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February 16, 2009



what a GREAT space Karla...thanks for the tour!!!


Thanks for the mini tour of your studio Karla. I've always loved seeing pictures of it when you've posted them. Looks like a wonderful place to spend time in. So many pretty things to look at. I love to see how other women decorate thier homes and the things they surround themselves with. Those little puppies sure are cute!!!


I know what you are saying I love my Mom it is so funny how we take life and people for granted and when they are gone how much your heart can hurt, my mom is still with us and I LOVE her. Thanks for the Studio Video Tour very fun.
Hugs, Diane


I love the sweetness behind your mandarin orange tin. What a precious story.


Kana Conger


I love your post today...your tender heart is wonderful. I like the special can you altered and her picture is beautiful! Continue to cherish your fond memories.


Beautiful tribute to your Mom...

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

And what a beautiful studio it is.... I could move in there and be perfectly happy.

What a lovely post about your Mom.. I LOVE that you made that from her orange can. SO sweet Karla.


Love your pen can! Your memories of your mom are so simular to mine of my mom. she was a quilter also along with just about anything else artistic. i miss her so much! Thanks for sharing! your studio is gorgeous!

Laurie S.

What sweet and sad memories. The little crafty can you made is so cute and your mother was such a pretty lady! She must be enjoying having an angel-eye's view of you and Sugarwings spending so many happy hours in your studio!

Take care!
Laurie S.


Lovely remembrance of your mother, Karla--I really like what you did with the orange can.
Great video tour of your studio. I checked out the puppy videos while I was there too--soooo cute!

Karen Young

Dear Karla, What beautiful memories to bring you comfort. I love how you have altered the orange tin.

Thinking of you

Christa from Chloe Rose

What a great story today Karla.....I loved it. I also really like the way that the can turned out.....what a wonderful way to remember your mom.



robin-Thrifty Miss Priss

oh Karla....this one made tears spring to my eyes! As I sat and ripped up my fabric scraps I was peeking at blogs tonight and this post is such a sweet tribute. The simple things in life are what our memories are made of. "Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you take...but by the moments that take your breath away". One of my favorite quotes!

Elaine L.

It's the simple things that give us the fondest memories. I love the symbolism that you put into making your pen holder special.

It must bring you peace to see how much your boys and sugarwings resemble your mother.


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, thanks so much for the mini studio tour. What a most fabulous place - I can see why you are so happy there. Wow! And your precious little mandarin tin - what a beautiful memory of your mother, and one you will be reminded of now in your favourite place in the world.


Good Morning Sweet Karla! Working in the nursing home as I do, I watch mothers and daughters doing things like the mandarin oranges every day. I truly understand, and what a wonderful keepsake you've made. At the end, there is so little we can do, and the little things are what count...I have spent many nights at the bedside of mothers without daughters, so that they didn't have to leave this world alone. It is a gift to me that I can spend that time with people who don't have a little girl of their own...On a lighter note, for my little girl, I have ordered your puppy love tag book from the boutique, and will put it away until next Valentine's Day, unless I just can't stand it and have to give it to her sooner! As always, thank you for sharing your days with us...Your Friend, Bobbi


What a nice tribute to your Mom! I still have mine but lost my Dad 7 years ago. Somethings you, thankfully, never forget about the things they do, say..........


Karla that is so sweet. I love the can you made with your mom's picture on it, and the 3-d wings are great. The poem is perfect!
It is a great way to have her near you while you are creating. And you are so much like her, in appearance and artistic talent!

Kathy in Chicago

I'm wiping tears away after reading about you and your mom. What a dear, bittersweet memory. I'm glad I watched your tour after. It put a smile on my face. How wonderful to hear what you sound like! You have that wonderful Kansas accent!! I hear it now after living in Chicago for 18 years. And YES, there is an accent! What a delight to see your studio and the puppies. Thank you for sharing. - Kathy in Chicago


Just had the 8th anniversary of my mother's passing...this is always such a sad time of year for me! We will always be our mothers little girls. Thanks for such a heartwarming story Karla!!!! XO


What a sweet memory!

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Tomorrow it will be four years since my father passed away, and I remember those last weeks in the hospital, much as you do. His favorite was a mounds bar. I miss him every day.

Blessings ~ Eileen


What a sweet tribute to your mom, I love your little remembrance!

LiLi M.

This post is so beautiful Karla. First the studio tour. I loved it, I never imagined the studio to be divided in four. You gave us a good impression, so a part two isn't necessary, if you ask me. I have to tell you that I love those clips though!
Your words about your mother are so beautiful and alas, I know exactly how you feel. I think you look like your mother. My mother used to sew too, but she had to use the dining table in our very small appartment. Her 50-ties industrial sewing machine weighed a ton! With every meal she had to remove the machine. That machine was a present from my father to her. He carried it traveling by bus and train for hours to their home in Rotterdam. I have inherited this machine and when someone here lifts it and complains about its weight we always say; You are lucky, you don't have to carry it to Rotterdam!
I think it's great how you managed to turn your sad feelings into a positive creative force. Your mother is proud of you, I'm sure of that!


What a beautiful post!


Memories are priceless, aren't they? Sugarwings will surely have wonderful memories of glittering fairies with you in your lovely studio.

BTW, Feb 16th is my birthday, too. :)



sandra blanks

What a sweet, sweet post and a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I know SugarWings will have these kind of memories of you...honestly, I think she is a mighty blessed little girl to have you. I hope I'll be as good a grandma as you are....you just seem to let her have so much fun, not worrying about the messes she creates. I so admire you!
Oh, I'd love to see more of your studio. It went by a little too fast to take in all the details..


Can't get the tour to come up for me, drat it! I'll come back again later & try. I just happen to be taking my mother out for a Girl's Day out. We just decided a couple of weeks ago to do this every Tuesday. I so cherish my time with her. So this post about your mother really hit home with me. What a lovely tribute to your mother. She was a beautiful lady who raised an awesome daughter!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Hi Karla,

What a beautiful space you have. Looks like the perfect place to create. Very sweet little creation for your mother too.


Sheila R

What a lovely tribute to your mom and a creative way to remember her and all those lovely memories.

Jessica Canham

Karla, your tribute to your mom is so beautiful.
Thanks for the studio tour; it was fun to hear what you sound like! Looking forward to more peeks. :)


Hi Karla.
What a beautiful way to honour your mother's memory.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Have a good week.
PS thanks too for the tour!


What a beautiful piece of work you created & what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing with us.

Rose Brier Studio

Karla, thank you so much for your post. My mom is still alive and kicking (literally! At 80 she still dances in a tap dance group) and I tend to take her for granted. Your tribute brought up the good memories I have of my mom. I talked with her on Sunday, but I'm gonna call again tomorrow (it's too late tonight).
hugs, Marilee


Hi Karla,

Your studio is such a creative escape. I could spend hours in there.
I also love what you did with the can of peaches. I'm sure your mom could see it she would have a huge smile on her face.

Have a happy day


Jen R

What a nice thing to be able to do with your mother in mind.
I loved your studio tour.. you have a great voice!

Susan Elliott

Karla, I read your blog frequently and own some of your wallpaper dresses that hang in my studio...Your story about your Mom really touched me. I lost my Mom last March and I'm really missing her. I think the mandarin orange can is so very awesome. I forgot how yummy those oranges are...


I love that precious card, happy Birthday to your Mom karla, she sounds wonderful! xoxo andrea


Hi, Karla -- I'll pop back later for the studio tour, but I just had to comment now that this post very nearly made me cry. The things you said about your mom and the hospital really touched home for me, as I experienced the same thing for not months, but about eight weeks. And oh, how she loved her own special treats, so the oranges really moved me. My mom, too, understood the value of a good workroom and was both an enthusiastic supporter of my own creativity and one who was creative herself. The revamped tin is a lovely tribute to a woman who obviously played a large role in your life, and I'm so glad you shared it with us. Happy Birthday, Karla's Mom -- I know you hear those wishes.


I love your studio, thank you so much for the tour. Puppie's movies are adorable too.
It was a sweet post about your mother and I love what you did with the oranges can.


Beautiful tribute to your mother, Karla! You do look like her, don't you? Lovely post altogether. Always a treat to visit your blog!
Jane - Jacksonville

Kristie Wenzrel

I just loved reading your post about your mother. It was beautiful and I'm sure she was smiling down on you as you were typing it. We do need to remember in life to slow down and take a step back and enjoy the small wonders that we have around us. Many times I get caught up in the worries of the world and forget this but I believe after reading this I too need to relax a little more and enjoy the little things. I enjoy reading you blog and seeing the overwhelming love that you have for you grandbaby. She to will have many, many wonderful memories of you and her and it seems like your also passing down your creative genes to her as your mom did to you. Thank you for sharing your blog with all of us I do get so much enjoyment out of it.

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