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January 15, 2009



That was the best post yet!!!!!

suzanne Harley

Aw Karla!! Sugarwings is so cute. In the last photo she looks like a sweet Snow baby! Now theres a photo to melt your heart! Suzanne:)

Becky G.

Wow! Such gorgeous pics! Those long eyelashes and vivid blue eyes! What great memories you made today, too!


Sugarwings is so adorable! I love the bathroom, gorgeous! Those puppies are so cute! What a wonderful post!


that bath looks like fun.. but something tells me it was hard to clean up!! the kisses for those puppies!!


I agree with the poster above, Snowbaby is exactly what I thought your Sugarwings looked like!! and me thinks you're having a little too much fun with those puppies. LOL


eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! oh KARLA!!! this post is too sweet:) i love those pictures of Miss Sugarwings in her tub o' bubbles!!!


You made me smile!


Oh to be young again. Those eyes!!! Puppies...so cute! Laurie

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh how sweet are those photos!! It looks like so much fun to add bubbles to the hot tub!!! That last photo really is just so gorgeous, I can feel a Karla painting coming on!!
If you have time pop over to Lilly Cottage to win some goodies!!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage


This is just too much cuteness for one post!!
Adorable puppies, in a heart-shape no less, and sweet Sugarwings having fun in Bubbleland!! Thanks for the smiles!


haha! What a great idea, you are one super fun grandma!


I'm with Becca - too much cuteness! Loving the bubble princess look.


As if the heart of puppies wasn't enough to make me giggle with delight, I scroll down to see the most precious photos of Sugarwings! This post is simply priceless:)


How sweet Sugarwings is -- Her face too too adorable and those eyes -- How can you ever say no to that darling face _ Kathy - ga


Great shots of Sugarwings....she's beautiful. I hope you frame those pictures for yourself.......they would be perfect for a bubble bath ad in a magazine! Sue

Beth Leintz

Hilarious! Sugarwings may not be crazy anymore, but someone else in the house might be....

I think you should try the puppy picture again, this time with red bows around their necks- and they have to be on their backs.

jessi nagy

eeekkk cuteness.
those pups are so sweet.
and the bubble bath is simply over the top.

Kerryanne English

Love it all Karla. I wish I was there to cuddle one of those sweet pups.

Daisy Cottage

Soooo cute!!!
So so CUTE!!!


So cute!!!..m..


Awww! She does look like a snow baby. I always wanted bubbles like that when I was a kid, but we didn't have a whirlpool tub. It didn't matter how much bubble bath I poured in the tub, it just didn't look like the bubbles in the commercials!

Elaine L.

Oh, my gosh! Sugarwings is so cute.


Joanne Kennedy

Now that is a bubble bath! What fun that looks.

Those little puppies are so sweet. I want one!


LiLi M.

This is soooo cute! I cannot wait till my 15 year old daughter comes out of school and show her the photo of the puppies and the clips of Sugarwings, I guess (besides you and your husband of course) she is Sugarwings biggest fan! Have a nice day!


Oh dear, I just love, love your blog. Love your puppies too!

Sugarwings definitely gaorgeous!

Cheers from Malaysia..

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

that is soooo fun! I remember doing that with our whirlpool years ago and the kids loved it! What great pictures to always have!

Maija Lepore

You are very clever Carla! Delightful ways to entertain yourself!

Debra Ganas

That IS THE cutest set of photos yet.

Taking a bubble is one of my favorite things to do. But "Sugarwing's " bubble bath is over the top. No pun intended. Simply adorable.


ohmydog!! can i come take a bath at your house?? what a beautiful bathroom!! and sugarwings is adorable. nice to hear her speak and move around. cute cute cute.


This post had me smiling from the first photo. What a playful day you had!



Perfection on both counts!


The puppies are so cute!!! And Sugarwings what a lucky girl to be having so much fun!!! All those bubbles! I am in Indy and we are sooooooo cold.....under all those bubbles is where I'd like to hide and keep warm!

Raised In Cotton

Thats about the cutest pictures I have ever seen.


wow! Look at all those bubbles!! So cute and fun!


What a nice day for you and Sugarwings ! Those babies are adorable too. A bubble bath loos like a good idea. Donna

Lee W.

The picture of Sugarwings is priceless!


She is so cute! My daughter loves going to her Oma's house to do this very thing. A jet fueled bubble bath makes everything better for a little girl ;)


Oh my gosh those puppies are so cute! What kind? Oh I wish I was there to jump in that tub!


so cute...roar.....or was it grrr.....adorable


Oh my gosh, the bubbles pictures and the heart of puppies is so adorable, thank you for the smiles : )

Jaime Compton

Thanks for a cute pick me up this cold wintery night. Those puppies are darling and I just love all those bubbles with that tiny little face sticking out. My stink bone jones would absolutely love all those bubbles!

Jean Eakin

How adorable is Sugarwings in the bubbles. Those eyelashes are amazing. The boys will be in trouble someday . all she will have to do is look at them with those eyes and they will be putty in her hands. Is that her Daddy with her in the flickr photos? Your bathroom looks amazing too. I can just imagine trying to get those sweet puppies to stay in a certain place. Have a great weekend.
Jean in Virginia


These bubble Sugarwings pics are my favorite yet!


My god these photos are cute!!! That little puppy heart, so sweet.
And thanks Carla! I have always wondered what will happen when you add bubbles to a wirlpool. It doesn't seems to bad at all. I love bubble baths and I love bathing in a whirlpool so this is a perfect combo! Have a wonderful weekend /linnea-maria

Laurie S.

Oh, my -- the pictures of Sudsy-Bubbly Sugarwings are soooo precious! You are going to be so happy years down the road when she is a big girl and you have those precious memories to revisit!! She's a doll.

Laurie S.

britt- sparkledvintagecharm

aww!! such a sweet post!! too cute!! I hope you are having a great weekend!! hugs!! Britt :-)


What a fun way to warm up...bubbles and giggles! That last pic is SO adorable...I hope you're going to do a painting of the bubble fairy! Lovin' the puppy valentine too!

barbara burkard

omg...love that whirlpool photo! we got one of the bubble jets for the back yard...uses non harming bubble stuff for the grass and it makes clouds of bubbles for the kids to play in out side! and the puppy heart...oh goodness...sooo sweet! thinking the puppies are thinking "oh geeze wish this woman would go work in her studio for awhile.." he ehee


I hope you enter those Sugarwings photos somewhere. They are TOO cute!


Haaaaa! I want a bubble bath like that! A huge bowl full of bubbles I could swim around in...oh, I would have died and gone to heaven had I had the chance to do that as a little girl.


Sugarwings is a precious SnowBaby!!!! How fun!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

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