stop amazing me! Your putzs,trees,centerpieces and getting ready for a show. Glad to here your feeling better.Hope Sugarwings didn't get it. Good luck with your wares! Hugs, Terri


I love your deer and tree under glass, a wonderful decorating tip.
This is my first visit to your blog, I will visit again. This is a beautiful place to visit.


The colors are so gorgeous! Looking at all of that should bring you out of the fever ;)

Vicki Chrisman

I love your little town.. every house ..just adorable.
Hope you are feeling better!

Linda Lilly Cottage

I love those trees and I love your life ( but I won't take the thyphoid though if you don't mind) You exhaust me just reading about what you do and I love every minute of being exhausted. I am sure you will come up with a Christmas Sugarwings plan. Hope you are feeling better, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Irish Cottage Dreams

I love all the pretties! Makes me feel
festive! Looks like it will be a beautiful
holiday season in your home :)

Congrats to the Give away winner!
Btw, I am having a Give Away on my blog



So amazingly beautiful. Heading over to your Etsy shop to look at trees.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Wow! All of your displays are so beautiful! And I loved your theory that "everything looks more important under glass." I never thought about it before, but you're right! :-)


I came across your blog from http://romantichome.blogspot.com/
She has it listed as one of her favorite blogs to read. I really am enjoying your blog. Your christmas display is beautiful.


Karla, I love the silver balls with the white urns. Deana


120 trees??!!! Yikes! I can barely count that high! LOL

As always, your talents amaze me. And the centerpiece is to "dye" for. I love the idea of putting jewels on the deer and paring him with a tree. I might have thought of the dome top, but that's where it would have ended. And shame on you for messing with the Putz houses, but they sure are cute. ;-) I'm thinking some creative use of glue dots could solve my inability to really change the old things.


I love your little centerpiece with the blue deer, it's so pretty. I can never seem to find any of those little glass cloche domes. Are they mostly vintage finds, or can you buy them new? Thanks!

Lee W.

Wow Karla- you are in the creating mmod. My kids are 5 and almost 3- I totally get the "maybe I shouldn't decorate too much" thing. Last year, by the time Christmas arrived, the tree was bare from about 3 feet down- Adam's arm length!! I just bought a dozen pink mercury glass balls, and 2 dozen blue ones, and I SO want to put them out... ain't gonna happen.

PS- I find objects in weird places too. ;-)

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love your houses and trees! I hope you are feeling better and I am so thinking about scaling back the decor this year too!

Kirsty Thomas

Oh Karla, I LOVE your christmas decorating! I have a 1 year old boy, and all decorating in my house is at the top half of everything including the tree, which leaves a very bare bottom half.



I love all of the pretty bottle brush trees and maybe with your blog inspiration, I will try it myself. Happy Christmas!


Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Typhoid Karla?!!! As usual, I'm laughing so hard tea is going all over the keyboard. Your home is lovely and some years less is more. I can't figure out which cat keeps dragging the quilt out from under my main tree. :SIGH: Hope you're feelin' bright and bushy-tailed by now. And thanks again for all the Bella goodies. Such treasures to me. Hugs to you TK!


Wow! I wish I lived closer to you guys!! But, then again I would be broke so it is best that I don't!! hehehe! Have fun!!


Hi, Karla -- finally back from Vegas and catching up. So, this comment is for the fabulous decorations in your space and the braccante posts, too!

I'm having a drawing this month, too -- blogaversary! Stop by when you have time!

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