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March 25, 2009



Looks like a whole new gal!


I wish I could go to Miss Frencies sale. It looks like you have a lot of fun things to bring!!!


Alice W

Congrats on being so prepared! Looks like you have some wonderful offerings!!

I am sure Miss Ta Ta is thrilled with her make over...hehe! She looks great!


Oh, dear. It almost sounded like you were describing me there for a bit while you were telling about Miss Ta-Ta...all that about ta-tas not in the greatest of shape, lopsided & off-kilter. :-)

I love the name Miss Ta-Ta!

Your prep for the sale look great---wish I could come!

Joanne  Kennedy

Oh I needed this post today! It made me sit here and laugh. I even called my sister in to read it to her. We both got a kick out of it. Thanks.



Looking forward to the sale and all the new sellers that will be there as well! Nice work on your dress form. I gave up on mine after trying to clean the fabric several times and ripped it all off. Still trying to decide what to do with her now. Maybe a nice doily dress?!?!

LiLi M.

Ooh your booth is going to look spectacular, not to say pufik. Too bad I cannot meet miss Pansy in person. Have a great day!


your dress form is like some people Karla, sometimes you have to look underneath the bad exterior to the good things that lie within...well, anyway...she looks great now!!! and ready for your show THREE weeks early? you GO girl!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Miss Pansy has a rejuvenated glow about her, doesn't she? All ready for Miss Frenchie's already, Karla - you're amazing! Looks like it will be a fab show for you.


well it seems you have rescued this sweet girl! I've no doubt that she feels much better now that her ta ta's arent showing such wear and tear. you know how we feel about our girls as we age!! we have to protect them!
love all the earrings and the drawer pulls! you do lovely work!
have a great trip!

Sheila R

You just make me laugh... So nice to see a peek at what is in store for Miss Frenchies. I know where I will be heading first!

Kathy in Chicago

First of all, you simply must, MUST, continue calling her Miss Ta-ta! hahahahaha! That just cracked me up. Secondly, you were the kid in school who got caught daydreaming and doodling instead of doing her math equations weren't you? I know, because that was me too!!

Happy Day. Wish I could get to KC to see the Miss Frenchies and Miss Ta-ta show. Sounds sort of like an old burlesque show doesn't it? - Kathy in Chicago

Andrea Villarreal

Everything looks sooo good Karla! I wish I could go to the sale:( I'll just have to see what you have left when you post it on ETSY (hint,hint;) And good for you being ahead of the game. A vacation sounds so nice right now, taxes however do not!!


Three weeks early …you should pat yourself on your back…
Job well done!


Kana Conger

So glad to hear that all is ready for the sale and it looks great in the photos! Enjoy your vacation.


Have fun at your sale and glad your feeling better and organized! Love the knobs and Miss Ta Ta...what a gal!!!! Have fun


Ok- My vote is to leave her Miss TaTa!
Wow- I am so impressed...ready three weeks early. That only happens to me in my dreams! I have a sale coming up in May and haven't begun to prepare. All my stuff is in unheated storage and it is still COLD!! Doesn't being prepared feel GOOD!! I am posting my kitchen redo today if you want to pop in for a looksy.
Blessings- LillySue


Love the indomitable Miss Ta-Ta! Your story brought a wide smile on this grey morning.

Congratulations on being ready for the sale ahead of time. I wish I could attend -



Oh I am so impressed that you are so ahead of schedule. You go! Your story of Miss Ta Ta had me laughing ... ahh yes I so enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing your art and your heart too!

Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista

What darling things you have...so much lovely eye candy! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Stephanie O.

Love your dress form. What a great find. Have a relaxing vacation.


Love this blog and your boutique. Adding to favorites!


Love your new 'girl'! She's perfect to show off your beautiful jewelry...


hehe what a great piece I love dress forms and definitely would have picked her up too...lopsided or not! :)

Way to go on the show prep :)


Jenny S

I don't know...Miss Ta-Ta has a certain ring to it...hehehe!

chas at the wild raspberry

looks like it will be a great show!
i see you are in lawrence...i love that town.

Jessica Canham

Oh my word, you had me snickering out loud today with this post! I love the name Miss Ta-ta and I can just imagine you hauling her and Sugarwings across the parking lot to the scandalized stares of passersby!


ooh la la !!!

Jean Eakin

Karla, I kind of like the sound of Miss Ta Ta. Isn't it amazing what mothers and grannys carry. You are doing great on getting ready for Miss Frenchies. Have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia

Tracy M.

All your things look beautiful. Wish I could be at the sale. Have a great vacation!


Oh, Karla,
You are so well organized!! Wish I was like you. I would probably be up all night before event finishing last minute stuff. And boy!! How I wish I lived by you. I would have been there, first by the door ready for you gals to upen up shop... All the pretty stuff I have been seeing. I also love the dress form. I want a full size friend like her around too.


PS. Enjoy your vacation. Will miss you.


Oh what a hoot! I happen to like the name "Miss TaTa"! and I cannot imagine how funny it was to watch you carry the dress form and Sugarwings!!!!!! Thanks for making my evening! I am still laughing!


It is all looking so great! Wish I could go to the sale too!

Kerryanne English

Way to go Karla - I wish I could be that organised!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


You really got alot done. I love your door knobs and your jewlery looks so pretty.. You'll have to take lots of pictures once you get everything set up at Miss Frenchies. I would just love to be there...Hope all is well.....


well its just a symphony of organisation at your place - well done! Love your new gal, I'm am sure she will end up with a spectacular Karla makeover at some point! Rachaelxo


Miss Ta Ta is a lot funnier! LOL! But Miss Pansy is more refined:-)
Everything looks wonderful~Congrats for being ready so early. I doubt I have even been ready a day ahead for any of my shows.

Susan S.

Hi there...I just popped over from another blog and have enjoying looking and reading yours. Your artwork and crafts are SO pretty. Congratulations on being "ahead of the game" for your show...what a GREAT feeling. Now go enjoy so downtime...well deserved.


Hi Karla!
You make me laugh. I can just see you dragging Miss Pansy while trying to keep a death grip on Sugar Wings on your way to the car.
As for being so organized....well done!
Have a great time at Miss Frenchies. Your "stuff" looks great and I am sure your bound to come home with most if not all of it SOLD!
Have a great weekend.
PS I think Miss TaTa is a lovely name!


Your talent and energy always amaze me Karla.


Can't wait to see what pictures you will have after the show. Love your blog....lots of eye candy!!

Janet Doherty

Wow..I just found your blog and I have to say I am very impressed. You have very creative flair from what I can see. Looking forward to following along.


Went to see Monsters vs Aliens yesterday with a big gang of grandkids. What a hoot. I have never seen 3-d before. As always I am here looking for inspiration. You are better than a pot of coffee. Hope you have a great time.


Everything looks sooooo cute! I would like to shop now please! :D



What a great sale, booth, so much delicious eye candy!
xo Heidi


Very nice! The earring cards are especially terrific!

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