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February 02, 2009



Wow what wonderful new treasures. I'm sure you will enjoy them all.

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

WOW!! What great things!! Love that gumball machine too! Amazing what a little paint can do!


whatever you are paying your mailman...it is not enough:) wow!!! what a wonderful array of goodies you have received Karla!!! i love that collage with the crown wearing puppy...toooooooo cute!!! i love your gumball machine...i came across one to that i am planning to paint...what else...PINK!!! mine is no where near as ornate as yours...


I won! I'm so excited!


Congratulations Mahala! That is wonderful that you have won. YAY!
I am off to watch the puppy video and maybe post another puppy name....


Adorable video, they are so cute.

gretchen schaumann

Still planning on getting my tags to you by the 5th. Sorry, I'm running behind.

Jean Eakin

What an amazing lot of treasures. The gumball machine is great. I love your color choice. I watched the puppy video, so cute.Have a good evening.
Jean in Virginia

Jenny Fowler

Karla, you are a winner! Yay! I love that you got so many goodies because you are such a generous woman! I'd try to name a puppy but I am not good with names. :) I can't wait to see what others come up with though.


Those puppy movies are so stink'n cute!!! Laurie


OH Karla, You did not sound like a doof. Just someone who really loves her puppies. They are getting so cute. My grandsons and I love to watch them. They want a puppy so bad, but the older one is allergic to animals. Hope he grows out of it or I guess learns to live with it. Have a great week.

Robin Thrifty_misspriss

wow! What treasures! My tags are going in the mail tomorrow or Tueday TOPS! I didn't mean to be so late but had technical difficulties!
Love the gumball machine! And I've used the pink ballerina slipper color before....love it!

Alice W.

So many lovely creations and gifts Karla!!! How fun!

And I adore what you did with that sweet gumball machine! A work of art!


I love all the goodies and the gumball machine! Come by for my valentines day giveaway!! Andrea


Thats a whole lot of lovely goodness you have there! Love the gumball machine! Rachaelxo


I'm so glad you're enjoying this swap and not finding it too much work!


Oh my - all that gorgeousness!! I LOVE the puppy pic that Tiffany made - the only thing cuter than a dorkie might be a dorkie in a crown! :) And what fun to see my packages pictured as well - I hope you both enjoy them! I have a big box of Valentines from about 35 years ago, and when I saw Tinkerbell on one I just KNEW who that was perfect for!


SO many pretties!! They are all wonderful. I have to agree, the gum ball machine is great!
Have a creative week,


First of all, that gumball machine is to die for! Fabulous (and much better in pink!)

Second, what fab gifties! You must be having a ball discovering each special thing!

And third, my tags go in the mail tomorrow -- I'll priority them, so they should arrive Friday!



Wow, that's the kind of mail I like to get! Everything looks great. Especially love the one of Twinkle with her BLING!

Amy Of Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla!! Everything is so beautiful and so YOU! I LOVE the one of Twinkle that Tiffany made! That is gorgeous and so YOU!!!

LOVE the candy machine you redid too :) SO pretty!



WOW the tags are out of this world.
Never thought of doing the gum ball machine like that. I do have 2 of them. Thanks for a GREAT idea.
Another name I have come up with is "Button" I have seen alot of bottons in your crafts.


I Love the goodie machine! Yogurt raisins are a favorite treat around here too. Congrats on your recent blog wins ;)


My Grand Daughter Gaije came up with "Bubbles"


What awesome gifts!!! I know you will love them all...m.


I am in excited anticipation to see the finished books. I sent my package off today. Told the lady at the Post Office it was an art swap. She asked what that was, but before I could explain there was a line, so when the package comes in I will show it to her.

The gifts are an expression of our esteem for you and the delight taken with a little girl called Sugarwings!


oOOOooohhhhhh...I love your blog. It makes me HAPPY. That gumball machine is to die for. I WANT ONE!!!! Just thiking about all the goodies that you can fill it up with..hmmmm...yummy!


I just love your blog and so happy for you and your swap! I bet your watching for the mail to come. The puppy video was so cute and their little noises.....have a great day!!!



A perfect swap for you, you must have been delirious with excitement--good for you!


Hi Karla, Congratulations on your
pretty winnings! LOVE the puppy video
and what a great gumball machine find.
I really love how you transformed it!
It is so pretty.



What wonderful pretties you got in the mail. I hope you tipped the mail carrier.

The gumball machine was a great find. I love how you transformed it. Very soft and very pretty.


Debra Ganas

Wow... where to begin. That Twinkle with the crown is the cutest thing I have ever seen.Good job Tiffany.

I have hosted swap and it IS fun to see what comes in the mail. But I must admit, nothing like the treasures you received Karla. Love, love, love the teapot charm/ornament. Maybe a "Time for Tea" tag swap is in the future???

Love the gumball/yogurt raisin machine. So Karla-like.

I mailed my box priority, yesterday . So, I am sure it will arrive in time. Can't wait to get my tag book back. Thanks again.


Oh, I love the white gumball machine.... And all your swap goodies look so pretty. Looking at your blog everytime, it just takes me away, with all the pictures and creations.

Karla Brewer

I so enjoyed looking at the puppy pics,a tragic fire last month took (12) puppies and four Mommies from me. I miss them so much.

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