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February 04, 2009



Oh what a fun post!!! Love those metal thingys Beth gave you. Love how the babies are growing...so cute and no, we don't get tired of seeing the sweeties. Love your wallpaper projects...I think you've got that wallpapering down pat...enjoy TV. lol. Laurie


I love the metal boxes!


I hadn't peeked in for just a few days and LOOK how those babies have grown. Just too adorable for words. Sue

Beth Leintz

THAT was the picture I wanted to take!

The framed wallpaper looks good on that wall, and I think you could put a small frame of paper inside some of the big ones for a layered look.

Elaine L.

I love those metal boxes.

Sugarwings is a beauty and daddy's not hard on the eyes, either!


Joanne  Kennedy

I tell you I think I'm going to cry when you find homes for those little puppies. I've grown so attached to them. I just love those sweet little faces! They look so tiny in those photos!

How sweet that Sugarwings is helping her Daddy to feel better. Boy she sure looks like her Daddy!

I love all your items you made. You sure have been busy!

Can't wait to hear the names you pick for the girls.


Kerryanne English

My goodness you and Beth were so busy. Everything is gorgeous. I hope you allowed time off to play with the bundles of puppy cuteness.


I'm a Top Chef junkie, and I'm pretty sure Tom is my boyfriend, not your's!


Karla, i love what you are doing with your wallpaper...the silverware box looks especially lovely...what a great shape...and the puppy posing by it could not be any sweeter...i am loving Top Chef this season...i want Fabio or Stefan to win...i have liked them from the beginning...who is your favorite?

Debra Ganas

The puppies are getting so fluffy now. So cute.

Speaking of wallpaper. I have been hounding my local Lowes for discontinued wallpaper books. Finally, they had two of them for me. I was so happy. My Husband just looked at me like I had a screw loose. Tee Hee. No, not vintage but they were beautiful floral prints.

Love what you did with your papers , Karla.

Sugarwings and Her Daddy. Nothing like Daddy/Daughter bonding. Wait until she wants to "style" his hair.


We've reached kind of a crisis point with your blog, Karla. I'm now calling my husband over to look at puppy pictures. Even he's saying "awwwwwwww."


I can not wait to see the names the puppies will be blessed with. I am sure it will be hard to name them but even harder to say goodby.
I love the boxes you have done. You have some wonderful ideas.
Have a wonderful day


Ack! Too much gorgeousness in one post!! Old wallpaper on boxes, on drawers, in frames...tags galore..gorgeous Sugarwings (and her dad is pretty cute too!)...and those PUPPIES!!! Thanks for giving me so much prettiness this morning.


The puppies!!!!!!!!! Wish I had them all and in that ribbon, too cute!!
Love all your 'doings' with wallpaper!! Have fun!!


Oh, you are SO making me want those little puppies!!! I have two of my own beauties at home, though! That shelf looks amazing! I love what you did with it! The boxes are awesome, too!


Oh, help. Oh, no. Oh, dear. OK. First things first -- the tags got off priority yesterday. The one thing I didn't stick in there is anything for postage and label or anything. I've got to find the other post, but I'll do that and get it out to you in tomorrow morning's mail. I'm sorry -- it's a bad excuse that too many things are in my brain. Normally, when I join a swap I'm manic in doing it right and now I fear I was terribly wrong. But the tags etc. should arrive today -- that part is right!

OK, number two, Puppy-with-a-bow now looks like a Dorkie! And a cute one at that!

And I'll stop by and visit the Shabbies. I love all your wallpaper things. Amazing, isn't it, about what a little glue can do.

Thanks for being patient.


Your helpers are adorable! I love what you did with the vintage wallpaper. I just sold my boring old desk and am looking for one that I can "embellish".

Enjoy the pups!


The puppies are so adorable. I just love the red ribbon around it's neck. It would so hard to pick which one to keep and harder still to let the others go!

I loved the framed vintage flocked wallpaper, I noticed it first and recognized that it was a new addition to your studio! I think putting sepia toned photos in the middle would be perfect!

I also love all of those shows. I had to TIVO Top Chef so I don't know who had to "pack his/her knifes and go!" I do love the Italian accent on the one chef, though!!

Stephanie O.

Wonderful to know that the swap package arrived safely. And, especially glad to know your little sweetie enjoyed her surprise!


How sweet are sugarwings and her dad and of course the puppies -- Yikes lotta tags and lots of great creatin ' ideas - kathy - ga



You are so creative with wallpaper. I'm still trying to get my husand to let me wallpaper our stairs like you did.


The picture of the puppy with the ribbom is sooooo cute!
Glad you had a great vintage wall-paper day.


RIBBON not RibboM!
I'm a dork.....

Jean Eakin

That puppy is adorable with the ribbon. It posed so sweetly. Great photo of Sugarwings and her Daddy. The boxes are great , you did good work. I am proud of you for being so organized. I sometimes have such a problem with organization, but I am trying to do better. You have a great evening with all those cute tags.
Jean in Virginia

Debra Abel

I am lovin the "puppy" pics. I have "dorkies" too and love the babies!

Also all the vintage!


Karla, The wallpaper covered boxes are BEAUTIFUL!!! I especially love Miss Vanna White showing them off. She is such a cutie patootie! So sweet of Miss Sugarwings to cuddle and comfort her Daddy! Such sweet and precious moments. :) XOXO, Jenn

Alice W.

Love all of your paper covered creations! Beautiful! And those puppies...I think I will be sad when they go!!! I love watching them grow here in your posts ;)

Sugarwings cuddling up with Daddy is too sweet for words!!! So precious.

And so sad about Rachel Ashwell :(

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

I love what you have done with your wallpapers karla! So pretty! and how much does sugarwings look like her daddy? Oh my goodness, spitting image! What a sweet picture.
Have a great day karla!
xoxo, Tiffany


Hi Karla, Just checking out your wonderful blog and thanking you so much for mentioning us. We have made some wonderful friends because of it. Can't wait to meet you at Miss Frenchies and Can't wait to find out the name of your adorable puppies. Oh, i think I love your iron pieces too- ha ha! love, Robin

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