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February 09, 2009


Kana Conger

I enjoyed the photos of your winter "spring like Dorothy" day! I would love to win!!


Sugarwings is one of the cutest little ones I have ever seen. You are very talented at capturing her. And the puppies ... what can I say. If I lived in your town I would have to get one.

Kerryanne English

I'm glad you could have a pleasant winters day outside with Sugarwings. The photos of her and her puppy babies in the pram are so sweet. Won't she miss them when they go to their new homes.

Joanne  Kennedy

Well I just don't think you can get rid of those little girls! You must keep them all. Ok that is settled! LOL

Surgarwings looks like she was posing for that first photo. She is to cute. Does she ever take a bad photo? She always looks so cute and her expressions are darling!


LiLi M.

Oh these photos of Sugarwings are darling again. Does she already know that her little friends have to go? But perhaps you (not you but Twinks) wil have another nest next year (or is that too soon, you know I'm the dog nit wit)? The tag books look terrific! I'm not going to write again that I cannot wait to see one!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Looks like you had just a wonderful day with Sugarwings and the puppies outside!


Isn't it nice to get outside in the sunshine and warm breezes even if just for a day or so!

Debra Ganas

We have been blessed to have some nice days too. I sat outside and read a magazine yesterday.

Looks like Sugarwings and the pups are looking forward to real Spring weather.

Looks like I need to start "stalking" the Mail Lady. Hee Hee. My Mail has been way to boring lately. At last something to look forward to.


The pictures are adorable, every one! Perhaps the subject matter has a lot to do with that.

We're in the '70s this week and I'm enjoying it so much, but I know it's just teasing us.


Hope you don't blow away! We are expecting gusts of 45 mph today. Yikes!

Have a super day!



Great pictures! I love the contrast of her bright pinkness with the bare trees and ground. How are you EVER going to let go of those puppies????

Kathy in Chicago

We are getting temps in the 60's today, ourselves!!! Yahoo!! This means the snow will finally all melt. Tra-la, tra-la. Isn't it funny how this can just change the way you feel so quickly?!

I do daresay, yourlittle Sugarwings is just about the most gorgeous little fairy I've ever seen. If I were her, I'd beat it over to that chandelier tree, too. Keep the chandelier, Karla! I think it's great.

Kathy in Chicago


WOW you have done so much is a short time I was gone. Sugerwings is so cute. She is in her own wonderland. The puppies are growning glad to see they did not blow away. The names you picked are great. I went to Dallas and had lunch at school with one grand daughter and went shopping with my other for her 13th Birthday time goes fast. Had a great time. Thanks again for sharing your life.


It was beautiful outside! The puppies are so sweet! I wish I would have remembered to include a return address label for you darn it! Can't wait to see the tag books. What a fun swap this was! :)


I am so regretting that I did not join this swap! I am just going to have to jump in on the next one! The puppies look adorable in that little bassinet!


I love the pup curled up on the hat. They are just the sweetest things as is Sugarwings! What a fun day...love the chandy in the tree!! We have had mild weather with a touch of wind too. Praying we will get some rain in Texas but not a flood as we often do (not had much since the hurricane)...will be eagerly watching the mail for the next week or so..mine were some of the last tags you got so I expect to be bringing up the end on the receiving end of these too cute tags!!


Those puppies are so adorable, it makes me want one! All we have right now is a cat! I imagine it is going to be a sad day when the puppies go to new homes!

Looks like you both enjoyed the gorgeous day. Love the picture of Sugarwings jumping!!! And of the puppy in the carriage, tooooooo sweet!

Vicki Chrisman

Sugarwings, the pups , the buggy...oh my... I was oooohing and aaaaahing all through this post! SO CUTE! And those tags look divine. how do you get it all done Karla?


Thank you for sharing your gorgeous day with Sugarwings and the puppies too...


I would have done exactly the same thing! We, too, are enjoying glorious spring weather, and while we in Michigan know that any early thaw is only taunting us with spring and another dump of snow is no doubt forthcoming, it doesn't matter! We run about, joyfully. Walking when before we preferred to ride, looking for ways to take outside breaks, longing to play hooky! I love your "hooky day" -- and what companions! I'm so glad Sugarwings can experience the joys of puppyhood!


Yes the weather has been amazing here also -- So waiting for spring -- but the golden days of a warm winter day with your sugarwings and pup pictures makes my heart smile -- kathy - ga


you take BEAUTIFUL pictures. i LOVE the idea about the chandelier on that tree...
the books are LOVELY.
have a wonderful day!


what a great day Karla...my yard is full of dirty, melting snow...yuk...Sugarwings looks adorable...i bet you two had a lot of fun together!!!


Hi Karla!!!
Beautiful the photos. Very funny for a day of winter.

Jenny Fowler

Oh my goodness, I can't get over those puppies in that basket! So cute! We had a whole week of nice weather too. It was beautiful and then yesterday we had a huge snow blizzard that came out of nowhere! The ground was still warm enough to keep it from sticking but today is back to being dismal. It was a nice sunny break though!


Love that picture of Sugarwings at the window with the curtain blowing! Looks like you girls had a fun day!

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

Tags can wait...this was much more important! :) the pic of SW with the pups and the chandelier is priceless! It really looked fairy magical, just like what you would expect to see in a good book with toil and trouble, a princess and her pooches!
xoxo, tiffany

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Karla
The pups are beginning to show a bit of personality! They are so cute! Can't wait to get my swap tags! :)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love the pic with the curtains blowing and sweet Sugarwings. I don't blame you a bit for spending time with her instead of working on tags. I'd say you were a lucky, lucky grandma!!

Stephanie O.

I love the chandelier in the tree! You gave me a good chuckle. We had that same type of day here yesterday-so warm but we are getting all the wind today. It's certainly a nice break from winter! The tag books look wonderful...


We have that wind coming in tomorrow to enjoy!!!! It's 61 here now, love it!! The puppies are getting so big...any buyers yet? Give my lil cuz a big kiss from us~
love you!!


Hi Karla! What a beautiful day to play with Sugarwings. My how she is growing into such a beautiful child!!! Love the closeup of her in the woods with her tousled hair & sweet perfect lips!

Adorable pups, too! I cried everytime one of mine went to its new home!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


You have a great day to be out. We are 58 but cloudy....tomorrow comes our big wind with 53-55 MPH gusts!!
Sugarwings is the cutest and pushing those pups around is priceless..how do you choose which get to go out. I would have them all. Love the chandalier out there...kind of like a fairyland.


We really have had some glorious Feb. days, haven't we? I love having the house opened up! You and Sugarwings chose the perfect fun for a day like yesterday:)
OK, I just gush everytime I see photos of the pups--they keep getting cuter and cuter!
What a surprise to receive my Puppy Love Tag Book in the mail today--talk about gushing! I can't quit looking at it:) You really did wrap up it up so pretty and the cover is LOVELY and I love every single tag in it. I'm so glad I got in on this swap, Karla...thanks very much for all of your organizing and time and creativity!!!


I just love your fairy grand baby...she's adorable...and please enter me...I'd love to win!

Jenny S

I cannot wait to get my tag book!! Woo hoo!!


It has been warm here too, but that is not unusual in South Texas. The wind has been AWEFUL. I always think of Winnie-the-Pooh and the Blustery Day. It is also a damp humid wind that makes for some really bad hair days! AND today was Spring portrait day on our campus! ICK! It looks like you and Sugarwings had a nice day!


You are surrounded by cuteness. First your adorable Sugarwings and all of those precious pups. It seems like absolute bliss.


Talk about having the perfect day!
Lucky you!
My own cutie-patootie gets to spend every Friday with my Hubby while I get to go to work.
Hmmmm.....someting isn't right with this scenario...
Anyway, I'm gald you had a pefect day.
I wish you many more of the same!
Have a great week.

Jean Eakin

The last few days here have been great too, except it has made me get out and rake a million bags of leaves and still not finished. I have daffodils coming up everywhere. It looks like you and sugarwings had a great time. Have you gottten homes for all the puppies or are you keeping one? I will really miss seeing them on your posts.Karla, have a wonderful evening.
Jean in Virginia


Hi Karla,
Cool starter words. Liked the shiny sun & crisp breezes words tooo and of course chandelier in the woods. Happy happies.

hope ellington

Hi Karla,
I can't wait for the book to arrive. Sugarwings looks so cute climbing the tree. You remind me of my mother (although not that old) with the way you are with the grand baby. The chandelier is something she would totally do!!


The first photo looks straight out of a fashion spread, a la Vogue. Sugarwings is a natural beauty.

And those darling puppies! The Westminster Dog Show final is on tonight. Who knows? Maybe a Yorkie will take Best-In-Show. I can't wait!

Thanks for sharing your day, Karla.


how fun are you? SO FUN!

i love the chandelier hanging outside. it might be fun to slather sturdy ornaments with peanutbutter and birdseed and hang them from it. a fun project for you and sugarwings!

what a magical childhood she is having.



I love all the pictures, and the Puppy Love Tag books.
Isn't this weather wonderful? We have had great weather, maybe a record highs tomorrow, then come the winds, rain, and maybe 2 weeks of below average temps with winter weather.....
I too have been airing the house.
The chandelier hanging is cute, I am into adding art and glitter to the outdoors.
Loving your daily posts.
Puppies are more adorable every day.


I couldn't help but sing along with the first few lines of this post! The warmer weather has been nice, it's windy here as well. They are flashing tornado warnings on the TV right now. The tag books look lovely! So nice that you got to all go outside and play!


Glad someone is having beautiful weather. It's been snowing here all afternoon and into the evening. But that's okay, it's when it snows here in June that makes me cranky! :)


The photos really capture the mood of the day - thanks for sharing.

Carol Spinski

Dorothy was NEVER as cute as little Ms Sugarwings:)


Miss Sandy

We are having a gloriously windy day here today after a rough storm last night. I too have opened the windows to let the house air out. It looks like you had a great day with little Sugarwings and the puppies. Happy wrapping today!


Sounds like you had a wonderful day and your pictures of the day are great! Your little fairy is adorable.
Your wind must be here because it is super windy here after some wonderful bonus warm days. Snow again soon but the peek of spring was a nice tease.
Happy creating!


Sugarwings is just darling Karla!!I love the little baby buggy too!


I am so glad to find your blog today. I love your pretty things posted on your blog.
I will read all of it and keep checking it up from now on.

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