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April 08, 2009



Love that apron - frothy goodness is a good name for it. LindaSonia


Karla, oh my stars!!! it looks like a bomb went off in your pretty studio...yikes!!! you look SO cute in your apron!!! i really hope you like it...Miss Twinkle looks awfully sweet wearing the hankie...the button card looks perfect in your blue bird collection...i had a lot of fun making your apron for you, and i hope you have fun wearing it!!!

Karen Young

Hi Karla, What a lovely apron, she really did "get your style". Twinks look so pretty with her sweet handkerchief on.

Love your workshop area, it makes me feel good that I'm not alone.

Hugs Karen


The apron is beautiful - perfectly 'you'. And I'm so glad you showed a photo of your studio as it really is right now. I'm not alone in making a mess when I create!



What? I thought everyone's house looks like that.

Love the apron even though I don't cook ;)

Just an FYI, Karla, I've moved my blog from blogger to www.alovelything.com

Deborah Woodrow

Dear Karla:

Love your new goodies ! I've got a bunch of aprons, in my stash somewhere. They are all adorable, aren't they ? Love the old buttons too.

And your bluebird ! Precious, I have an old bird that belonged to my grandmother. It has burgundy, and yellow, and a little green on it, its so pretty.

When it was new, I think it costs about .39 cents marked on the bottom, where they used to put the price on, with the old dark blue pricing guns. So old fashioned, looking and lovely to look at!

I'm reading all these blogs, from all over, and soaking it all in. I hope to get on someday. I love what all the ladies are doing, everywhere!

Like busy bees, buzzing and flying all around all over, creating, selling, swapping, chatting, its all so exciting !

And whadya'know ? What do they call the newest communication ??? After the birds ! No less, " Twittering" ! AWESOME !

Please add me for the April drawing, and I look forward to your next creation !

By the way, thanks, for allowing us to see, the real pics of everyday life, hey people now thats real ! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !

Deborah Colorado.


Are you fixing Easter dinner for a houseful of friends and family? Wish we could be there! The apron from Lori is perfect for you. Love it! I need to get out my apron to wear while I'm cooking on Sunday.

Jessica Canham

Aren't you a lucky duck! That apron is gorgeous and Twinkle looks quite happy with her hankie, too.


Loris apron is beautiful, you lucky girl! did you post a picture of the one you made yet? dying to see it. the little hankie is a perfect easter assessorie for your sweet little doggie!
happy easter!


I just love that apron Lori made for you, It's BEAUTIFUL..She did do an amazing job...I just love that picture of you wearing it, you look too cute....That Twinks is a little cutie..I really love that bluebird collection of yours... I can't wait to see your apron..I just know it will be a beauty..


The forsythia are blooming behind you. They're beautiful. You know it's spring when the forsythia wake up!!!



Oye Karla,

Have you thought about creating a new Easter tradition?? Buffet with lap food or Easter bonfire Picnic?? ((G))Course you do have 3 whole days to clean,fluff,cook,and create!!!Plenty of time...

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.


That apron is terrific! I love the picture of you in the Forsythia!
I have a few of those bluebird plates too! I LOVE them!

Kerryanne English

The apron from Lori is beautiful and sooo you Karla.
Hugs and Happy Easter,


Oh my gosh, Karla! Where are you going to put all of that good stuff?? I don't have a designated room for my supplies and it's such a pain to get them out, put them away, etc., etc. I would probably accomplish more if I had a space of my own. You'll do it. You are a doer, we know that!

The apron is so gorgeous! It looks great on you.

Blogging has been a wonderful addition to my life too and I really like so many of the people I have come to know here. People don't know what they're missing!!!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

I just came from Lori's and saw your sweet apron. I'm loving it! I look forward to your after the Miss Frenchie's post.



Glad to see someone else has as big of a mess as I do.........

Love the bluebird china!!!


i have been enjoying your lovely blog for so long - and i don't know that i have taken the time to tell you that. so - thank you...your blog is inspirational and also very real, and i love that combination:)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla, your apron is SO PRETTY!!!! Lori did such a great job. you look fabulous in it!

I can't wait to see yours!
xo Heather

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

Oh my gosh! you look too cute in the apron, as does twinks!!! Lori did a fabuloous job. I thought I was finished with mine today,, but I decided I am not, so hopefully I will get it put in the mail tomorrow!!
xoxo, Tiffany


Yes I am just daring to enter the swap thing, but you are right, it is one of the best things about blogging. And you lucked out in this swap. The apron is beautiful. And btw, your studio is so great, I think it still looks great even with what you call a mess.
Happy Easter!

Sheila R

Love your apron. And I am so glad to see in all the loveliness that we don't have to be perfect... we all have less pretty area sometimes. Have a very Happy Easter!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Lori's apron looks soooo pretty on you. Wow, she did an amazing job! And your studio looks like a nest buzzing with creativity to me.


beuatiful apron! It's been awhile since I've been in blog land myself. Where does the time go? Looking forward to the frenchie sale! Take care, hugs!


Ooohhh, what a pretty apron! It's perfect for Easter! Or anytime. And twinkle looks super cute in hers too.
An egg hunt in your pretty garden must be a blast!
And your studio is still beautiful...Looks like a REAL woman has been creating in there.

Andrea Villarreal

Twinkle looks so cute! And I love your table. All that mess looks like fun!

LiLi M.

What is the most fun part of swapping? The making? The receiving? The blogging? I really don't know, but I love it too! Everybody here understands, but 'strangers' think it's kind of weird, you cannot explain, you have to be a swapping blogger!
Lori did a great job! And the goodie package was perfect too. Twinkle will look what we call Easter best! Enjoy!


I love your studio~it looks like a genius at work! And the apron is so pretty.


You and Twinks both look great in your new duds. I am completely in awe of the bluebird collection and display (I had a couple in my yard this morning - the flying kind, not the vintage ones.)


Twinkle is so darned cute in that bandana! Bandanas are Gypsy's fave, too! You've received wonderful things -- how fun is that! And looking at your table makes me feel less bad about mine -- although at least yours is mess with purpose!


Hi Karla, I love your beautiful apron and
Twinkle is adorable in her sweet bandana!
Too cute! :)
Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter.


Jean Eakin

Karla , the apron is beautiful and Twinks is adorable. I am so glad you are not perfect, your studio just has the lived-in look. I know you, you WILL get everything packed for Miss Frenchies. Have a wonderful evening.
Jean in virginia


Me again....

Last night I meant to comment also on your Bluebird Buttons. I have a different style Bluebird Buttons card which is included on my March 18 post if you would care to see it....

Bluebird things are so special!

Gretchen Schaumann

Karla - Your new apron has your name all over it. Couldn't of been a better creation for you. Perfection at its best.
Cute photo of you wearing it and what a beautiful forsynthia bush you have blooming in your yard. We still only have brown grass in Minnesota. However, the birds are busy building their nests, which is the key to Springtime on the horizon. I have a cardinal pair right out of my bay windows and they are a blast to watch.

I didn't realize you collect blue birds. I love blue birds, as did my Mom, and have a collection too, but no place to currently display them. I'm working on swapping out a family piece that isn't serving me well and looking for something that I can display some items in instead.

Check out my blog posting, which will give you an update about the new shop I'm going into.

Off to read up on Frenchies Sale.



Oh I adore the apron. Never thought about altering one ... hmmm the possibilities. And your studio reminds me of my own projects {waiting for me to get off the computer and get busy!} but your studio looks huge - like a very happy play land for artists. LOVE IT!!!


hi karla,

what a perfect and eloquent description of blogging and sharing. so fun and all so true and filled with warmth and generosity.

the apron is AMAZING. lori is a genius! little twinkle looks just adorable.

and as for your table: SHAB HAPPENS! LOL just tell guests to watch for glitter in the gravy. :)

happy easter!


milli wagoner

Ha, your table looks just like mine when I am creating! I don't think anyone can keep everything in it's place when they are playing, I know I can't! I love the picture of twinkle with the bandana, toooo precious!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!


This apron is so gorgeous. And poor Sugar Wings looks frightened. But I bet she had a good time.

jenny S

ohohoh!! I have some more of those bluebird plates at my shop! Want them?? They are my favorite and noone has bought them yet! I will let you know what I have and if you want any of it it's yours!!

barbara burkard

you are just darlin in your new apron...!!!

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