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March 28, 2009


Beth Leintz

Tagging and pricing are so BORING- its too bad we can't do it together, that might make it more bearable.

Love the paper ruffle- I might try that with crepe paper.

Joanne  Kennedy

Well I would love to help you. I saw so many wonderful things that you are selling. I would get lost in the beauty of all the items for sale.

Who am I kidding! I would be buying everything from you and then we wouldn't have to tag and bag any of them!



Looks like you are ahead of the game... So I saw go have fun and remember to draw my name for the giveaway LOL
Hugs, Diane

Pattie W

THANK YOU Karla!!!!

The pattern paper idea is soooooooo cool and easy!!! I'm always looking for ways to embelish cards that I send out with the courier service. I can't use anything but paper or my freight charge goes from $2.00 to $30.00 Yikes that is a huge jump just for a piece of lace!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.


Oh-NO! Not more ice and snow!! I hope your garden hasn't budded out too much! Isn't it fun to take littles to the movies. I always get as excited as they do. I have no problem living my second childhood with them!! I love your "A Tea Party in Fairyland" card. The paper frills are beautiful and an great idea...I have some extra pattern paper too!!
Blessings- LillySue




I so wish I was closer, because I would follow you to the sale and then shop til I dropped! Its so hard to believe you are having an ice storm...its beautiful and about 80 degrees here today. sorry....

Rose Brier Studio

Tagging and pricing are the toughest thing for me in getting a shop going. How about a video conference for all of us who need a push -- now that would be hilarious!

Have a wonderful week in VA. It is so fun to go to a friend's gallery show opening, isn't it. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

tina singer

I am so not even crafty. but I helped a friend get her booth ready at an art fair once. I guess since I don't do it, I kinda enjoyed it. But she fussed the whole time about this being the worst part...LOL Good luck and happy packing.


I just love everthing you made. Your paper ruffles look beautiful... I love how you added them to the pictures, it looks amazing...I also love that ATC, it's so pretty. I hope you have a safe and fun trip..C-ya when you get back...

Deborah Woodrow

Hey, add me to the drawing for the necklace. I adore all your new creations ! Good Heavens where do you find the time, or the energy ! You make it look so easy !
Theres so much to see every day, I love checking out your blog, to see what you have made next ! Those ruffles from tissue, is gorgeous ! Talent must be your middle name !
We just got a foot of snow. Hope spring will start feeling like spring ! Wish I could go to the next, craft/sale event. Take care.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I really love your sewn paper ruffles, Karla!


Love the paper ruffles!!!!!


The paper ruffles are too cute.
Good luck with your sale, I hope you come home empty handed with a pocket full of $$$$.

Have a happy day


Alice W.

Good luck getting it all packed up Karla! Oh and... I am enamored with sewing paper ruffles now too!!!

Mary Green

Love those ruffles...tried my first paper one today but I have a ways to go before they look like yours.


Happy fun time in Virginia.


Oh! Your slide shows are adorable! Great job!

Kerryanne English

Hope you have a great time in Virginia, Karla.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Melissa Burford

You and my mom are so much alike. I don't mind pricing, tagging, and packing...but to try and get her to a point where I can start is difficult. Have a great trip and even though you'll probably be doing a lot of last minute things...it'll all work out. Take care!

LiLi M.

No no I don't think you are too smug, you might as well be not smug enough! Look what you have done again! I love the paper ruffles and that display with the two antique photos is too yummy! I know what you mean, but perhaps you have to be under a lot of preasure to do the tagging and pricing...
Have a nice weekend!


have a good time in Virginia.. I love your stuff! thanks

jenny S

Yup!! Boring!! I would have made ruffles too! But my desk looks like the tornados we are having in the area hit it!! I NEED to clean before I can even have fun avoiding the things I HAVE to do!! waaaaaa!!!


i LOVE those paper ruffles...they are the perfect color and i bet they look even better in person when you can appreciate the wonderful crinkles...have a great trip:)

Karen Young

Hi Karla, Wow...you have accomplished so much for the sale, and I know your tables will look gorgeous.

I love your fairy atc, that is something I would like to try my hand at.

Your enjoy your trip to DC and have fun.

Hugs Karen

chas at the wild raspberry

great job with the ruffles and everything else...it was beautiful.


Have a great trip, oh that necklace is just so lovely! I have wondered about Monsters, if Sugarwings liked it my kids probably would too. And hey, you have to break up the work with fun!


Hi Karla, I love the paper ruffles and
your ATC'S, the beautiful necklace and
the SWEET video you made of Twinkle and
her pups and Sugarwings. Adorable!
Have a wonderful trip and I'm sure the
weather in Virginia will be much warmer.
I hope anyway... : )


debi @ life in my studio

I love your pretty ATC card!! And the paper ruffles...well let's just say, I'm going to be cutting up some patterns this week! Love that idea!
Have a great day!


I've been doing a lot of collage with pattern paper! It's great to work with! I love the ATC you made....so sweet!
Hey, I found a great thrift store yesterday that will be super easy for you to find while you are here....let me know if you need to go junking and I'll give you the details!


I can't wait to see Monsters v. Aliens! We are waiting until next week so the older boys can see Fast and Furious. I love the ruffles. I being a sewing novice just figured out how to make ruffles on the sewing machine and I have been sewing tons of ruffles. Of course my husband asks, "What are you going to do with all of this stuff?" Knowing me, I will come up with something!


Love the paper ruffles!! You are going to be a great sewer soon! Your stuff looks so good!

barbara burkard

WHOA...It's been a bit since i visited...so much going on...but we did find a bigger house!!! will have a bigger studio! woo hoooooooo.....and hmmmmm....lots of new ideas to explore! i have your package ready to mail...should i wait til you get home? hugz


I'm amazed and impressed at your productivity! Have a great trip!



Oh no not more winter weather ... I'm so done with it. Where is spring? *sigh*
Oh lookie another ATC and it's yummy. I am digging the sewn tissue ruffles too - aren't they so fun to create!? Yours look great.


Paper ruffles really should be listed under controlled substances. I made some for my show booth at work and (yup) I now suffer from that addicition too.


Have a great trip Karla! I'd love to see some pics of the cherry blossoms...hint-hint :)
Your paper ruffles are super cute!

Kathy D

Love the paper ruffles!! I love all things vintage so I loved all the items really


Why is it that smug ALWAYS comes back and bites us????


Miss Karla, your paper ruffles are so pretty! Too bad I dont sew! Tagging = Boring!! LOL!! I took Grant to see Monsters vs Aliens today. Love that movie!! :) Have a great trip. I will try and send some springy sunshine your way!!!
BTW...I need to purchase some pretty millinery that I want to use in my art event. Let me know if your interested in selling me some. :)


Love the paper ruffles! Have a wonderful trip. :)

Natasha Burns

Love the sewing paper ruffles, really really sweet! I just made some pom pom flowers with sewing paper, it's so easy to use isn't it?
Good luck preparing the tables, tagging and boxing, lol!


So nice to pop in after too long away! How I wish i could visit your sale! You look frightfully organized and love the new stuff.

Have a lovely holiday!

Lisa Bartholic

Hi Karla,

I love those paper ruffles!!! Have a wonderful trip in Virginia and send us lots of pictures.

karen cox

Oh, your things are going to look so gorgeous at that sale. I only wish I lived nearby so I could seem them in person.


Everything is just so pretty!I love the tissue on the tag~Of course I would be all your goodies!Come by and enter my giveaway also ! I do hope i win this one of yours!

lee w.

I love playing with paper! Have a good trip!

Janice Selby

I just read your instruction for painting a chandlier. I am trying it this week end. I just purchased the same chandlier, plus a few dollars. However I was glad to find it.

Janice In Missouri


Your ATC is absolutely fabulous. You do such amazing work.
thanks for the inspiration
Cari B.

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