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January 10, 2009



Your tag books look like so much fun. And the puppies are adorable.

Enjoy your crafting time!



Hi Karla!!
The cards are very pretty.
Adorable the small dogs.
Pretty week


Love the Puppy Love and your sweet Tags!
I can't wait for your new shop to open. :)



Hi Karla, Is it too late to sign up for the swap?


So much fun!!!


Thanks for showing the tags. I am a'workin' away on mine.

Debra Ganas

Isn't young love just like that? Then the babies come along and reality hits.lol

Love the tag examples. I'm planning mine already. Can hardly wait for the completed tag book to get back to me. Thank you for being the hostess, Karla.


Karla, you are adorable: the picture of the new parents in their "free spirited" days...LOL...i LOVE the puppy love tag, that image is SO adorable and i just love the color {of course} and the paper you used!!!

Kathy in Chicago

Love the covers you've already made. Sign me up for this swap, please Missy Karla! It'll be fun to have a surprise in the mail during the bleak, dark, winter. I've been enjoying all the cute puppy-pics too! Keep 'em coming!!

Kathy in Chicago

LiLi M.

Your tagbooks are adorable and just what I need to get out of this winterblues! I tried to email you 3 times yesterday that I want to join, please. I hope that the third mail arrived. Teddy and Twinkle are sooo sweet! Have a nice weekend, hope you don't miss your husband too much.

Karen Young

Karla, your tags a absolutely gorgeous. I can't even pick a favourite. I will look forward to seeing all the talent that comes with this swap.

Great picture of the two sweet dogs.

Hugs Karen


Karla! Thank you for sharing the pictures, as I say about some people, I was a little "hard of understanding"! (Variation on "hard of hearing...?, never mind, I imagine you get it...you'd be surprised at how many people just look at me funny...) Anyway, I don't really have "stuff" to participate, but what fun! Please share photos as they come into fruition. I thought that Twinkles went out to be bred? Or am I confused and Teddy is not yours? Oh my goodness. We had a big gas leak in the house yesterday and maybe I am not so unaffected as I thought...Warmest Regards from your good natured but slightly addle-pated (possibly even slightly Pixilated!) friend, Bobbi

Dawn Gahan

Karla, thank you so much for posting these. I was excited before about this swap, but now, seeing these covers, I'm beside myself.


Jean Eakin

Karla , your tag covers are wonderful, Ms. Creativity. Teddy and Twinkles are so sweet. Just can't beat that puppy love, can you? I hope the time goes by quickly while hubby is away. Have a good evening.
Jean in Virginia


These look too special to even use!


Is the swap full? If not, I would love to do it! karen....


OK, now I'm really excited about this swap! Your covers are incredible--but I wouldn't expect them to be anything but that:)

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Karla
Is there still room to participate?? If so, i will need an address to send them too!

Kerryanne English

The tags are beautiful Karla - wish I could join in the swap. I'll have to wait for the next one.

Ele atabitofpinkheaven

Great idea for a swap. Sign me up. The puppies and the parents are so cute!


Oh my goodness. I just saw your precious puppies. I so want a puppy. We have been looking since before Christmas...but no luck. I wish I could see yours. How precious!

Stephanie O.

If there is still room, I'd love to join the swap...Looks like it'll be fun and it'll get me crafting again....

hope ellington

I love it that I am below Stephanie O. I am so thrilled to be a part of this swap!! Can't wait to start. Love the tag book you put together...it is so fun!


Your covers are adorable!!!! I can't wait to get started! Love the pups and I can't get enough of their adorable pictures.

Jenny Fowler

These are so lovely. We are going to be spoiled with this swap. I can't believe so many people signed up! :)

Linda Lilly Cottage

As usual Karla you inspire me! I know what you mean about needing a little push though, I joined a Round Robing, turned into fat book swap and had to do 16 pages which have now inspired me to do 160 different things!! What is the saying, 'if you want something done, ask a busy person' Very true I think.....Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


Oh puppy love! Rachaelxo

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