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February 27, 2009



poor little sugarwings and grammy, a hard day for you all. how is miss twinks taking it ?? A big ((((HUG))) for you Karla , you have done a wonderful job with all the little babies. Donna

Sher Miller

Aw, God love her! Cyber hugs for both of you are coming from NE Tennessee.

Joanne  Kennedy

Ohhhhh Karla, my heart is breaking for you! I know what you mean by a little one saying Please. You know they really "mean" it when they keep saying please and it tugs on your heart strings.

I wish I could say something to make you feel better but I know there isn't.

You ARE NOT a bad person or a BAD grandma. You gave her a chance to see life happen and to bond with animals. You know you have a special little one there when their heart goes out so strongly to Gods furry babies.

Big hugs to both of you.


Oh Karla - this post made ME cry!!! Give Sugarwings a big hug from me... and a hug for you, too!!! Just keep reminding Sugarwings that she shared her puppies with people to make them happy. =)


It is so nice to know that there are other people out there that really L*O*V*E their pets. I am totally feeling your pain! I am afraid I would have to keep one out of every litter. My Dad doesn't understand why I wouldn't give my cats away to make moving easier.....I would rather cut one of my arms off!! I feel sorry for those people who don't get furry love. They are missing a great blessing! You may feel you have done Sugarwings an injustice, but really, you are teaching her a valuable lesson. Love your pets, be a kind and responsible owner and if you have babies, find them good, loving homes.
Blessings- LillySue
P.S. I am trying something new at my house...I am doing a Redemption tree for Easter. I need ideas for ornaments. I would love to hear your suggestions! Everyone is invited to help.


OKAY. I'm having a 3pak of Ferrero Rocher for comfort and some baked Lays tooo. Hugs for the two of you and like Beachy said, keep remindig Sugarwings that she shared her puppies with people to make them happy. Before you put everythingaway take a photo of their gated area and bedding and then make a book for Sugarwings with all the photos and ending with the empty place pics with Beachys reminder. Happy happies. Joyce


awww.. a tiny girl with a big broken heart. how sad! ((hugs)) to you both!


Poor little Sugarwings! She seems too little for life's lessons. Go do something fun together tomorrow!

Elaine L.

The way she quietly reacted reminds me so much of my daughter at that age. They are such old souls.

I hope she gets over this soon. It's too bad you couldn't have kept one for her.


annie bliss

How hard it must have been to give her up--- I do not think I could have -- I probably would have ran after the lady saying I made a mistake --- ... come back to me!
Hugs to you all.



Karla, my heart aches for you both... I'm going to miss the puppy posts. It doesn't take long before those furry little puppies steal our hearts.
I just wanted to tell you, You're not a terrible person. Instead you're the most wonderful grandma to Sugarwings, you can just tell by your blog and the posts.

Kana Conger

I hope Sugarwings will feel happy soon, but I am sure she will miss her puppies! Of course, she might talk her Grandma Karkie into another litter in the future. I will miss the wonderful puppy photos.


Ohhhhh Karla and Sugarwings.... :(
I wished that I lived closer to give you
both Hugs!!! I pray that time will heal
the sadness. Yes, it must be difficult
for little Sugarwings to understand right
now and you ARE a wonderful Grammy. No
Dorothy houses on you! No No!!!
Cuddle with eachother and with Twinks
and everything will be alright.... it just
will take some time.


Oh Karla,
How hard that must have been for both you and Sugarwings to let those darling puppies go. I'll miss seeing their adorable faces on your blog posts too!


What a sad day for you. Heartbreaking, really.

I'm sad too. "waaaaaaa...."

The puppy photo book for Sugarwings suggested by Joyce is such a lovely idea.If you do make one, would you share it with us as well?


Oh, Karla.... I'm crying!!!!
Hugs to you and Sugarwings

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Ohhh Karla... I have tears in my eyes. You are NOT a bad grandma!! You are teaching her to give love to animals... and have compassion.. a VERY important life lesson that she has learned from those puppies. (and YOU!)

I know it was hard for her and you to let the babies go. I hope the days will get easier. Sending you and LeLe hugs... xoxo Heather


Almost too sad for words. I hope SugarWings is old enough to remember this as it will be a lovely, warm memory that she will hold in her heart forever. What a sweetheart she is and NO you are not a bad grandma!! Just keep telling her how the puppy is going to make all the sick people happy and how proud she should be that SHE helped to give all those people something to smile about. She is the one who showed the puppy how to give love to others.

Ele at abitopinkheaven

Oh Karla, I am so sorry.
When a persons learns to love deeply, along with that sometimes comes pain. You have taught her a tremendous kindhearted love. A selfless love. I pray that soon she will not feel sad, but will remember this sweetly. Same for you. You are a wonderful grandma. Nothing short of amazing. I know it wouldn't hurt you so, if you didn't love her so. Together, you'll get through this hurdle.

robin-Thrifty Miss Priss

oh geeze! Here I go again! sniff sniff!
What a sweet story about the last pup, that has to give your heart some comfort!


Ohhhh, I have tears, this is so sad...Poor little Sugarwings....I know it is tearing you up to see her so sad, but hopefully she will find somthing else to fill that hole in her heart....I hope it will be soon...



So sad for you Karla & Sugarwing, these pictures are ging to be the most sweet memorable to you and sugarwings:)
Please take good care and have a wonderful weekend.


Sheila R

Oh, my heart is just breaking for you and Sugarwings! You are such a wonderful Grammy that loves with all her heart and is teaching this to Sugarwings...

Sending you both hugs!



so sad Karla!!! i have tears running down my face right now for you and Miss Sugarwings!!!

you are a wonderful grandma Karla, and that little girl is so lucky to have you!!!

Debra Ganas

Waaaaaa.... I did not think I would be crying when I saw this post. But I miss those sweet puppies too.

I do not know if it would make it any better or not but maybe you and Sugarwings need to visit the local puppies to see how happy they are making everyone.

And you are not a bad Grandma. You have taught Sugarwings how to be sweet and tenderhearted just like you are.

Karen Young

Oh Karla, how sad for both of you. But, my dear, you are not a bad grandma, if fact you are one of the best grandmothers I know. You will help little Sugarwings cope with the sorrow and both of you will have even a closer bond with each other.

Loving hugs to both of you


Perhaps the "puppies" need to send her a note to let them know that they miss her, too but they love their new homes. Maybe with a little stuffed puppy included so she can always have them with her.

We did something similar for my niece and she had us read the note over and over while she clutched the stuffed pet.


Warm and loving hugs to you and Sugarwings.

Linda Richter

I like Cindy's idea about the notes and a stuffed puppy! It's all about love and Sugarwings experienced that!


Ohhhhh! I can't handle it! Sweet Sugarwings is sad instead of bouncy and busy!
She will get over this, is there a build a bear around? Maybe they have a puppy that you can adopt with her and they have all the cute accessories...it won't be the same as her warm puppy but she might be distracted with it somewhat!
Hugs to you both! karen...


Oh I'm sitting here with tears and so can relate to the "please". Maybe get some of those pictures developed and let her make a scrapbook/tag book with all the puppies pics. You are a wonderful Grammie. I just found the pic of you holding Millie and posted it on my blog. It is such a sweet pic. Hugs to you and sugarwings.


I have tears in my eyes imagining what it must be like for you to give them all up, especially the last one and baby Sugarwings trying to understand it all. You are a wonderful lady & grama and like my Great Grama said 'this too shall pass'. Until then God bless you all.


Puppy Love is bittersweet. They are so adorable. The pictures make me want one sooooo bad, and I can empathise with little Sugarwings feeling of loss. But, it is a part of life and she will get over it, although it is so sad in the moment. It just makes you want to scoop her up and hug her for hours. Hope you find something fun to do to take both of your minds off of puppies! (Too bad it's snowing outside.) Hugs to you both.

P.S. You are the BEST Grandma I know!


oh i know how you all feel - we had kittens a few years ago (kept one!) it's so bittersweet.

xo h


Hugs and kisses to you both.


Oh Karla! Many many hugs to you and Sugarwings!!


Tell sugerwings to set a date and I will do my best to being Glitter. I know it does not take the place of the last one to leave but I would like to give her hope see will see some of them again. It is not a forever Goodby just a later.
Hugs and Butterfly kisses to Sugerwings

Glitter and Elaine

LiLi M.

I'm sure a lot of ladies cry a long with you too. We all miss the puppies! You are a great grandmother, the best there is, though it hurts of course to see the fairy baby sad. We have a saying that says when you share sadness you will divide that in halves.
Hugs to you and Sugarwings! Hope it helps!


Oh Karla, I am so sorry..I thought the baby doll would help..but I knew it wouldn't heal a broken heart. Please give her a hug for me and tell her that Millie is doing very well in her new home. We have decided to keep her name Millie.. I'll send pictures check your email.

Kathy in Chicago

I loved Brenda's post. Sugarwings and Millie can be email pen-pals! Thank goodness for the Internet!! I'm sure that awful feeling lump in your throat will go away. What a dear little Sugarwings to love so deeply at such a young age. You do not deserve to have a house fall on you. Hugs to you both. Kathy in Chicago


I am so sorry for such a sad day. . .I do think little ones are resiliant, and she will beam with joy once again. Until then, stay close to each other, and know that you are not alone.

Jean Eakin

Karla, I am so sad right along with you and Sugarwings. I hope tomorrow is better for you both. Sugarwings is a special and very smart little gal and so is her grammy.
Jean in Virginia

meleen dupré


(no words)

just friendship,


Jenny S

Poor Sugarwings and Grandma. At least you have your pictures to look back on, and you know they are all in loving homes! About trying to explain to Sugarwings....we had to put our dog down last year and my four year old still bursts into tears about his "Mikey" being gone and missing his Mikey, which kills me as Micro was my dog for 18 years. I cried so hard the Vet broke down when we were in the office. She even sent me a note saying how sorry she was. We told my son that Mikey went to play with the angels, (he was three) and he asked me one afternoon in that little tear soaked voice, "When Mikey is done playing with the angels, can she come home and play with us again, I miss her." Talk about crying....


I know how hard it is to give sweet babies away. We only had one litter & we (my mom & I, she was in her 60's & I was in my 40's at the time)cried each time one left for a new loving home. I can't imagine how hard it is for you & Sugarwings. Hug her & have her hug you from ME!

Hmmm....maybe a quick trip to the local Toys R Us or Chuck E Cheese is in order?!?

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Alice W.

"I sad" too :(

But Sugarwings will be alright...and she needs her Grandma! {and not to have a house fall on her Grandma LOL!} A lesson learned at a tender age...but hopefully you will be able to see Millie's life progress perhaps through Brenda's blog...and you can both have the peace of knowing she is doing great things in this world! {I know it doesn't take away the "sad" today though...and if only "please" could make them magically return ;)}


Oh, I am so sorry. I know it has got to be so hard for you both. I hope you are both feeling happier soon. Big hugs....

Pat Jones

OMG thos puppies...those darling puppies and and the sadness you must have felt when they all left and that story well it broke my heart. Please visit my blog and show your darling what I got for my birthday. It will cheer you both up. He does that to me every single day.


Your official red and white striped stockings are in the mail...Your Friend, Bobbi


Okay, maybe not...I always remember that saying..."the day you decide to have a baby, you decide spend the rest of your life walking around with your heart outside your own body". Or something like that...anyway, these days are hard. She'll be fine, as you well know, but what deep sadness for such a short kid. Hope you are both better today....Your Friend, Bobbi

Cindy Roberts

Awwww...such a sweet post! I read this at a time when I too am sad about seeing a fluffy friend adopted. I volunteer for Kitten Rescue cleaning cages/feeding kitty orphans at a local pet store. I became attached to an older cat found at a ferral colony. Last night he was adopted which is a great thing, but my selfish side knows that I won't ever see him again.


Oh, I hope that both of your hearts are feeling better. I'm catching up on your blog, after being gone for a week. I hope that the next post that I read, you are both finding some peace with letting them all go.


so sad, my heart hurts for you all. Rachaelxo

Nike Shox TL3

I know so many people who have just had a new addition to their

lives or are still counting down the last few days. There is

nothing better to warm the heart on such a frigid January. I am

so excited for everyone.

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