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January 25, 2009


Elaine L.

Yikes! on the playdough diaper. I'm lucky that my daughter easily toilet-trained at 19 months.

Enjoy the movie!



I love the birds, they are adorable.


I ♥ the love birds! So adorable!

Pattie W


Sometimes it takes great patience when we discover the full extent of our little one's creative abilities > :)

BTW my tags will go out tomorrow with our mail service courier. You should have them by Saturday give or take a day :)

Pattie ;)
Maztlan Mexico

LiLi M.

Whow your wreaths are great. I'm going to look in your shops too. I'm having the owoh give away. If you have a spare moment please drop by and enter!


Karla, your new creations are so pretty!!! the lovebirds is just so sweet!!! i got my fleurs in the mail yesterday, they are lovely!!! and the tag is wonderful!!! thank you SO much:)

The American Homemaker

What a fun blog you have! You have so much great stuff to look at :)


The love birds are adorable. I enjoyed looking at the puppies on the previous post, they are so cute, huggy, kissy, cute.


Love the bird creations...enjoy the movie..


I hope you had a wonderful date. I know what you mean about wishing for the shell flower from your Grandmother....mine has been gone for 2 years and I think the same way. Love the pretties for your shops!

Jean Eakin

The movie with hubby sounds great but the crib episode sure doesn't. We never know what each day will bring with little kiddies or little puppies, do we? Your wall paper bundles are great and I love mine I got from you. Have a wonderful evening.
Jean in Virginia


Oh, that Sugarwings! That is one of those times when my mom would say it is a good thing she is cute! Love all the goodies!

Alauar Parrish

Hey Karla; Your love Birds a so adorable. How sweet they look together. I hope you had a wonderful date with your Valentine.....



OOh, what do I have to look forward to with my granddaughter!! Hopefully, she will skip the "sculpting" with diaper goo phase!

Love the birdies and their lock and key!


I LOVE your blog, will be back often to enjoy your entries and pictures. Valentine's is one of my most favorite holidays - even though I am Valentine-less -so I think your decorations are precious!


Oh my I am glad bethany never did the diaper sculpting! :) Love all of your goodies that red wallpaper is gorgeous!! The movie sounds fun! Have a great evening!!


Love the wallpaper and sheet music packs. Thank you for inspiring us with your blog. Teah


Love all the pretties! You brought it back to reality though, with that description of "play doh" !!!

Keep up the wonderful work!

Kerryanne English

Yes Karla, we all need that important 'creative' time. It has to be a perfect balance and it sounds like you get that with Sugarwings.


Loving your love birds! So cute! Love the lace that the single lovebird is on also! AAack! about the playdough! It is a good thing you had time to play in your studio to recover from that experience!
Hugs! And thanks for sending me an invoice, can't wait to play with my pretty wallpaper!


No puppy photos today :(? The lovebirds are so perfect!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, those birds are just beautiful!! I love the shell flowers too. My grandma used to have some also :)



Love the birds! So cheery! Stop by and visit my drawing for the One World One Heart giveaway!


The love birds are adorable! So sorry about the poo.


LOVE those red love birds! Wonderful!



I didn't realize your boutique was open...I took a peek and it looks fabulous. Best of luck!


Hi Karla,

I just found your blog! And I fell in love with your love birds! How adorable. I look forward to coming back. :)


Faith and Chocolate

WOW! Karla, you are one busy, creative girl! I am loving all your posts... Now I need to get these tags sent off to you!! ;)

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