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April 24, 2009


tiffany ~ shabby scraps

Oh my goodness, looks like your cleaning binge wiped out sugar wings! poor thing needed a nap right then and there! Have a great weekend Karla!
xoxo, Tiffany

Rose Brier Studio

The tall cabinet is too cool! Sweet Sugarwings asleep. What is it about sleeping children that is so dear? They can be lots of fun awake (and helpful? in the cleaning dept), but there's something about them asleep that brings a smile to one's face.
Have fun with the play dough.


What a lot of work, I worked on my garage last week we had to get the car in there. I mean that is where a car should go? That is what my husband wanted. It is done!
Hugs, Diane


Gosh, I'm exhausted just looking at the photos, and still you find time to create! I think you deserve a nap with the little one after this major chore. After that, can you do mine? HA! Have a great weekend!

debi @ life in my studio

Love the rose charm...so pretty! Your big cabinet is great! I've been thinking, for months now, of rearranging my studio (which is nothing like the size of yours!). But, that's SUCH a big job, it keeps scaring me off. I love seeing pics of your studio...so inspiring!


Both of those neclaces are beautiful. I would be honored to have either.

You have a great studio. Mine is very functional too. Sometime I would love to find cabinets to hold supplies and stuff. Right now I have mostly the plastic rolling bins. I wish mine looked half as nice as yours!!!


LiLi M.

That's the problem...once you start it takes time to finish it, but then you will be very pleased when everything is reorganized.

I want to give you my best wishes for your birthday in advance. Tomorrow I'll leave for a 2 weeks holiday with my family. Have a very nice birthday party with all your friends, relatives and loved ones, especially little Miss Sugarwings who will be the star of that party, I need no crystal ball for that! Enjoy, I will drink a mojito (or 2) on a very happy and healthy 51 years old Karla on May 5th!

Tracy M.

Wow Karla, you are amazing. I don't know how you do everything you do and watch your grand daughter too. Love your new cabinet.
Have a great weekend.

milli wagoner

You have been a busy, busy bee!!! It does feel so good when everything is freshly organized, your hard work looks great! The pic of little sugarwings made my heart swell, what a precious little angel!!! I can't wait for a grand baby, someday!

Jenny www.theredbulletinboard.blogspot.com

My desk looked just as bad the other day! I had to get ready for my son's birthday and since my desk is right in the living room, everything went into totes into the already over filled closet....I DO NOT WANT TO OPEN THAT DOOR!!!! hehehehe! I need a few of those 8 foot things!! It might start to help!!


OMG Karla - I am exactly one day older than you are. What are the odds?


It seems like cleaning out takes forever! By the way, my friend BFF Meg and buddy Lu, came to the show @ Ms Frenchie's. They said it was absolutely beautiful, and crowded! Good for you!

Debra Abel

Well mI am so glad to know it isn't just "me" that can make a room look like a war zone, ha! I never quite know how it happens but things tend to spread like a virus in my area. i like to work myself into a little corner. Before I know it , it has become overwhelming.

I love the cabinet, how nice, what a great find.


I love the serene faces of kids asleep. I need to get the cleaning binge too. I have a lot of turning around to do too but planning on it next week.


I love your pendants so much! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see your mess! I am such a messy crafter, it is nice to know others are too. Oh, my Joshie sleeps the same way, one hand twirled up in his hair.

Debe L

Creative people just can't stay neat...part of the process! I just really envy your very high ceilings. I live crouched under 8 foot ones. Cool cabinet!


I'm thinking your studio and my studio have some things in common. Now if I could just get you to come help me clean mine up next. *wink*

Nannie, the other grannie

Ahh, little angel face.

barbara burkard

...now did you have to BRING UP THAT 51 THING? lol...looks like you have totally overworked that sweet baby! goodness where has this last year gone!!!??? i am traveling to seattle on my birthday and staying until the 12th...was an xmas gift from the kids...to see my baby (lol) brother and his wife...they have all kinds of antique/junque markets lined up for me..to see! and i'm SURE i'll find a 51 year old birthday giftie or two!!!

celestina marie

Hi Karla,
So nice to meet you. Looks like you are very busy with your studio. Mine is always a work in progress and you should see it when it gets messy. Like an earthquake hit.

Thanks for your kind comments and stopping by. Good luck in my giveaway.
I loved my visit to your blog and seeing all your wonderful and talented creations. Your charms/pendants are beautiful. I adore your storage clost for your studio. What a great treasure to fill.

Hope you have a special birthday.
Celestina Marie


I really like that rose charm - super pretty! I've been so crazy busy lately that I haven't kept up with my blogs. I have to admit, yours was one that I missed the most! I look forward to catching up on your doings!


Love that this is the way it looks. I feel like I'm at home! My space keeps getting smaller and smaller until I have just a track to my sewing machine and out. That's it!

Kerryanne English

When my children were babies they took their naps in my studio on a special childs flip out couch, every afternoon. They never knew any different and it didn't matter how much noise I made they slept for 3 hours every day while I worked. I think it is lovely that Sugarwings is included in your creative life.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


that seems to be the way of it, move one thing and then you have to start moving other things. Happy weekend Karla.


Bless you, Sweet Karla, for showing us the "befores" in your week of cleaning and organizing. Sometimes I start to get depressed that all the ladies in Blogland have perfect homes...Sigh...Your Friend, Bobbi


Another sweet picture os sugarwings as always....I can tell how much you cherish her.

Love the sweet charm too.
:o) Sue


Love the new cabinet in your studio! And your Miss Frenchies mural looks great on your studio "closet" wall! And little sugarwings is adorable as usual!


I'm in the middle of spring cleaning but keeping the garage for last.

It is where we keep a lot of storage and it always gets messy over the winter.

paula mccollum

Hello, love the charms! how precious! your website is very inspiring to me! thank you for sharing! Paula


That cabinet is just so pretty..I love it so much..I always love looking at pictures of your studio..


What cool gifts this month. I love your cabinet. Your grandbaby is getting so big and quite the young lady.


Thanks for stopping by today...I decided to come by and see what you are up to. Your blog is wonderful...sooo many goodies. I love the pendents... so sweet!!!

I will be coming back!!! Beautiful!!!



Cleaning is on my agenda for tomorrow..Having out of town company this next weekend.
Looks like you've done a LOT of work! glad you had such a sweet helper! We are almost into the count down.. starts 5/1! Wish I was just going to be 51, this year I hit 65!
Have a good week end and happiest of birthdays EVER!

kana conger

I love your new cabinet and the pretty painted one to the left of it! Oh to have a grand creating room like yours....a girl has to have her dreams!!


I appreciate you sharing the before pictures. I love that someone who makes such beautiful things and has such a lovely home is not totally neat. Makes me feel better. Here is a link to a blog post I did once showing pretty much what my art area looks like most of the time: http://jillsjunktojewels.blogspot.com/2008/03/art-room-pictures.html
I have good intentions and do get rid of some stuff, but then I bring more home and it tends to come in when I don't have time to decide where to put it, so I'll end up with stacks of goodies that have to eventually be put somewhere.

Again, thanks for sharing these shots. I loe to see how other people organize their goodies!

Sharon Boyer

Your studio is wonderful. Such an inspiration. I love your blog and the adventures of Sugarwings. She is adorable. Love the neclace. You are so talented. Thanks for your generous spirit. Sharon

Lisa Alff

A girl after my own heart, sleeping and wearing overalls. That is me to a tee!!! Oh how precious she looks, little sweet thing. Lisa


Thanks for reminding us of "before" too!

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