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January 26, 2009



I love that puppy in the tussy mussy!! They are so tiny and adorable!
Glad I made in time for your giveaway!

Jenny S

Add the puppy!! Add the puppy!! They are so cute!! and they still have the puppy breath!! Love all the cute valentine goodies and can't wait for the swap books!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven

Double ****, puppy is not included! I so love those puppies. My "pink" girl asked if you could adopt puppies by mail! She forgets we already have two dogs, and three cats in the house, but if a puppy showed up on my doorstep we would LOVE LOVE LOVE that little sweetie. My tags are done.Shipping out today!


Karla, those puppy faces are killin' me...how to they keep getting cuter and cuter...if i would happen to win your giveaway...i am going to insist that the puppy is included!!!


You were reading our minds, weren't you...'curious puppy not included'! That would be some giveaway! Those puppy faces are precious--I just wanna kiss 'em!

LiLi M.

Too bad that that curious puppy isn't included, I thought I asked you before that my daughter was asking whether you would ship these lovelies (lol). I think the puppies really are changing, they get less rottweiler like and more dorkie like, they look better and cuter each time you publish photos and every photo is already the cutest! Enjoy!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Does the puppy baby come with it???

Love the pictures !

Karen Young

Oh Darn Karla, and here I thought the puppy was your January giveaway. *very big grin*



I have a weakness for vintage valentines AND puppies!!! Yay!


Oh my...I so want the puppy too, as does everyone who commented!!! Too funny!

Love the pics of everything..you're so crafted and talented!



When the first picture was a puppy I got really excited!!


Do I get to pick a puppy if I win? They are so adorable. I don't know how my Anna and Bailey would like one though.


Cute puppies. I'm enjoying seeing them. :)


Seriously, I'd love one of the puppies in the tussie mussie! They are the cutest!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Cute photos! Especially love the pup in the tussie mussie!!


Oh...the puppy pond! Brings back memories when our sweet baby was a puppy....our neighbors who owned "mom" also used the puppy pond! They are so cute when they run and place their paws on the edge when you come home! Too Cute!!
Keep the puppy pics coming, Karla!


Such cute babies!


Karla I really really really love your blog and I am a big fan of fairies too!!! I love to look at your work and the way you use all your little cute things! You are so creative....fairywings and the puppies are cute too!


Beautiful photos of those little sweeties.
Oh, the tussie mussie is pretty awesome too.
Cari B.

Judi Storm

As always I'm loving you. I was wondering if the pictures of the fairies/elves were your's or something you got at fleamarkets(last post)? Also does anyone know what happened to Heidi at Everyday cookies...? Her page keeps coming up missing in blog land. Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful art. Judi


I'm like everyone else, I want the puppy in the tussie! How are you going to part with them when the time comes . . . Rachaelxo


Those puppies are changing so quickly! Just like human babies I guess. They sure make a sweet addition to your studio :) How are you ever going to part with them?


Awww, darn! I was so hoping for that puppy!!!

Andrea Villarreal

Thanks for the Valentine inspiration! I love the red birds:) And the puppies sooo cute!! I've got a "dorkie" of my own. Sandy Cheeks is going on 6 years old now and she is the sweetest dog!! She is sitting at my feet as I type. I am going on your ETSY shop now!


I love the Tussie-Mussie, adorable. Curious little-puppy, checking out your hand work, giving her approval I am sure.
Love your little jewel boxes, very pretty.


Count me in!

Have a lovely day



Those puppies are so adorable! The tussie-mussie is adorable too! You create such beautiful pieces!


aww.. the tussy mussy is sweet... but I was hoping one of the puppies was the giveaway!! (heehee!) They sure are cute!! love the pool idea!


Oh my gosh - they keep getting cuter and cuter!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

the puppy pond it wonderful! That will keep them out of trouble for a while! The puppy in the tussie is adorable too! Love the things you've been making lately...yummy!

Yvonne (Queen B)

Love the cute new puppies and all pretties you've been making even more. I can't wait to see all that you'll be creating for Valentine's.


Oh I was going to ask if the puppy was included ;) You can see their personalities shining through in their pictures now too. They are sooooo cute!


Oh how the puppies have changed! They look so cute! Love the goodies you've made busy girl!

Kerryanne English

Like everyone else, I'm loving the photos of the puppies. Won't we miss them when the babies find new homes - can't you keep them pleeeese...

Joanne  Kennedy

Well I think you are just going to have to put one of those darling little puppies in the winners box. Everyone wants one! Wish you lived near me because my girl friend is looking to purchase one and I know she would want one of your little sweet ones! So cute.

But, a close 2nd is your cute giveaway and I would be thrilled to win it!



Karla I just LOVE the puppy pond! What a great idea! Those are the cutest pups and I don't know how you are going to give them up.

You have been making some really pretty things. I always love to see what you are doing because you are such a crafty inspiration to me. I emailed you probably a week ago about your Valentine Tag Swap and how I wanted to try making some. I am so happy I saw the tags on your blog because I just loved making them! If you get a minute and want to drop by, I have my tags posted. It really was fun and such a wonderful opportunity to be creative in a not-too-big space.

Now I like that tussy mussy! Wonder if I could make one of those . . .


Hi Karla! I LOVE the puppy pond! What a great idea! Those puppies are adorable and I don't know how you are going to give them up. Ugh!

You have been making some really neat things and I love your crafty inspiration. I emailed you probably a week ago about your Valentine Tag Swap. I didn't participate as I had never made any, but I'm done and I loved making them!! If you get a minute and can drop by, I'd love for you to see them.

I love the tussy mussy. Wonder if I can make one of those . . .


Okay, I goofed. Didn't think my first comment saved as I didn't see it - now I have two comments!!! Sorry!! I even did a good job of repeating myself!!! LOL

Jean Eakin

Karla, how could you not fall in love when you look in those sweet puppy eyes? Too sweet. Sorry the movie wasn't great, but at least you were with your sweetie. Tussie mussie will be a great giveaway present. WOW!
Well you have a wonderful evening,
Jean in Virginia

Linda Richter

I thought a puppy was the gift? I think this is a case of false advertising. I'm sure it is. I'll take the tussy mussie ..but I'd like a puppy.


Such a cute pool of puppies!! : )
Great idea too!!! I love the pic of the
puppy in the Tussie and your Valentine
creations are lovely.

Alice W.

I just can't get enough of those little puppies...and Twinks is just too cute with them! Makes me wish Renoir could have babies...lol!

What a great giveaway! You are always so generous!

Melissa Burford

Your items are so beautiful, but it's difficult to look at them when all I can see are the darling little puppies. Thanks for sharing both.


The puppies are growing so much and are adorable. Great idea to have a puppie pond! Love your little valentines boxes and tussy mussy.

(I thought the last Underworld movie was a bit too gorey for my taste, and I LOVE a good vampire movie!)


Those puppies are just getting cuter every day!

Judy B.

The puppies are just TOO cute!! And I really love your Valentine goodies!

Susan M Hickam

hey Karla! Those puppies are adorable! The only reason I am not tempted is I already have a houseful of furries. The creations this post are wonderful. Hope I win the Tussy MUssy!


Well, I think that is HEAVEN right there in your studio!



So sweet - make me want to hold and snuggle them - what a cute nest for them -
Kathy - ga


the puppies are adorable !! I would love to be entered into your Valentine Giveaway. thanks so much.


The puppies are just darling Karla! They're getting big SO fast! I don't know how you manage to get any work done with those sweet faces looking up at you!


The puppies are great to see. You will have to have Suger Wings teach them how to jump. You do know they will not jump unless they are tought. Ican just see it them all lined up with her as the teacher. I like have my older Grandkids teach the young ones all kinds of things.
Keep the pics coming Thanks for my Smile today

Debra Ganas

Too bad ....no puppy included in giveaway. Jackie would love to have a puppy friend.

My tags go out tomorrow. I'm so excited about the swap. Is Beth going to help you assemble again? I wish Oma Ruth and I could come up and help. We would even bring Jackie to keep Twinkle company.


I had to laugh! When I saw the title of your post about the drawing and then the first thing I saw was a puppy, I thought: "What is she THINKING? She can't offer that cute little puppy up for the drawing!" Whew! I'm relieved now!


p.s. Forgot to mention, be sure and stop by my blog for your chance to win a free one year mag subscription!


Stephanie O.

Love the puppy pond..That photo made me chuckle!

Tracy M.

We saw the Underworld movie too. The first half was really slow. I agree, not as good as the others.
Have a great week,

Sadie at Serendipity

The tussy mussy is lovely but the puppies are to die for!!!

This is from a house full of cats but we would love to add a dorkie someday-lucky you to have so many to nurture!

I, too, wish the puppy were included but all the way to Oregon is a looong way for such a sweet little baby to travel so I understand - LOL!

Thank you for sharing your babies - Sue

Deborah Woodrow

Everything you do is so beautiful.......
I just have one word, for it all, shop, creations, puppies.......
A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! Hope I win the January giveaway, I've never won one before.
Looking forward to the swap, sent my tags off yesterday.......


The puppies are so sweet...m.

Heidi Gordon

Hello Karla!
I have loved seeing all your pictures of the puppies! (My daughters have loved them too!) I wanted to pass on a little award to you (not that you have the time!) but come by and check it out if you'd like!


Hiya Karla, My PC had to go to the doctor BIG TIME! This is my first comment since about the 8th of January and I really dicovered during this time that I do SO count on the blogs I visit as a necessary part of my life. Off to make up for some lost time...will be glad when hubby can get my quick click going. Happy happies.


Sure we can't include the darling Puppy? They look so sweet with their eyes opened. You will sure be busy! Please count me in the drawing!
Hugs, Diane


Oh!!! I used to have a Yorkie named Quincy. He was more human than we are. I miss him so much and seeing these puppies brings back so many memories. Darling!!!

Love the tussie mussie too!


Too bad the puppy doesn't come with but I don't think they would like the long trip. I love the idea of your 'puppy pond' keeps them safe and close to hand, I bet you spend more time playing with them than doing anything else. Also love the valentine box, can't wait to see inside.


The puppies are so darn cute! Great Tussy Mussy!


AAwwwhh, such cute puppies, and love the puppy pond idea.


Dies ist ein großer Ort. Ich möchte hier noch einmal.


Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

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