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April 17, 2009


Rochelle Gaukel

Wow! I can't wait to see the photos of the sale completely set up...it will look amazing! Good luck on your sales!
Rochelle & Lola


Good for you...give them a piece of your mind. :) You tell them, Karla. Good luck with the show and have a pastry for those of us who can't attend.


Will someone buy me a ticket to kansas??? Or maybe my house gets picked up by a tornado and lands out there instead of munchkin land... There is a barn I really want to go visit...
It is going to be one heck of a sale I tell ya. You have shown so many treasures Karla. Love the pictures of your booth too. Have a GREAT weekend. If you need me, I'll be moping in my bedroom!!...

LiLi M.

This looks so great!! I think I'd rather be here than in Paris (I'm serious!). Good luck with sales, to all vendors!

Beth Leintz

I want a candle! I want a Greg Johnson collage! I want a dog in a basket! I have a feeling I might be recirculating any money I make at Ms Frenchies right back into the sale.

Jean Eakin

How fabulous Miss Frenchies will be. I wish, I wish, I wish I could be there. Everyones displays will be fantastic as will yours, Mz. Creativity. I know it will be a huge success. ENJOY it!
Jean in Virginia

meleen dupré


enjoy every minute of miss frenchie's....i so wish i could be there...take tons of photos and publish them at one of those self publishing places (lulu or blurb)....i'm sure everyone would want to see all the creativity and cool things!! (hint - hint....i want a book...pretty please!!)

stuck in oyster bay,


Oooh! I'm so wanting to hop a plane and come over! Every booth looks so delicious. Have fun, sell a lot and tell us all about it!

Green(or in this case, Pink)with envy, Lynn


Cute little white fur baby in that shopping cart.

Gretchen Schaumann

Go get 'em Karla. I hope you do well.


Lookin' GOOD!!!!!

Particulary liked the knives & forks stuck in the urns. Maybe they would be helpful for use in that bakery you mentioned???

Show us more, please!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh it all looks so wonderful, I really wish I was there....
I have the same stupid problem with Typepad. I have to work in Draft, save every picture and not scroll too quickly back up to the top otherwise it does this stupid little round circle flashing thing where the screen freezes and I have to RESTART my computer to get back to whatever is left of the post. And And if you do save it and then try to put in a link like you were is does the same thing straight away as if I was typing too fast or something.....I hear you Karla and I share your wrath!!
Back to prettier and nicer things, can't wait to see more of the sale....
Kiss Noises Linda

Kerryanne English

Wish I could be there too.
Good luck.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Looking fabulous there, Karla. So wish I could come. Hope you have a great time at Miss Frenchie's!

Kim Caldwell

It all looks incredible and so are you!! So jealous of all the goodies. . .

Hugs, Kim


I am sure that I could spend HOURS in there. What a cool shop!

Be sure to stop by my blog. I am hosting a giveaway for my Etsy shop anniversary. Good luck! - Teresa


We need a girl's trip to Kansas I'd say. Love those pink glasses! Haven't been by in a while and just wanted to say Hi Karla. :) Lynn

Mary Beth

I left Typepad in the DUST and ventured over to Wordpress. It sucks at first, because I lost all my picture links.

I complained to Typepad many times and got nary a PEEP from them.

Your booth and photos are so beautiful. Thanks so much for taking ALL THAT VALUABLE TIME to post them for us.

Rose Brier Studio

What Beth said! I hope you have lots of fun and come home with that wonderful tiredness of having worked hard on something you love!


The pictures are wonderful & looks like you are having a great time at Miss Frenchie's. I always keep a supply of the Birthday Cake candles - to bring back happy/sad memories, make my home smell heavenly and to give as presents. The nice thing about buying them at Kohls is that they are usually half price!


Oh Karla, I so wish I could be there..Your pictures are just amazing..I went broke as I scrolled through you post...There was just so many BEAUTIFUL things..


Oh my I am so wishing I could be there in person! So far everything is looking fabulous.

thepainted fern

I'm having the same problems with typepad...thought it was me!!!Now I know better...thanks for the post!!!Good luck with your show,you guys are the trend setters for all of us!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

What a fun sale! What looks like more fun would be to meet everyone there! Maybe someday I can make the journey from California. :) And have my wallet stuffed to the brim with green schtuff to buy up all the pretties that I am now drooling over.

Totally love the look of the barn! Elizabeth must have had one sore neck after having hung all those chandies!




Thanks for the photos! I didn't get a chance to take many at all - I am so bummed when I saw some of the goodies I missed - like you, I didn't do much shopping and your photos showed a lot of good stuff I would have loved! It was great working with you. And yes, Becky, I was sore, but it was my hand, not my neck....and plenty of bruises on my shins from leaning on the ladder. Oh well... and - EVERYONE'S booth was spectacular and I did manage to snag a great soap dish for our claw foot tub from Beth's booth!

Take care Karla,

sandie taylor

Karla, I just wrote a lengthy comment, but is disappeared and I couldn't retrieve it-I will try again later, if you did get it, it was complimentary and I had a question for you. thank you sandie

Karla Nathan

That is frustrating, isnt it? Well, whatever the compliment was, Sandie, thanks!

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