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January 20, 2009


Account Deleted

Congratulations Karla! I know you have been working super hard on this, and now that you have mastered it ( lol ) I know you are the go to girl when I need to switch my boutique to pappa shop! ;) Going over to see your new boutique now!
xoxo, Tiffany

Debra Ganas

Congratulations.... I knew everything would work out. Yippee, I'm going to look right now.

Twinkle is a good Mamma. Those puppies are getting big. Sooo cute.


The puppy in the hat.....adorable!!! I am heading to the boutique byby


The puppy in the hat.....adorable!!! I am heading to the boutique byby

Tracy M.

Oh the babies are so cute. I wish I could have one but we already have four dogs and I think that would put my husband over the edge.
Take Care


Congrats on the open of your website.
Hugs and Love


A BIG congrats on your boutique! It looks beautiful Karla. Puppies are adorable as is the grandchild.

Martha Cook

Hi Karla: Loved your new boutique. I am going to keep my eye on that. I wish I would have joined your Valentine Day challenge, I was chicken. Too afraid I was not good enough for your ladies. On seeing some of the entries, I think I was right. Love to follow your blog. Keep up the creative work. Martha

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the puppy in the hat!!!
Its sooooooooo cute!!
Do you have names for them yet??
Wish I lived closer I would take one!!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Love the shot of the pup in the hat! Too cute! Your shop looks great Karla! Wishing you much success!

Pattie W


I just knew you would come out the winner!! "You are a better man then I Gunga Din":) Well something like that :) I'll wander over there in just a bit.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico


Way to go, Karla! I'm heading over to the boutique right away.



Can I buy one of those adorable puppies in your shop? (lol) They are just too cute...Seriously, though...do you have a waiting list for future puppies? I think I'm almost ready for another fur baby since its almost been a year since we lost our beloved Roxy.
I'm Off to your shop....

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Everything looks beautiful Karla!!! Congrats... I am glad you got it all done. ;)

xo Heather

Jean Eakin

Karla, congratulations on your new boutique. It is great and I couldn't resist ordering. I do beleive you finally inspired me to try to create something.Wish me luck.
If I buy the hat does the puppy come with it? Ha....... What an adorable picture. They are so precious. Have a super evening.
Jean in Virginia


Cute! Congratulations on your boutique and sales already! Rachaelxo

Cindy (Junque Art)

Your puppies are sooooo cute!!! I just love pups! Love your new shop!!! Best wishes!


I, for one, will never get sick of puppy pix. So cute. I wish I could snuggle one.
Congrats on the boutique opening. looking good!


Congrats Karla!..I hope your boutique is a huge success...

jessi nagy

hey sweets,
the puppies are getting so big.
see ya soon


Elaine L.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! On the opening of the new shop.

That puppy is so darn cute. You need to frame the print.



Some cute stuff! Oh yeah, the puppies are cute too! :) One of my favorite pics of my son is with puppies. He was walking away from us and all nine puppies were trailing after him, soooo cute.

Deborah Woodrow

KARLA : OMG ! That puppy in the hat, is the most adorable thing, I have seen in years !
Oh, how I wish I could buy one !
Ok, I'll give up shopping for 6 months to buy a puppy ! Well, think about it.......
I love your Boutique, and all the new items, and everything is so beautiful ! I'm excitied about the Valentine Tag Swap, and look forward to seeing new pics everyday.


can't wait to check out the shop.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Congratulations on the shop Karla! It looks beautiful!!

I love the puppy in the hat picture, so precious!!!



Taking pictures of wriggling puppies (and other moving objects): Set your camera to "Action" or "Sport" (what it is called will depend on the brand of camera you have, but if you have an icon of a little running stick-figure, that's the one you need).
Best of Luck!


Great shot, puppies are just too cute...

Kerryanne English

Oh a puppy in hat - indeed what could be cuter.

LiLi M.

You should make a whole photo serie of puppies and hats. Hats and puppies enough I would say and we are an audience that will never get tired of that. Think Anne Geddes. Then make these series into postcards and sell those sets in your shop, which is awesome! Your hard work pays off now! Good luck on selling.

(next serie: Sugarwings and the puppies, or should that be the first?)


HOw great - Need to hop on over to your site . THese posted here are wonderful - Kathy - ga


Congrats on your new store it looks wonderful!! Those puppies are adorable! Do you have a sport setting on your camera? That is usually what I use. :) I love sugarwings in that coat glad she has gotten some use out of it. I've got another pile for her :)


Congratulations Karla!

I would like one of those puppy hats...

Lolly Busey

Congrats on the new boutique! and OMG the puppies are absolutely yummy!


Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Karla
Wow, those puppies sure are growing fast....such cute things! Who can not love a yorkie?? :)

Kim Caldwell

Congrats Karla! Your goodies are always so wonderful. Now there is a place to shop! Yippee. . .

Hugs, Kim


Lovely Karla! I'll be going to look in just a minute....


Hi Karla!
I haven't had the time to get over to see your shop but it is on my to-do list!
Maybe you should wiggle your camera in the same general direction that the wrigglers are moving in when you snap a pic.
LOL....never know just might work.
Have a great week.

Ele atabitofpinkheaven

So sweet. A puppy in a millinery hat....it suits you.


So very pretty, I love all your things as you know!I'll add it to my favorites !!And also I really like it ! Andrea


Congrats! It looks beautiful & was well worth the wait.


I can smell that sweet puppy smell... they are beauties. Enjoy! Congrats on your shop, it's lovely..

Ellie Kelding

Congratulations on your boutique. Lots of pretties. I enjoy the day-by-day changes in the puppies. What fun. Ellie


Congratulations on your new shop! And I am so in love with all the puppies, they are so so sweet.

KV Creative Designs

Congrats Karla! I stopped by to tell you that I received the BEAUTIFUL Art Journal and am looking forward to creating in it! That puppy is soooo Adorable!!!

Have a great day!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

the shop looks wonderful! I know it was a lot of work but it turned out beautiful! The puppy in the hat is frame worthy!

barbara burkard

congrats!!!! goin to browse now!


All Things Beautiful

CONGRATS on your shop opening!!! I really love all these wonderful stuff you stash & I'm so inspired by your creativity. Makes me want to hang out here everyday. I see you make a lot of tags. What do you use them for? They are all so sweet & pretty.

andrea singarella

Congratulations Karla! I wish you many blessings and successes with your beautiful new website!
xoxo andrea


Nice to see the inventory and congratulations! I'll be popping over this weekend! You are the Anne Geddes of Puppies!!!

Joanne Kennedy

Your puppies are to darn cute! Put them in all your pictures on your web site and I'm sure everything will sell in no time.

That shot of the pup in the hat is darling. It would make a cute card!


barbara Jean

Hi Karla,
Love all the cute puppy photos and the ones with your little girl are adorable!! (didn't read the blogs yet, so if it isn't your little girl I'll find that out later) =0)

Your creativity on your collages is wonderful, and I love the little rose charm with the pearl on it.

I'll visit your store after church. Sounds like it is great!!

Barbara Jean

Debra Facer

I just found your blog and love love it... the puppys are so cute and your work is awesome.. Hugs Deb

Janice Selby

I love the puppy pictures, there,s nothing sweeter than a new puppy or new baby.
i enjoy reading your blog.

janice in Missouri

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