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December 09, 2008



Those grapes are huge! I look so forward to photos of baby dorkies. Twinks is probably looking forward to it also! Poor little belly getting so big. What a job!


OMG! Karla - I had to giggle with the 70's grapes . . .I do so remember. (course all fruit was in then wasn't it??)

I love your blog - I have read so many of your articles, and looked at so many of your beautiful photos through the years. I didn't know you had a blog until I read about you at Quill cottage blog. You now have a new subscriber!


I love the arrangement for the breezeway, so pretty! Puppies!!! how exciting. My yorkie Loki is about a year and a half, I would love for her to have just one litter. I am still toying with the idea. She is just so adorable and tiny, I am worried that have a litter might change her temperate or appearance. Hmmmm what do you think?

LiLi M.

Just a scrap of vintage wallpaper makes me sooo interested in your monthly giveaway. I totally agree with you. I specialize in wrapping things unrecognizable. My son thought he was unpacking an x box 360 but is was a box with 6 tubes of chips. Hahaha, that's the fun part of Sinterklaas. I'm looking forward to see those little Dorkies!


Can't wait to see pictures of the new puppies when they arrive! Just read your article in the most recent Romantic Country, which arrived over the weekend. Before I saw that you were the author, I was thinking the pictures had a familiarity to them! Then discovered they were yours! And I recognized your studio!! Another Excellent job!


Oh my goodness Karla - I laughed so hard - it's like puppy porn! How cute is she?! lol

Debra Ganas

Oh my...... poor twinks. She looks like she is saying please rub my belly. We did not find a Husband for our Jackie last time she was "ready" for a Husband. So we will not be dorkie grandparents. But congrats to you Karla.

Love all of your decorations. I must make some of those stars.


Twinkles is SOOOooooo cute! I love the way that you filled the crate and the caddy! I have a caddy similar to that one, I may have to follow your lead with it. I'll have to paint if first though, it's just plain old wood right now!


Twinks sure looks like a very happy well cared for pooch! I bet you spoil everyone over at your house. I have been keeping an eye out in your Shop to see if you are going to list any of your altered Putz Boxes! They were a treat. But all your creations are yummy.
Hugs, Diane


Twinkle looks like a happy-mama-to-be. She's adorable!
I just started following your blog. And love all of your work. It is so inspiring to just browse through your pictures.


The grapes look yummy... I love the table, it is beautiful! As is your basket/tool box, I love it's sparkle. And puppy, well what can I say, she is a cutie. I love hints, you gift giveaway is getting me all curious. I too love hints.

Claudia Hill

I love your blog, having recently discovered it. Your decorations inspire me! I sure love the basket/tool box. Beautiful!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

We had a breezeway growing up...at least thats what my mom called it! I've never heard it called that again until now! Must be a midwest thing? I learned to roller skate on our breezeway! Love the decorating...so simplified but elegant!
Congrats to twinks! So exciting! My sisters little pomeranian Coco might be preggers too! Such tiny little dogs having pups!

Janice Rehmeyer

Wow the grapes do look big.
Glad to read that Twinkle's is expecting soon.
Happy Holidays,


You have such a gift for arranging things! Twinks is so sweet, and I love the transparency on the box! I want to try some of the fan-folded ornaments. They are so pretty!

Alissa Millsap

what a cute display in your crate!! i so wanted to go to miss frenchie's sale...looks like it had alot of eye candy. glad to hear that it was a success. i have to say...i was so inspired by your huge paper stars i had to make one for the top of my tree. thanks!

barbara burkard

...oh yes!!! we had blue and green glass grapes on the table! AND AS FOR THE MOM'S NEEDING TO GO OUT..THING...i used to have a shirt (when the babies were little) that said...ESCAPED MOM...DON'T TELL ANYONE YOU SAW ME..!

OH you should have a design the puppy nursery idea shout out! lol


Everything looks so pretty! Love your decorations too. My Grandparents had some of those glass grapes my cousin and I would try plucking them off the glass stems. haha see you on thursday :)


I love hints and that bit of sparkly blue is very enticing. Your decorations are always pretty - I have some music paper and might make some of those folded ornaments.


Jean Eakin

Twinkles is going to be the cutest Mama ever and I can't wait to see the puppies. I just love how you put things together and they look beautiful. I just love surprises especially at Christmas time ,and I bet your December present will be a doozy.
Have a good evening Karla. I love your new table. Its always good to get a present and award for yourself.
Jean in Virginia

Elaine L.

I like your decorating. I'm going to go small, this year. Just simple little touches, here and there. I'm tired of lugging out all the crates and moving things.
It takes too much effort to put it all away.

It must have been nice to buy something that you didn't have to paint. Something that was just perfect to take home.

OMG! Those grapes are huge. They look like grapes that have been fed on steroids.



Oh, my, how much does an average newborn yorkie weigh? I'm trying to imagine--they must be very tiny!


Oh, my, how much does an average newborn yorkie weigh? I'm trying to imagine--they must be very tiny!


Oh, my, how much does an average newborn yorkie weigh? I'm trying to imagine--they must be very tiny!


Ha Ha! I remember those glass grapes...my mom still has them...Yikes.lol! Cant wait to see how little the little ones will be...she certainly doesnt mind showing us her sweet belly.lol. Laurie


I'd love to be in your Give Away :) And I want a puppy too....pretty puuuleeeaseeee.


I've enjoyed reading your blog (almost every day) now for a while. Beautiful to see and fun to read. Love your style!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

I'm loving your little December peek...!! And what a cool image with the transparencies!!

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Karla
Little Twinks looks so cute.....has she been a mommy before?? I couldn't imagine 3 or 4 little yorkie pups running around - must be so adorable. We just got another little cutie pie girl (this ones for my husband!). She is so cuddly!
Those grapes are ginormous! Did they taste good??
Your place is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Happy decorating!

chas at the wild raspberry

oooh, what shiny pretties on your pages. do you have a brick and mortar shop? i live in oak grove...a kansas city suburb. a daytrip to lawrence is so much fun!

Kathy in Chicago

Will Ms. Twinks is a cutie! I can't wait to see pictures of mini dorkies. Cute, cute, cute!! I'm still laughing about those glass grapes! I haven't thought of those for years. That, and one of the above posts that said "puppy porn". Puppy porn? hahahahaha

Well, if the fun news about Blagojevich hasn't made me laugh enough today, this post sure did.

BTW - love all the pics of your Christmas decorating. You never fail to inspire.

Kathy from Chicago where politics IS the only game in town!


I can't wait to see pics of puppies when they arrive! How sweet they will be!
Your treasures are darling and your displays are so festive!

karla up north

so is that last picture the daddy of the puppies?? its not Twinks from a different angle is it?? i'm new to your blog too, don't know all the doggers names yet!! Twink is sure cute, i got quite a giggle from her lovely belly full of puppies!! dorkies... too cute!! enjoy your day!!


How exciting about Twinks!!! I can't wait to see the puppies. I love puppies.

We got some of those mega-grapes recently, too. They were so big they seemed a bit freaky, but they were oh so delicious.


Oh, I'm so glad Twinks' got on well with her date -- I didn't know -- must have missed something!

The decorations are lovely, as always and as I've come to expect! Simple, elegant and done! I like the "done" part!

Janice Selby

Oh how sweet Twinks having babies. she looks so little herself. Besure and put pictures of your Grandpuppies on line, so we can see them. all your pictures are wonderful.

Janice In Missouri


Those grapes! lol Every table in New England had them, too!

Just look at Twinkle-mama! Posing for the camera ala Demi Moore! lol Can't wait to hear about the puppies! =)


Awwww, puppies! I'm all misty thinking about it (until I remember caring for puppies at all hours).

If you can't think of a place for that table yet, I could use it here!

sandra Evertson

Beautiful pieces but I nearly forgot what you were talking about when I came to the shot of your sweet little pup! Adorable! Season's Greetings!
Sandra Evertson


Wow!! This picture sure did bring back memories! Both my mother and grandmother had the big glass grapes! Wish I had them still! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
Artful Blessings,

Joanne Kennedy

Wow! Those grapes look wonderful! I love grapes and could go for a bunch right now!



Just wanted you to know that your postings always make my day...thank you for your gentle words and your delightful photos, and your creativity just pours through every little detail of your posts, from words to pictures, to tone...what a gift you are :) Thank you :)

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