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January 22, 2009



Look at those sweet darlings! Smooches to them--they are so adorable..sigh..I love puppies.
Your shop is awesome and now I'm going back to check out it some more!
Yeah to the sunshine--I said the same thing when it finally returned to the suppose to be Sunny South..hmmph..its rained for WEEKS!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

No sunshine here its snowing again!!
Those little puppy babies are so cute!!


it was sunny here today too Karla...32 degrees though...you can't have everything...those puppies are just the sweetest things, i could look at them all day:)
yes, i will be back:)


oooh! I see some pretties! pretty puppies too!

Sara's Sweet Surprise

Karla~what a pleasant surprise to have found your charming blog today. Those puppies are ADORABLE!!! I can't believe that lil' mama delivered them all!!
I've enjoyed strolling through your past post. We share a love for many of the same design elements. For me using certain *vintage* items like flocked wallpaper brings back fond memories of my childhood. I've enjoyed my visit and look forward to coming by again and getting to know you.

Sweet Wishes,

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, you are so lucky! I would LOVE to see sunshine and feel warmth! I am glad you were able to get out and enjoy. The puppies are so precious!


Jean Eakin

It was sunny here in Virginia today too but it was windy so the the temp was in the forties but it didn't feel like it. I swear that is the cutest bunch of puppies ever.Well you have a great evening with Sugarwings and those babies.
Jean in Virginia


Yep it was a wonderful day. I spent the day out with my grand daughter. I am sure the puppies loved being out side and LOL sure does not take long for the fresh air to make them tired.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

we always get your weather about one or two days later! I'm hoping it happens! Sunshine makes me Spring Clean like crazy. Mostly my house stays dirty all winter! Once Spring hits or nice weather I get the fever!

Shirl Hubbs

Hi Karla, you were my first swap partner I ever had. Shirl from PRH, I just hung your ornament on my Valentine tree, think of you every Christmas when I pull it out. Oh I wish we had your sunshine. It's been so cold here and tons of snow. I've been staying in and keeping warm, crafting, painting wallpapering and decorating,. These sweet little Yorkies are just the cutest in the world. I just love them! When I retire I'm going to get one. For now I just love on everyone else's.
I'll have to keep checking back to see how they grow.
Bless You, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Kerryanne English

Those puppies certainly are growing and how cute they are too. Keep the photos coming - even my kids check them out daily.

LiLi M.

Those puppies are adorable, they grow while we watch them. Well everything looks better in sunshine (one exception; my home...i hate it when you see that dusting isn't my hobby!). Here we are having dark stormy and rainy, rainy and rainy days. Bluuuh!

La Donna

Oh, I love the photos of the puppies! So very cute!
La Donna


Wasn't it a beautiful day! I took the kids to the park too. I love the open eye shots of the puppies ADORABLE!


The puppies are growing!!! How fun was that getting them all outside....where was mama?
It's 40 here but that feels good. My brother came & got my car for an old fashioned hand car wash....good brother!! It sure needed the salt off it. Heading off to your shop now. Have a great weekend!


Your puppies ROCK!


I just fell off the turnip truck ~ I totally missed the opening of your boutique!!!
Ahhhh those sweet pups! I want to rub the baby fur behind their tiny ears! So precious!


Wasn't yesterday beautiful?! The sunshine felt so darn good and it really energized me too:) Nice while it lasted!


Wasn't it a wonderful day?!

barbara Jean

Karla, That doll is absolutely beautiful.


Barbara Jean


Wow they all look like wonderful kids how lucky you are. One of my names would be (Tinker) like in Tinker Bell
Thank you for sharing your time and the cookies can not wait to try them.

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