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April 27, 2009


Linda Lilly Cottage

Karla I adore your studio, it is what a studio should look like, inspirational at every turn!! I love the new painted furniture and I so admire your get up and go and talent of course.
Glad to hear you didn't get blown away by the storm!
Thanks for sharing your pictures it is like reading all of my favourite magazines combined!
Kiss Noises Linda


I still have to say, I would love to LIVE in your studio! And I wish you would have sales in it again...! I am sure there are hundreds of people who would agree with me! I absolutely adore the calligraphy note. I wish I could write like that too, sooo romantic!


So beautiful. I love the paint idea for Sugarwings things. Thanks for that. I would be in heaven with a room like that...forget the inspiration board!

Deborah Woodrow

Dear Karla :
WOW !!! AND DOUBLE WOW !!! Your studio, is incredibly lovely ! Yeah, I second the vote, of who couldn't work in such a lovely room as that !
I love how you have everything so organized, and even stacked on top of other pieces of furniture, more room, for more storage ! AWESOME ! I love that ! Even loved the messy areas ! Love the little vanity table for sugarwings ! Darling ! love, love, love your ideas !
Take care, can't wait to see what you tackle next !

debi @ life in my studio

Your studio looks amazing! I don't see any clutter in there at all...what I see is inspiration everywhere! Beautiful!


Your studio may be crazy busy but It's beautiful and inspiring. It inspires me just to look at the picts.


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Your studio looks fabulous. Enjoy your springtime creating in there!


your craft room is perfect! I'm sure you find lots of inspriation in there!
I like that painting technique youre talking about.. will need to come back and check that out closer on another day.. I have quite a few pieces that I've been wanting to doctor up!
have a great week!


WOW!!! Your studio is amazing. I would love to spend my time in there.

Tracy M.

Thanks for the furniture refinishing tip! I'm going to have to try that. The studio is lovely, what a great place for Sugar Wings to spend time.
Tracy M.

Lisa Johnson

Hi Karla,

Your studio is absolutely awesome. I could spend hours in there just looking at everything. What a wonderful place to create. Thanks for showing it.


jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Karla, I love your make overs! I Love those knobs.The room looks amazing! Thanks so much for joining in on the party! You aren't going to farm chicks, are you? Jen


Karla, I always enjoy stopping by your blog. It definitley inspires me in my home and my blog! Thank you!


Oh WOW!!! I am utterly impressed. You have worked so hard ... all the hours of sorting and moving things to and fro. I'm currently putting time and care into my studio - trying to squeeze in a little time each day to clean and clear out. It's taking forever it seems between the little one's diaper changes and all but you've totally inspired me not to give up. You place looks LOVELY and inviting!!


Gosh~ What a productive gal you have been! I thought I was on the ball sorting all my beading supplies into a new storage system but you blew my productivity out of the water! I think I love to orgainze my stuff almost as much as I like making messes. I guess that is a good thing since I do LOVE to make messes!


*SIGH* What a beautiful studio..I would be so inspired to create there...Heather told me your studio is even prettier in person..I couldn't even imagine because your pictures look amazing..


Oh Karla ~ I love your studio...so open and inviting. I need to get my butt in gear and finish my work area...but no matter what I do, I never have enough room for all the stuff I buy!


Rose Brier Studio

Your studio is wonderful. Yes there are a lot of patterns, but it keeps the eye moving and helps when you need inspiration (or all you want to do is take a nap!). I love the photo of when you sold antiques in your studio. It has inspired me to get back to work on my own shop. Thanks!


So lovely as always! I bet when Surgarwings grows up she will have so many lovely childhood memories. Lucky girl!

I woke up to sirens this morning at 5:45, only to find out there was no tornado, only a "malfunction."

I am looking forward to Friday: Sparks here I come!


LOVE this post! The studio looks gorgeous!


Note to self: Must get Zinzer Bull's Eye Primer.

Does it really hold up for say a desk?


I think you nailed it when you said the whole room was your inspiration board! Well said!

Thanks for the primer tip!


i wish i could write in that beautiful fancy way too!!
love all your bling...


Your studio re-do looks amazing! And the calligraphy on that sweet note is just gorgeous!

barbara burkard

i love looking at old autograph books and school primers at the lovely writing...i remember when we had penmanship as a class in school...


Hey Karla,

Love your studio. what a fabulous inspirational place. What a great idea to share it with everyone. I might steal that idea...Also, I am so glad you love the t-shirt and thanks for putting it on your blog! I guess we need to get those on line ASAP. We have shows and not had time to do website stuff. Loved seeing you at sparks. Can't wait to see you again. love and blessings, robin

Lisa Bartholic


Happy Birthday!!! You are such an inspiration with all your wonderful ideas. I look at your website everyday and am so glad you keep adding wonderful pictures and ideas. Hugs, Lisa

deb christensen

hello - i just found your blog today and what a treat. i got teary eyed looking at your studio - so many things remineded me of visiting my aunts way back when. thanks for sharing ~ and happy birthday!


Hi again from vancouver island! I found you last week & cant stop looking at your oh so interesting site ..it`s my second comment to Karlas Cottage in a week, love your stuff ....Lorraine

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