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March 04, 2009


Elaine L.

Ahhh, the innocence. I love how sugarwings shouts "hip, hip, hooray", but I realize that she didn't acquire that habit on her own. I think she has one wise grammy.

Chuckling at your comment regarding the "gifts".

The table skirt is sure to be a winner with Miss Frenchie's patrons.


Joanne  Kennedy

Oh the world is going to be a much prettier place now that you are going to glitter it up more. Hip hip hooray for that!

I can't believe you gave away so many wonderful prizes. You sure are a giver my dear!

Big hugs to you!


The skirt looks lovely I am sure it will be a draw. I sure do love your sweet little Easter Sugar Cottage, just charming. Very tempting {:
I sure am a softy for your creations!
Hugs, Diane

LiLi M.

Clap clap clap (that's me applauding for you!). Yeah you did it. Congrats not only on 500 posts, but on 500 inspiring and lovely posts to say the least and a lot of give aways. I love my china pendant necklace and when I don't wear it Miss LiLi M. (that's my form) does! So congrats on making people happy, you have to multiple that 500 quite a few times. Hooray! I love your glittery Easter boxes! And your tableskirt is sewn so clever. I can see that I can always use every beautiful peace of linen, a little tear or spot doesn't make it useless, thanks for inspiration! Enjoy today, as I am sure that a lot of friends will come over to cheer: you did it! Hip hip hooray! You deserve it!

Debra Abel

I missed the giveaway, bummer. I missed the little "dorkies" leaving, bigger bummer. As for the cheering? Well, you Hip-Hip-Hooray, all Day! You've earned it.
(I am a BIG fan of the "bling", and love, love, LOVE glitter) I like all the crepe too!


500 posts, congrats. I look forward to 500 more. xoxoxo Clarice


wow, Karla that is a lot of posts!!! hip hip hooray indeed:) i think we would all feel better if we cheered ourselves on too...and were allowed the occasional tantrum...

your little easter cottage putz creation is adorable!!! i love that sweet little lamb on there especially, he is really cute

your table skirt is lovely...the piece you used for the center panel is very pretty!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Hip, hip hooray for you Karla on 500 posts! I like how you're foofing up that table skirt.


Well, Karla, if I can go up and down the halls of the nursing home belting out Broadway-Style tunes such as "Milk of Magnesia, there ain't no better way of Pleasin' ya!", I think that a little glue and a few Hip Hip Hoorays are well within the normal workday. Your Friend, Bobbi
(Glad you're feeling better, and Twinks, too!) Oh no, that sounded a lot like "and Toto, too?"...the residents are in for a lot of Yellow Brick Road today!


love the table skirts! sounds like a good day and yes you need to let loose and get that glitter out! That is Bethany's favorite thing goobered fingers, glue and glitter. I wonder where she gets that from :)


Yes I agree, so much to learn from our little ones! The skirt is wonderful! And that little sugar house...just too cute! Congrats on 500 posts! Amazing!

gail horowitz

I just saw my name as the winner and could not be more thrilled! I am so appreciative of your beautiful blog, etsy store, and boutique. You are my favorite artist ever. Thank you Karla for everything!

Kana Conger


The gluing and glittering sounds ALL GOOD to me! Love the project you made and sure wish I could be at Miss Frenchies!

Jean Eakin

Yes I am with sugarwings, Hip- Hip -Hooray for your 500th post. This is quite an accomplishment. I wish I had seen your blog 500th posta ago, just glad I found you last year. Your glitter project is so cute. I am sure your tables at Miss Frenchies will be just divine.Have a fun day.
Jean in virginia


Karla I love your creme and white table skirt!
I adore all the scallops and gathering.

At first glance, it looked like the beginnings of a colonial skirt. Maybe after the show, you can re-purpose it and design a costume!

Hip Hip Hooray!

PS: Hugs to Twinks! What a sweet girl.


Hip Hip Hooray for 500 posts...and Hip Hip HIP Hooray to you for SEWING! Your table skirt looks fabulous--I love the 'collaged' look!

Sheila R

Love the new table skirting... See you on at Miss Frenchies!


I think I need to start saying some "Hip Hip Hooray" for myself, I can see that it would feel good to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while...lol
the table skirts looking good...and the assemblange too..

Happy 500th post!

kathy lowry

Ok well my dog thinks I am crazy as I talk to myself -- or shout yeah !! when a piece finally comes together after auditioning a bunch of stuff for it !
Love all the glitter -- was glittering and glass glittering some homemade and poured bunnies from reproduction chocolate molds - so I was stuck together also --had to wait for them to dry to ship off a swap .
Have a great day -- the tablecloths are wonderful -- kathy - ga


Congrats on 500! I love all your glitter projects...just beautiful! Love the little white bunny!



Congrats again to you and now to Gail too. I'm green with envy you know! How wonderful it is that you get rid of junk and someone else gets the treasure!! *wink* Love the glitter bunny palace. Glitter is such a good thing.

Jessica Canham

Here's to 500 more posts! I love your sugary cottage and I'm glad Twinkle is back to her old self. :)


Congratualations on you 500th post!
As for the glitter....GLITTER IS GOOD!
One can never, well hardly ever, have too much!
Have a great week.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I agree with Sugarwings! A good hip-hip-hooray is good for everyone!! I still need to go see how many posts I've done. You passed me up big time!


I love the table skirt! I know I need to make one for a table I have and a couch cover but never get that much time!! Maybe you could come over and help me!! xoxo Andrea


I just LOVE that zone! You sure made tracks in yours!

Well, Hip Hip Hooray to one of my first stops each and every day! Yes, we should cheer each other on more -- and I'm delighted to add my voice to the others! Cheers!


There is nothing like finishing a project you are proud of and wanting to shout 'hip hip hooray'! I tried giving tag making a try yesterday with my glitter/glue/torn papers...but didn't end up with a 'hip hip hooray' effect. I think I will dig out my buttons to and see if I can create something better. I love your site and will be checking it out daily! Thank you for the comment on my blog, it makes my day to get a comment!

Kerryanne English

Congrats Karla on reaching 500 posts.
Here's a BIG - 'Hip hip hooray for Karla'

Personally, I don't think there is anything weird about spending many hours in the studio being creative and 'hip hip hooraying'. If there is, then I too am one of the weirdo's. [giggle]


Thanks for stopping by my blog...I like yours, I'll be back to visit soon:)

Joy at Cupids Charm

Hip Hip Hooray for 500!!! Can't wait for the next 500 : )...loved the rhinestone pin with "500" on it...my sister gave me one just like it when we went to the Indy 500 race a few years ago...keep up the good work! Your blog is one of my favorites : ) ~ xoxo Joy

Karen Young

Karla, you did well with your glue and glitter. Playing in your studio is the best on a down day.


Natasha Burns

Love that shouting! Wow, you were sewing? I'm seriously impressed! xo


Sounds like you and Beth had a fun and productive day! Just the kind of therapy that gives you a very satisfied feeling when done. Especially since you are such a creative person. Hip Hip Hooray!!

Andrea Villarreal

Congrats Karla on sooo many wonderful posts!! I love your blog and all the beautiful pictures. Here's to the next 500!!


Nice skirt, glad Twinks is getting over her babies, pretty glittery things, hip,hip hooray!!! Rachaelxo p.s. congratulations on 500!


Great blog!

Linda Richter

Karla, I don't think it's weird at all! Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Niesz Vintage Home

Congratulations on your 500th post!
hip hip hurray! LOL

Your new table skirt turned out wonderful. What a great use for all of those odd and end linens!
And of course, your glittered projects are completely adorable.

Kimberly :)


Congratulations, Karla. But, the real prize goes to all of us because you are a constant source of smiles and inspiration.


Oh my gosh, I am in love with the Easter bunny house.


LOVE the results of your glitter fest...how cute is that? I'm inspired to go drag out some more of my own! :D Thanks.


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