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February 20, 2009



looks like a fun and busy time of chasing, sorting, chasing, crafting, chasing! phew!

i am having a give-away if you'd like to stop by and enter.



Can these pictures be any cuter? I'm going to miss the pics of Sugarwings playing with the pups, I can't imagine how you feel. Thanks for sharing them with us.
It looks like you found some fun things! I love the little tiaras for everyone. Too cute!


She just gets cuter and cuter!
Fun post~

Andrea Singarella

Puppies and sunshine and a cute little girl. What else do you need? Sounds like a perfect time!
I love the metal bits by the way. And they DO make great little crowns!


Sugarwings has the most gorgeous eyes and the cutest little smile. She is really adorable and you must love the time you get to spend with her - the naptime also!! The puppies are precious. It must be nice, in a way, to see them go as I'm sure it is an incredible amount of work, but oh my, how sad! Just think of the joy they are bringing to so many. There is nothing like a new puppy!


she is so sweet. Bethany is so excited for the puppy playdate! Love all your new goodies. I may have to shop a bit tomorrow :)

Kerryanne English

I know the puppies have to go to new homes but imagine if you could keep them - what a wild and crazy place your studio would be then.
We will miss all the photos of puppy adventures. Keep those happy snaps of Sugarwings coming...please.

LiLi M.

The photos of Sugarwings with the puppies are adorable as always, but you look great with them too! I love the idea of making crowns, that bird crown is too cute! Have a great weekend!


That loot you found sure looks like a treasure. I am sure you will come up with great uses for them.
The puppies (both human and canine) are adorable as ever.
Enjoy your weekend!


Sugarwings is a great looking little fairy girl!! And she & the puppies........it will be too quiet around your house for awhile. Neat stuff you got! I go junking in the summer....it is too cold here now. Can't wait!
I saw on Oprah they busted a yorkie puppy mill around St Louis with 60-90 dogs taken away from the B^*#H!!


Sugarwings is so adorable, it must have been fun to be out in the sun with her and the puppies. The puppies are adorable, too!! Can't wait to see what you do with your new trinkets.


Oh Karla! How adorable are the pictures of your grandbaby and the puppies!

I'm going to miss the pups, too. It was such fun seeing them develop from week to week. Hope to see a few more pictures of them before they go to their new families.

Peggy So Shabby Pink


Glad I am not the only one with stuff that I am "not sure" about. The ideas always come though.

Glad you are doing well. What fun you seem to have!

Have a great weekend.


Bunny Rose Cottage

Such an adorable post Karla! Sugarwings gets cuter by the day, as do those puppies! I love that picture of you too!



It just seems right starting off spring with baby animals....especially-PUPPIES! Our pet quota is full according to hubby. 1 dog, two cats, two bunnies and 4 fish. We have had rattys, frogs, salamanders, snakes, parakeets, etc.....for some reason when we loose one now, we don't get to replace it anymore, booohoooo!!! Keep the pictures coming...you can NEVER have too many cute baby and puppy pics!! Blessings-


Oh my gosh Karla ! You are the best sugarwings fairy grandma!And you both look adorable! So inspiring ,as always! oxox Andrea


That little Sugarwings is adorable!!!! She looked like she was having so much fun chasing the puppies.It was nice seeing a picture of you also.


Aw!! Nothing like puppy love. :D


She is just like her cute grandma! Busy!


Cool stuff! Love all the "bits"!


Vicki Chrisman

Those photos of sugarwings and the pups are just ADORABLE!

Natasha Burns

Hi Karla!
I'm just catching up on your blog and your beautiful new babies that have grown so fast! It will be so sad :(
Wow Sugarwings has grown so much in such a short time too!
You've been very busy, as usual! catch up with you soon, Natasha xo

Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Such cute puppies! Sugarwings has gotten so big! She's about the same age as my youngest and I am always amazed at how fast they grow! She's almost not a baby any more!


Lovely pictures of sugarwings and the puppies!! These metal loots are wonderful. Wish I could find things like this. Use them for some mixmedia work perhaps. /linnea-maria


Those pups are just adorable. It must be hard to watch them go. Your photos are lovely! Karen

Ele at abitopinkheaven

Naps are never long enough! The puppies really have grown. I have my tags up on my site (finally, I had been on vacation so am late). The tags are wonderful. Thanks again!


Where is Trinket's new home? I hope they spoil her like I'm spoiling Elfie!


Yep nothing better than huging a puppie. Glitter Millie Robertson is doing great. She is in the bed room with Gaije and Payton 2 of my 18 grandkids playing on the bed. She has slept with me and my partner everynight and is doing real good. She is quite the snuggler and a bed hog LOL. I will have to share Pic's soon.


I'm glad you have found homes for the pups. It makes the decision to drive to KS alot easier! They are adorable! I can't wait to see your crowns when they are finished!


Karla, lovely pics of you and Miss Sugarwings
and the sweet puppies. Just wanted to know
that I am thinking of you!


Seems like you had a wonderful day with Sugar wings, puppies and corn treasures.


What a great day! Yes, you ARE going to miss those little munchkins!

Lavender Dreamer

Those puppies are the cutest! OH MY! Great pics!

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