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February 11, 2009



The books look awesome and the puppies are SO cute! I love that Twinkle attacks the camera! LOL!


Oh, they are all so lovely!! And the puppies are so cute!
I'd love to color with Sugarwings..... I never outgrew loving to color.

Jean Eakin

I adore your chandelier. It is wonderful. Your book is so , so...beautiful and creative. Talented ladies, you included. I wish I could squeeze a puppy by way of the computer. Have a more restful evening now the books are done and mailed.
Jean in virginia


That Twink is such a super model! As my Princess said recently after watching Americas Top Model "its not about the clothes, its about the look"! Twink has the look! And she makes beautiful babies! Rachaelxo


So sweet Karla!! You have done an awesome job with this swap!!!!Love the chandelier and the birdie tag!!! :) xo Andrea

Tommie Jo

So many sweet things to look at! Cute babies!


That chandelier is to DIE for! Love it! Lots!

You have done yeoman's work with all these tags -- how wonderful. I know a LOT of people, me included, are excited!

Those darned doggies! I love 'em!


hee hee!!! i just watched the video...that girl is a ham for sure:)

i love your new finds...the cabinet and chandelier are gorgeous!!!

LiLi M.

You have worked soooo hard! I love all tags, but that one from Andrea with the tarnished silver birds is to die for! Your new cabinet is great! You have that and your new chandelier for a steal I think. Silly that we prefer no light above ugly light! I went to Flickr with your link, but I couldn't find out how to get to a video (yep blonde, and dyed a little blonder, though you would say that wasn't necessary ;-)). Enjoy your time coloring with that sweety Sugarwings and the puppies!


May I just come live in your studio, and play with the adorable puppies, I'll bring chocolate! : ) The books turned out adorable.

Jenny S

LOVE the flowered chandlier!! We have a similar one at our shop and a lady came in saying she was looking for one for her daughters bedroom. She spotted it and asked the price, I told her and she said it was out of her range since she would need to get it painted BROWN and pink out the flowers.....I would have killed her..hehehe! It's bad to own a shop when you can't bear to part with the merchandise!!

Gretchen Schaumann

Karla - I received your wonderful package in the mail today with my tag swap and your booklet covers with the cute extras on the package. I wish I would of thought to take a photo before I opened it, but didn't.
Tomorrow when the sun comes up, I will plan to photograph the tags I rec'd and then send you my link once I've placed them on my blog.
It is so fun for those of you that are frequent swappers and attached your names with blog urls on the back, so those of us that received yours can look each one up. I just signed my name and didn't realize that this would be a good way to do it. Next time, I'll know. I'm getting smarter through this swap! :- )
Thanks again Karla for the opportunity to participate in the swap.
As for your blog post, I'm so sad you went through all that work and than your post got deleted. That happened to me on Saturday when I was posting my piano player music project on the Junk Market style website. Such a bummer!
Love the tag you kept for your new cabinet and I think it was destined for that spot. It is perfect!
The puppies are as always adorable, as is little Sugar Wings.
Thanks! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment.


Yummy white cabinet. Is that the REAL name for it? I have an idea for ya...there might be software for this or not -you might want to think about making stamps of each of the little girls to keep and or give away. Happy happies.

Alauar Parrish

Love the white cabinet how gorgeous it is. Your craft room looked like mine did, you should see it when I do some sewing, fabric and thread are flying every where... lol I wish mine looked like yours though, every thing is so Pretty. Love the puppy photos as well as sweet Sugarwings.



Wow Love the light the colors in it are great. Can not get over the puppies Thanks for sharing

robin-Thrifty Miss Priss

I just loved my swap package I received today Karla! All the work you put into making this so wonderful for so many of us....Thank you so much! I've been looking at them all evening! I can only imagine how many you got! That new cabinet is beautiful! I can't believe how FAST you got the studio cleaned up! And the chandelier installed....wow!
Have fun creating with Sugarwings...and those pups are just too cute to be leaving soon! (Sniff!)

Jenny Fowler

I bet I'd have a ball touring your house (or anyone else for that matter). I never can get a grasp on it from blogger. You seem to have a museum to me! :)


Gorgeous cabinet and chandelier - the look like they were MADE to be in your studio!



That cabinet and chandelier are fabulous! I got my tags in the mail but it looks like they were opened which is weird. I can't wait to look at them all. I'll make sure and post them on my blog tonight. :)


They're all so beautiful - tags, puppies, Sugarwings - and all! Looking forward to my package. Thanks so much, Karla! I think those puppies are so cute. It's funny how they've started to look like their mother now instead of just being all black. I've never had a dog, just cats & kittens & they are born the coloring they keep. I'll bet you're really having fun with them now - loved the puppy doll carriage walk photos!


Love the cabinet! Bet you got it at the Locust St store! Also the chandelier is gorgeous. And the puppies are sooo cute, I'd be distracted, too!

Kana Conger


I really like the new furniture! I would love to have a beautiful room to create in like your room.

Mitzi Hargis

I love the chandelier. If you wouldn't mind sharing, where is the second hand shop that you go to? Since I live in St Joseph, I know it couldn't be too far. However when you find a good place to shop it doesn't matter how far you have to go, right?? Best, Mitzi

Rose Brier Studio

Karla, I received my tag book today. What a wonderful treat! Thank you so much for doing this. It was my first swap but it certainly won't be my last. I hope they all are as lovely as this one. With great restraint, I photographed the package before tearing it open then photographed all the tags and posted them to my blog. You did such a nice job of putting the book together, it just flows. Again, most profuse thanks!

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