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February 18, 2009



Its been a while since I've stopped by. Your little puppies are too cute!! Gosh, I'd take them all home with me if I could!

Do you sell these drawer pulls somewhere? I think they are so lovely.

Take care,
Elizabeth/My Maine Cottage


The babies are SO adorable!!! Their new families must be so excited to receive their bundles of puppy joy.
Thanks for the tutorial...You made it look so easy that I can't resist giving it a try. :)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla.... they are leaving already??? it seems like they were just born! Time sure does fly... I am so sad for you, hopefully you will get to visit with some of these babies and watch them grow up. Love the nests!


Mary Green

Wow, Karla - You know how to do everything! Very cool tutorial.

LiLi M.

We all are going to miss the bundles of sweetness. I told you before that I'm not a dog person, but when I would have lived in your neighborhood I'm not so sure whether I could have resisted wanting one (helped by my daughter who is a born animal lover!). These doggies are all sooo cute! It's good that you are such a busy person, you will not have enough time to miss them too much! I love that tutorial! My post is up too. I cannot thank you enough for hosting this swap. I'm so enjoying the book and the new contacts! Have a nice day!


Those knobs are gorgous! You are so talented :) I'm kinda sad the pups are leaving.
I posted yesterday with my tags:

Take care


Karla, i can't believe the babies are already leaving you...it seems like you just introduced us...you must be so sad to see them go, i am...thanks for the great tutorial on the nests...i may give it a try


Karla, I feel so sad that the sweet puppies
are leaving.... :(
Hugs, Hugs, Hugs to you and the little ones.

On a lighter note, I LOVE the drawer pulls
that you are painting. They are lovely.
Will you have any for sale in your shop?


Beth Leintz

You make painting LOOK so easy.


Aw...your little ones going already--but you still have the nests! Haha!

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, Our you going to keep a puppy for yourself?????

Andrea Villarreal

Those pups are so cute! Has it been long enough for them to already be leaving you? It seems like just yesterday I read they had arrived! Where has my time gone!! And the painting.....gosh you make it look so easy. Maybe one day I will try it:)

robin-Thrifty Miss Priss

Oh my gosh!That puppy looks so forlorn! Awwwww! You need to send that picture SOMEWHERE! It HAS to be published!
The drawer pulls are wonderful, and you make it look so easy! I can't draw a stick person so I guess I better keep my day job!


I agree - yikes it seems like it's too soon to be leaving their mommy... those squinchy little faces are just adorable. Lucky new families.

It's fun to watch your cabinet knobs come to life with your handpainting. You make it look easy. It never ceases to amaze me how you painters know where to add the highlights and the colors to mix, etc. etc. Seriously, it's all a mystery to me...lol

Joanne  Kennedy

I would be crying my eyes out if I had to give those puppies away. I know the new owners are thrilled but it would be so sad to see them go. How is the mommy? Does she miss her little girls?

Your nests are so cute. You make them look so easy. I can just picture mine. Bit blobs that would look nothing like a nest. I wish I had your tallent. I would love to be able to paint birds and nests for the baby shower I'm giving.



Very cool art lesson, thank you. I may try painting nests in the near future. Easter is around the corner.
The puppies are adorable, I know they will love their new homes.


I have to tell you....the knobs are so cute but those puppies are waaaay cuter. I grew up with yorkies so I know just how sweet they are. I wish I could just sit with them and let them climb all over me and lick me. They are such sweet, tender creatures.
I just came across your blog. I love that you did a step by step for the knobs you paint. You are a true artist. I love the color you chose for the eggs. Just perfect.
I can't wait to stop back and read more of your blog :)


Oh man, your puppies are SOOOOO cute!!! I am glad that I am not having to say good bye to them - I don't know if I could!

And THANK YOU so much for the tutorial on painting nests! I am definitely going to try that! May I ask a few more questions tho? Do you use oil paint? Acrylic? And when you paint the different layers, do you wait for each layer to dry before painting the next one? Or do you go ahead and draw them while the previous layer is still wet? I just love your blog - it always has such wonderfully neat stuff in it!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane

Vicki Chrisman

Beautiful work Karla.. and of course.. the pups are DARLING! I didnt have any trouble with your blog opening.


Sweet sweet sweet! Love your adorable little nests and garden flowers and critters!!

hugs friend!!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love your nest tutorial Karla. I wish you'd do a rose one too!
I posted my tags tonight. I love my little book!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this fun swap!


Oh my, the puppies are going to a new home. I would be so sad! Your knobs are beautiful!!!!!! You are a great artist!


Aw, sweet pups moving on :)

Anne Marie

That was great~
Thanks for the tutorial....
nice to meet you :)
Anne Mare


Those little nests and bumblebees on knobs!!! What a cute idea!!!


How is Sugarwings taking these departures? It must be sad to see them go. Does Twinkle realize they aren't there anymore? They all are with good homes though - it will be fun for you to see how they grow and change in their new environments! We always keep our breeder up to date with Margot photos and stories.


How cute these would be on a child's dresser or in a pretty cottage! Excellent instructions that I must print out for future reference.

Oh, goodbye, Glitter. She's so sweet!

Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

I love those knobs! I am impressed.... I would never have the patience to paint something so small!


I love nests and yours look wonderful. Thank you so much for this tutorial, one day I am going to get all courageous and try to paint them myself.
I followed your puppy tag swap from a distance and loved it! I even followed along a bit in a distance and posted about my humble attempts to make Valentine tags (I didn't forget to give you credit).
Thanks for all the inspiration, this newbie in the vintage collage art is loving it!


Karla you make that look so easy! This was the best swap ever ! Come by and join a mini easter one, if your interested!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Love this tutorial. The knobs are gorgeous!


~ ~AHRISHA~ ~at JoyouslyLivingLife

Oh the puppies are too cute!
Thanks for the tutorial on painting knobs although I don't know how I would ever Pull it off. (pun intended!)
Your artwork is lovely.


Thanks for the tutorial--I paint a lot of nests, but it is fun to see someone else's style or way of painting them.




oh those knobs are so pretty, I love the roses ones especially :) I cannot paint for toffee unfortunately
Your puppies are such cuties


Those little nests are too cute! And the puppies are adorable.


So sad to see the puppies go, but just think what joy they'll bring to their new homes.

No trouble opening blog, but rss feed is not picking it up, so I have to remember to check for your new posts.

Sure love my Puppy Love tag book!!!
Jane - Jacksonville


Stopped back by to tell you that I used your method of nest painting on my latest project ~ it was fun ~ posted about it today (3-6) if you get a chance to have a looky.

Lisa Bartholic

I love your door knobs. You are so talented.


I love your door knobs too. The designs on them are beautiful. I also love your puppy. I love the blue color on the eggs. Will miss you Glitter!

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