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January 29, 2009


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Seems to me you've been "blessed" with lots of "motherin" going on at your house. Sweet, sweet puppies and children...how could you be more blessed?
I mailed my tags to you Monday. You should be getting them any day. I haven't played with paper in awhile and that was fun!
Thanks Karla!


Your aren't crazy. I have noticed the same thing with blogger. Sometimes the words are hilarious, other times they are random or meaningful. I always say them outloud because they are usually readable. I think it is those silly googlers. :) The puppies are still as cute as ever! I wish I could be at the puppy party! :)

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Karla
Those puppies are looking real adorable.....if only I had more room for one more yorkie at my house! (I think Lola would disown me if I brought another home!)
I had fun making the valentine's tags and they are in the mail! Can't wait to get mine! Have a great day with your little ones!

Becky G.

Yes, I've been noticing little messages on those things myself. The other day I had 'stalwort' (to me was stalwart and means: firm and resolute, as well as physically and morally stout. That was a day I really needed such a message, lol!)

Also, as for names for your babies >>>

Hollyhock (or Holly)
Magnolia (or Maggie)

Sounds like things are really fun at your house these days! Blessings, Becky

Beth Leintz

Who are you and what did you do with the real Karla?

I think your criteria for Etsy vs Boutique is EXCELLENT. Its hard to get square pictures for Etsy.

Joanne  Kennedy

Well I don't know why but as I was reading this post I heard the Twilight Zone song playing. LOL Just kidding.

Oh that puppy is so cute. I just want to hold one so badly.

Let's see a name. Is it a boy or girl.


The puppies are so adorable! I would have loved to been at your puppy party. Beautiful creations too, by the way. I love everything! Ü


Oh, the puppies are adorable.. and so are thise cookies and I will give them a try..lots of good stuff in there...

I have also been noticeing that the word verify has been in real words..

Pattie W


I think that was the theme for Twilight Zone that was playing!! I don't know but maybe you should be thinking of creating a chic aluminum foil cap to protect your self from those evil "pooter" rays!! :) Not to worry you can glitter it up all you want, in fact I'm sure I read that glitter is even better protection then aluminum!!

Have an audacious day Karla and don't start worring till you hear the words talking :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico


Would have been a cute party, they are so adorable! There is something strange going on because I am finding words out of the Word Verification that somehow relate to my life! I read another blog somewhere back and she had ths same thing going on! Spooky! Rachaelxo

LiLi M.

What a party, wish I could have been there. I would let the tiniest puppy get used to her name "foofy"!


Well, as tiny as she is, she looks like a "tinkerbella" to me. She could then be called Bella for short, but her name would tie in to her Momma.

Selia Renzetti

What a wonderful idea to have a puppy party! They are just precious!!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my cookies! Your cookies look delicious and I will try the air bake pan, as I was just wondering about those the other day...The same thing has happened to me with the word verification! I just take them as little "signs". ;o)



I notice those verification words too - started keep track of the really wild ones - funny how odd combinations make us think of things going on in our lives.



Such cute little puppies!I love the flower topped vintage box! Off to look at your shop! Mailed my tags today too! xoxo Andrea


I've noticed weird messages in the comment verification also!


LOL...Karla, you are killing me...i love when the word verification makes words...i always get those on the first try...my words seem to have a lot of "poo" in them lately...what is THAT telling me...i dunno...i really REALLY want that box...but i am going to behave myself...i spent too much already lately...it is lovely though:)


WEll Ms Karla - if like me -- your are constantly surprised with the next great thing we can't live without -- digital cameras -- etc -- MY friend has a phone system that talks and identifies the name of the caller . too too funny - Who knew ??
So it may be possible that the computer is getting smarter - yikes !!
The pups are so adorable - My hub's uncle had a cute little dog and he would get it to howl by saying -- his name -- Figmo - !!
and Figmo be a , wolf - then he would howl -
So always liked that name -- lol Kathy - ga


I just can't get enough of the puppies. I scrolled through your past posts to read all about them. They are so sweet! Glad to hear mother and babies are all doing well.

Alauar Parrish

Hey Karla; You are not crazy, I see the same thing as you. And I have noticed a lot of blogs like that. Those puppies are just to darn cute. I love puppies, the first photo of them hugging is so sweet. Good luck with finding a name for them. I will put my two cents in when I saw the sweet little face looking at me the first name popped in my head was Bonnie. not sure way but it did. lol


Kerryanne English

A puppy party - how exciting and your cookies do sound delicious. I bet the kids and puppies alike had lots of fun.


Karla: love those puppies!! even though I am a cat lover. Who couln't love a puppy. Received my purchases from your boutique the other day and was very satisfied. I'll be back for more.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

OH MY GOSH, I want that lingerie box so bad!!! I have been looking for one like that. It is so pretty and I just love how you added the gorgeous flowers! A puppy party sounds like such a cute idea, I love it! The puppies are so cute, I dont think I could resist buying one! Thank you so much for the cookie recipe. I am always looking for new recipes :)


Jan Olson

Love your blog Karla! Your post was too cute. The only thing that really worries me is that today is the 28th :)))))

Jessica Canham

I get weird verification words, too! I don't think they mean anything, although yours certainly are coincidental.

Adorable puppy pics! I'll have to start brainstorming some cute names.

Jean Eakin

I want to come to the puppy party, darn it. How Sweet she is! I can't wait to see the other little girls up close. Your lingerie box is beautiful and the cookies would hit the spot right about now(if I had any). Have a snuggly evening with the babies.
Jean in Virginia

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

wow! Thats really something! Maybe the "universe" is telling you something! I see these weird combos too on the verification thing...sometimes they're kinda naughty too! Or maybe it's my twisted mind!
I still vote for BELLA!

My Shabby Roses

oh, I had to get my puppy fix. Those little girls are the sweetest, puppy love! I bet the little girls that came over for the party had a wonderful time.

Alice W.

Still in love with those puppies and desperately wishing I could bring one here to hug myself!

I think my husband would love those cookies...big oatmeal fan ;)

OH and I have been seeing some interesting "words" in the Blogger verification lately too! I laugh whenever I get to decipher one...and I love the "mothorin" one! Too cute!


Those cookies sound so yummmy. I made banana bread tonight and Lasagna for dinner. The children looked so happy....m.


What a great Puppy Party, the girls look like they are enjoying Puppy Love. I love all the wonderful Pictures. Stop by my blog when you get a chance I have a little something for you (:
Hugs, Diane


I just found your blog and I am so happy to have found it...love it! Those puppies are just adorable. I want to come to your next Puppy Party! I like the name "Chloe" for puppy number 1.

xo ~ Donna

Joanne  Kennedy

OK after thinking about it I think I would call her Little Lu Lu.

Stop by my blog for a chance to win my giveaway.



I would love to be with those pups!!!! So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cookies sound yum!!!


Hi Karla!
The puppies are so adorable...
Some names:


Oh my! Puppies and cookies--could life be any better?? Great post~

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I loved the puppy party. You are such a good mommy! This is a wonderful way to get them used to being around a lot of people young and old and learning to stay relaxed. I've noticed the same thing with the security words. They are speaking to me too.


Jessica (Kids Napping?  I'm Scrapping!)

the puppies are adorable! aaah!! and i have to go look at more pictures of the gorgeous box you made!! :)


I've noticed the same thing about word verification...I though it was just me!

That puppy is just the cutest...I want him!



I know you have Twinkle, and I think you have Sparkle and I was thinking a great name for a puppy would be
Stella for Con*stella*tion...
and I love the name
Jasper,= Jazz, when I get a puppy that will be the name I use.
I am sure I have more, I just need to think about it.
They are so adorable.


Oh, those puppies are so cute! And I am, not really a dog person! And I think the cookies should definitely be counted as good for you. I think I will make banana bread tomorrow for the same reason!

Deborah Woodrow

Dear Karla:
Hi, this is Deborah from Colorado.
here are my choices (suggestions) for names of the 5 puppies.

1) "TINKERBELL" obvious choice, right ?,

2) "MOLLY" ,




Everything is so beautiful !
Deborah Woodrow

Nannie, the other grannie

Sugarwings cuddled up with another new puppy buddy yesterday. It was love at first sight! McGhee, a one-year-old tri-color Lhasa Apso, spent the past few frigid weeks in an unheated
dog pound in northern Missouri. He was matted and...rank...but now he is all clean, warm, and lovable. He and Leandi had a blast running circles around the couch! His name, Bobby McGhee, was easy, since
cousin Janis' namesake already lives here!

Lisa Kettell

OMG those puppies are beyond adorable, too cute and that flower box is gorgeous! Such a great post Miss Karla!

Magic and Joy!


I'm so glad you mentioned the "messages" you are getting. I have noticed that too, and thought it was pretty weird. That puppy in the hat is beyond cute.

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