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February 23, 2009


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh, Karla, your book is just amazingly beautiful! Wow!


Oh my that is a sweet picture of your little friend and the puppy! Sorry to hear you caught that nasty cold that is going around. Take care!


Hope you get well soon. The puppies were adorable. Thanks again for having us. Bethany and I had fun. :)

LiLi M.

We all will miss those puppies! But let's enjoy the last one while she is still here. I have made an art journal for a friend, made of an old book and I wanted to make another one. You always have such inspiring ideas! I have seen lots of new ways to attach beautiful pictures etc. to a book. Thanks!

Lavender Dreamer

What fun! And the little puppy is just what I want! heehee! I love your blog! Lots of FUN!

Lavender Dreamer

I went to Beth's blog, too! Thanks for the links!

Alice W.

Well, I would by lying if I didn't admit my sadness about those little darlings leaving...even though I only get to enjoy these babies here...I have enjoyed every minute! Hope they all have found delightful homes to romp and play!

Love your art work...

And I missed the interview with Miley Cyrus but I know I would have cracked up too!!! A girl can certainly dream...lol!


lovely journal and such a sweet puppy.


Karla- I love your journal! So, do you not like the camera you usually use for your blog photo's?? They always look so nice! I am going to be forced to buy my own camera soon (currently using Hubby's) and have no clue as to what kind I should look at. What one would you buy and why?? I suppose all the good ones are super expensive.....Sigh.
Blessings- LillySue


Love the journal, its really creative. I hope you feel better soon.


Karla, that journal is just BEAUTIFUL. Your art work is just amazing. Just love the butterfly and all the other details.
I do just love those little puppies. Sad to see them go.

Tracy M.

Oh I'm going to miss the puppies too, Love your journals,Beautiful!

Lolly Busey

As usual, your work is just lovely!


Karla, the journal you embellished is so pretty!!! all of the bits you did by hand are so lovely...i am so sad you are down to one puppy...i hope she isn't too lonely with her sisters gone...

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

Could those puppies BE any cuter?!?!?
Love the journal, too, great job!!
xoxo, Tiffany


Aw, it was so nice having those little puppies around :)

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

I will really miss all the puppy pictures, there's nothing cuter. Your journal is lovely, as well.


Joanne  Kennedy

I'm going to miss your posts about the "girls". It's sad to see them go but it's nice to know they all got great homes.

So when can you have another litter? How many has she had? Are you going to have her get pregnant again?

I agree with you on the Oscars. I was glad when they were over.

Love your journal!



Hmm, I didn't even know the Oscars were going to be on! I guess I am out-of-touch! The puppy is so adorable. I will miss them too!


I love the book it turned out so cute.


What beauty! Both your book and your darling puppy. How can you possibly give that sweet face up? I would be so sad.


I think you can really justify the camera. Really, really. A business investment. And I'm missing the puppies, too.


I couldnt raise puppies.. I would never be able to part with them! I guess it helps to know that someone will love them as I've no doubt you dont sell them to anyone unless youre sure its a good home!
have a great week


Love the journals!! And the puppies....almost all gone! they are sooo cute!! You WILL have a quiet house after the last one leaves.
I had the same thing, came on all of a sudden and off work for 4 days!!!! I am still weak!

Lee W.- The Way I See It

I never was a small dog person- we grew up with Labs and a St. Bernard. But I think I changed my mind...

Love the altered ledgers- well done! Your work is always so beautiful.


I am happy that the puppies will have homes, but I will miss the photos! They make me smile every time you post them! That journal is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful!


The journal turned out amazing! And the I'll miss seeing those adorable little fluffy faces...so cute!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Those puppies are to cute to stand!

I love the albums! You crack me up about the Miley Cyrus interview, LOL!! That is pretty funny, isnt it?



that comment about Miley Cyrus... OHMYDOG!! i laughed out loud too!! i can just see the puppies scattering from laughter!! oh man, that was funny woman!!!


Awwwwww...I just LOVE the puppy photo.
She is so very sweet. I really am
going to miss seeing their sweetness.
Sending Hugs and hoping that you are feeling
much better Karla.


All Things Beautiful

WOW! Cool journals. I never would have thought that old ledgers could turn out to be so beautiful yet functional.

christy ennis

Bye Bye baby puppies, I have enjoyed seeing your antics these past weeks! Karla the journals and your artwork are beautiful. thanks for sharing!

Sheila R

Hopefully you will be on Santa's good list this year so he'll bring you your camera! I too have put my dream camera on hold for other important things... my children's school and sports activities. Oh well, we can still dream can't we?

Gretchen Schaumann

Your puppies are so adorable, I don't know how you've been able to let them go.
Love the ledger you've been creating. Very cool!


Your ledger is divine!!! Love all the pretty papers and embellishments you added. The puppy is so sweet...I would want to cuddle with it all the time.


Yes, she is just darling! Even sweeter holding her new puppy!
Lovin' the ledger too...it's almost too pretty to use. Girl, you need to write a book!

kathy lowry

Oh will so miss the sweet littl pics of the pups -- The journal books are so lovely - you always inspire -- you seeem to get so much done -- HOpe you feel better soon - kathy - ga


I had to laugh, too, at Miley Cyrus. She certainly is full of herself!! I heard Sarah Jessica Parker described as Glinda the good witch from Wizard of OZ! I like unusual but both of their dresses most certainly were different! I was worried Sarah Jessica was going to come out of the top of hers!!! Your puppies are ADORABLE!!!
If I didn't already have 2 I'd love one of them. Enjoy your blog and I'm a faithful reader of Beth's so I feel as if I already know you. Also I am a dyed in the wool Jayhawker!!! Class of 66! (Design major turned nurse!!)


I have been under the weather and have missed a few of your posts. I hate it when that happens. You always make me happy.


That book is so beautiful! I've been buying books to alter for the last year, but I've only gotten as far as ripping pages out! Your book is very inspirational! I think I may just have to dig into one of mine now!

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