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March 08, 2009



That's a nice, easy-to-read design. Simple, elegant and to the point.

I wish I could attend but I know you'll post fab photos of the event. Good luck to all of you!


I can't wait! I marked this event on my calendar quite a while ago!


oh goodness...air lines...my first time trying to use orbitz...i ordered a ticket for kevin to come home before he went to iraq...and i checked and double checked everything...and then clicked PAY...well when i got the confirmation..the flight was backwards...and the response i got...was well you can use the ticket to NEW ORLEANS (RIGHT AFTER KATRINA) any time for a year...all i could say was NORLEANS WOULD NOT BE MY PICK FOR A VACATION...PLACE at that time...so they said..well they could FIX my ticket of all of 5 min...for an additional 100.00...was not a high point in my language...but they did fix it...
...and today my computer crashed...BAM...just a black screen...hoping that i didn't lose much...like digi scrapbook stuff pictures etc....i'm SCAREDDDDD....


Good luck. You'll do fine. Everything so far looks very lovely. Wow...you will have the best table position at the event...next to the goodies. You can't beat that. :)


Love the bandana redo and your back drops for the show so wonderful....so wished that I lived closer.



Karla, that bakery is the most beautiful place...i would love to take a peek in person and stock up on some of those most adorable bunny cookies!!!

your murals are amazing!!! and i love your idea for the bandanna...very clever!!!


oh my goodness is that homemade marshmallows I see in their shop???? Marking my calendar and I will be there opening night :)

Maija Lepore

Looking all those sweets nearly killed me!!!!

Raised In Cotton

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, creative chat, great treats and wonderful company! We had so much fun and I just adore my gift:)

Hugs from your friend Kerrill Spanskey

LiLi M.

I love that Karkies Magic Fairy Dust banner. Well done Beth, please tell her, I was just at her blog and I want to go (have to go) to bed! Don't put any more photos of food on your blog! The minute I saw them my stomache starts yelling; feed me...(did you see a little shop of horror?). You cracked me up with your funny story about Carol Spinski, thank god I have never had that, though my name was misspelled about a million times. I think your idea of a mural is terrific and yes maybe you should do one in the colors of your blog. Why not make a rose fence so that it reverts to your blog as well?

Sheila R

Can't wait to see what you are cooking up for us at Miss Frenchies. See you there.

Jean Eakin

Your banner will be fantastic . The bakery is unbeleivable with such yummy goodies. Oh, how I need something sweet right now!!!!You will be ready in time for Miss Frenchies if anyone can. You can get more done in an hour than I get done all day. Have a wonderful restful evening.

Rose Brier Studio

Every time you post about local attractions or upcoming events I wish I still lived in St Louis! My kids graduated from their schools there, so no real excuse to visit. Wonderful photos, murals, treats and such!




Ok, the blueberry mallows alone are enough to make me swoon! :) Blessings... Polly


Be sure to take lots of pictures for those of us who can't be there! Of course if you are too busy taking in money we will understand! Looks like is going to be a really great show. Love all your murals! The goodies are making me gain weight just looking at them!

Coddy Eyre

Wish I was close enough to visit Miss Frenchie's in April. If you do make it to DC would love to see you. The DC big Flea this weekend and I had a lot of fun.


Oh, boy!!! I want to move....where do ya'll live...That bakery has got me drooling...


There is NOThING I like better than bakery photos and these are splendid! Lucky you to have such a wonderful spot so near you!

Love the idea of the French murals. What a beautiful booth you'll have! Wish Miss Frenchie's was nearer!

Jenny Fowler

What a loaded post. I love all the photos! It's nice eye candy for Monday. Good luck with your projects and changes!

~ ~AHRISHA~ ~at JoyouslyLivingLife

Oh, that bakery is heavenly. What amazing tarts and cakes. Will have to visit Miss Frenchie's through you. Take lots of pics.

Elaine L.

Oh, my, good gosh! I can't believe those bakery goods. They're amazing!

Those murals are wonderful. I like the idea of making some that look like old photos. I can't wait to see your booth.

I love the subdued colors and the scrolls you painted on those bandannas! I hope you plan on making them to sell on your website or etsy.


Bunny Rose Cottage

KARLA!!!!!!!!!! This post was so good, I think I drooled on my keyboard, lol! You do such exciting things, your so lucky!! I LOVE what you did with those bandanas, that is so cool! I want to make some now! I LOVE all the bakery goodies, especially the bunny :) And you are so right about the ears, lol! The butterflies are really pretty too! I would not be able to resist anything if I were there, lol!!

Love ya,

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

oh my gosh... look at those bakery boxes in the last post!!

I LOVE those hankies... you did a fabulous job on them! that is awful about the tickets for Carol. I can't believe they cant FIX the spelling of her name!!!!

xo heather

Karen Young

Karla, Miss Frenchies sale is going to be fantastic. You must try and take some pictures. And...that bakery shop is to die for. I would find it very difficult if they were beside me with all those goodies.

Hugs Karen


Your bandanas turned out great. And that bakery looks so yummy! When is the Frenchie show. I'm in Nebraska and would love to try to go. Thanks!


This post is going to make me take a trip to the bakery! yum. One of these days I'm going to have to take a road trip up your way to one of these fabulous sounding shows.

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