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February 15, 2009



Your painting of the roses is amazing. I'm glad to hear you had a good Valentine's Day and by the way the puppies are adorable.


Hi Karla,
It sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day. The puppies are absolutely adorable. My husband is sitting next to me on the sofa with his laptop. He heard the puppy video and started watching. I showed him Sugar Wings and your portraits of her. He is also an artist. He said to tell you that you do great work.


The puppies are adorable. And that picture of SugarWings and her daddy together is PRECIOUS!


Those puppies are just the cutiest! I really love that pic of Sugarwings and her daddy...that's one to treasure forever!


Karen Young

Karla, you have the right idea, I always think every holiday should last at least a weekend. We also went to see "Taken" very well done, but scary.

Looks like you had a great Valentine's celebration. I loved all the eye candy.

Hugs karen


I've heard the max on youtube is 10 min .Those puppies are just getting cuter and cuter...Sugarwings and her daddy together...priceless. Laurie

LiLi M.

Great that you had such a fun Valentine weekend. We are not used to celebrate it, but we had a nice weekend too though. That puppy video is soooo cute. They jump so funny, just liket those little toy puppies. You are right to let the first one fly away close to your home. I can imagine Sugarwings throwing noodles back, too bad that you didn't tell us whether the Japanese chef could catch it, or is he just an expert in throwing? lol


They are so CUTE!!! Lucky little Bella is just down the road, I would be an emotional wreck each time one 'left home'! Love your rose panels, divine! Little Sugarwings is getting not so little . . . Rachaelxo


Glad you had a great Valentine days....the puppies are so pretty. I would hate to let them go. At least one will be down the road. Sugarwings and her daddy is a great picture....she will love that it in the future.

Karen Junking in Georgia

cute, cute pups.. fyi that new white item in your studio in the post I've lighten up appears to be Eastlake and very nice........ good job on that great find.......


Happy Valentine's Day/Weekend, Karla...I like to let holidays carry over too:)
Sweet photos, all of them!

I've posted about my tag book...this is the link:


Thanks for posting the links. I'm off to take a look


Here's the link to my tagbook post.


Sheila R

What a precious noodle flinger! Oh, I miss those days when my children were that young! Sound like you had a wonderful Valentine's.

Jean Eakin

Karla ,such a sweet picture of Sugarwings and her Daddy. The video of the puppies is adorable. I love how they run. The rose painting is beautiful. You are a multi-talented gal. Have a wonderful sunday evening.
Jean in Virginia


Wow they are growing up glad you are OK with letting them go.
Yes yesterday was great missed my husband but was still awsome. Today was just as good did girly things with one of my grand daughter.
Tell Suger Wings fire is scary.
Thanks for sharing

Mo...Mo's Cottage

I just love your little puppies....so cute and of course sugarwings is adorable.....
Mo :-)

Jessica Canham

Awww, those little faces are so sweet. I can imagine it's hard to part with them.
Flinging food sounds right up a two-year-old's alley!


Glad you had a great VDAY weekend. I like loooong holidays, too!! Sugarwings is just too cute, hiding behind her daddy ~ and flingin' noodles!! What did the "chef" say & do after that!?!?

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Hi Karla! Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I can't believe how fast the time has gone now that the puppies are starting to move out. I'm glad Bella didn't move to far away! Hey, I wanted to thank you again for hosting the swap. I received my book the other day, and love it! Here's the link to my post about it. http://cherishedvintage.blogspot.com/2009/02/my-very-own-puppy-love-tag-book.html


Those puppies are so cute! And the roses are gorgeous!! happy valentine's day ! xoxo


So glad you had a lovely Valentine's day -- that restaurant would be a very cool experience for a kid! And those pups -- too much love!



Puppies..gorgeous, and your grand daughter and her dad--too precious!


Hi, Karla -- here is the url where my Puppy Love book is featured!

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

HI Karla!Thank you so much for hosting the swap! I love my tag and book!
xoxo, Tiffany


I still want one of those puppies! If you have time come on over and join in on my swap!


Karla,I got the book and it is great!

My link is here http://fromthepines.blogspot.com/2009/02/puppy-love-book.html

Thanks for putting it in your list!


Debra Ganas

Thanks for all of the links. I lookied at each and every one. Every book is perfect.

I found 4 of my 6 tags in the posts plus my own that I received back. 5 out of 6 is pretty good. I look at my book often.

Thanks again, Karla. Loved the videos.


Thank you so much for the tag!! I love it!!
I have added a post on my blog about the swap if you would like to add it on list.
Thank you,

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