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April 29, 2009



Hey Karla....that tip on ironing the paper is just GENIUS!! Of course I don't have that much but anything to make cutting it easier. If you don't mind I will be picking your brain along with Carol's when y'all get to Jenn's and I would love to trade links with you...can u hear me whistling?


Sigh, such pretty paper and so much of it. I never ever find vintage wallpaper here in Europe. I´ll have to get me some from your shop.
And I would be honored if you would link to my humble blog. And of course I already linked to yours.

kana conger


Sure wish I had your wonderful assortment of wallpaper and I don't think I would mind ironing too much. I am an ironing nerd...my mom always thought I was crazy to iron while I was home in high school. I also would love you to link to my little ole blog, yours is already on my side list of blogs!!


Okay - please link my pathetic blog to yours. One of these days I may have the time to learn what to do to make it worth viewing. In the meantime I will just post fairy pictures occasionally in case anyone wants to use them.


Oooohhhhh! I can't wait to buy some of that beautiful paper. You've got such pretty ones!
I would love to trade links with you.

Alison Gibbs

Oh karla all that gorgeous vintage paper. If only I had some too!! It doesn't seem so easy to find any here in Australia.Maybe I am just not looking in the right places


Hi, we have an award for you, you can see it at www.whimsicalwhites.typepad.com
The Whimsical Whites Ladies

Jenny S

Miss Karla, can you do this with flocked wallpaper? I found an AWESOME green and glod flocked paper that is very fragil and rolled but this might help? Tell me what you think? PS I am whistling if you want......;>0


Nice to see Twink! Dosen't seem like a bad way to spend a day if you have good movies to watch! Rachaelxo


The old papers really are gorgeous! And you've got them color coordinated so beautifully too...like a pretty pastel rainbow. Looking forward to seeing the packs you put together for the shops.

Love your handpainted table too!


What a gorgeous cache of vintage paper you have. Thanks so much for the cutting info. I have literally ruined good pieces of brittle wallpaper by not following your easy steps. I don't blog, but am addicted to visiting every other blog out there. I am amazed how gracious everyone is with sharing their hints and "secrets." It is a beautiful world if we just look. Happy day. Ellie

Jean Eakin

You really have some beautiful paper, and I just finished looking at your post on your nice and clean and organized studio. You really have an awesome space to create your magic in. Have a fun evening.
Jean in virginia


You've been really busy...That's alot of cutting and ironing...This is really a great tip....I was always destroying it before I found out to use an iron..Can't wait to see your packs..You have so many pretty wallpaper prints..


Hey Carla.
Thanks for the tip on ironing wall paper. I have my kitchen decorated is 50s pink and bought some 50s wallpaper to use in decorating. I'll have to be sure to check that it doesn't have paste though.


Kerryanne English

There's no better studio buddy than a furry friend. Twinks looks very comfy in your studio. My Gypsy even has her own bean bag and toys in my studio - if only she could answer the phone too...LOL.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Lori Oles

You are so smart! I would of never guessed that I could iron my wallpaper. I am going to give it a try.


what a beautiful assortment of paper! great tutorial but i must substitute "puppy" for puppy-like boys! LOL


Holy cow, you have a lot of great wallpaper. I'd have never thought about that 8 by 10 piece of glass idea - genius. I feel the same way about real job vs. here (even though I have a sort-of real job a few days a week). Really, I just like to be home with the dog. I'm easy to please.

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Ironing always goes faster with a little friend to keep you company. What a beautiful collection of papers you have. I saw a few that I would like to add to my collection. Please add me to the list of people that would love to exchange links with you.

Best Wishes,


Dont you dare leave your studio to go to work gal!! LOL just kidding but seriously now. What job would have you surrounded by all the gorgeousness... Unless you work in a vintage french wall paper shop I guess...
You have been up on my fav's list on my blog since I dont remember... I have been your fan since I started blogging about ...I think some three years. I love it when you are featured in a magazine... I go around tell everyone how I read your blog and how great and talented you are. =)

Shay designer junk finder

Just today I was looking at rolls of vintage wallpaper, wondering how to get them flat.
Thank You.Thank You.
This is my first visit to your blog,lucky me.
Pop by and say "hi" on my blog


great wallpaper tips Karla...i wish i had some big old rolls of wallpaper...you have such a great stash...it must be nice to have good company while you work:)

Julie - eab designs

Karla, I iron my wallpaper too. Sounds strange, but I actually love the musty smell that you sometimes get when you iron some very old pieces.


lovely vintage paper..
thanks for the tips.....



i love all your tips and techniques...you are pure genius!
have you ever done one on decoupaging?
{hint hint}
have a great day.


Hi Karla, Great idea for the wallpaper! I don't seem to have much luck finding it. Must not be looking in the right places. I haunt the Good Will, just found a treasure this morning to re-invent. I just love trash to treasure. It makes my heart sing. Thanks for visiting my blog. I too would be honored to be linked to yours. All this rain is getting me down. Hard to take good pictures for our blogs, too. Have a great day!


Let me say that if Gypsy was my helper (as he often tries to be), there is no telling how many wrinkles would have to be ironed out of that paper!

I've never really worked with vintage wallpaper, just my wallpaper sample books which have the advantage of being flat and the disadvantage of being new and not nearly so interesting. I'm hoping to have a good sale find this summer, so thanks for the tutorial!


I really appreciate the tips, Karla. I just got some vintage wallpaper to use for the first time and now I won't waste any of it. Thanks!


Oh my gosh, i just love vintage wallpaper. I agree it is so much better than regular scrapbook paper. I need to do that to mine that I have all rolled up! Thanks!

The Potting Shed

Oh, thank you! Thank you! I have old wallpaper to sell, but didn't have a clue how to deal with it. Seems easy, but time consuming...and better than not selling the paper at all. I would love to trade links. I'm new to blogging. How do we do that? I do know how to put a link in my blog link list. xo Joan


Oh just to have a roll of vintage wallpaper! Honestly there are NO good vintage shope near me ... well there's like one but I always get there a day late and a dollar short. *hee hee!* Thanks for the great tips should I ever find some. When your's is for sale mabe I will be able to afford a piece or two.

La Donna

Love the wall paper tips, and I love Twinks! : )


hi Karla !! would love to trade blog links with you my bella friend , can't believe we haven't already !!
thanks soo much for the tutorial on the wallpaper , your a genious !!


Oooh! Thanks for the idea of ironing old wallpaper! I have two rolls of it and wasn't sure how to flatten it out!
And I would love to link with you, Karla! I'll add yours on right now! ;-)


Pretty papers... Karla, and I love the pics
of Twinks. : )


Daisy Cottage

Well you have the most adorable assistant! I love the vintage wallpaper - that is something that isn't easily found here in Florida.. wonder why? And I would LOVE to be linked on your site... your beautiful blog will always be on my Blog Candy list! I love visiting here.. you and your creations brighten my day.



Karla, that's a lot of ironing. But yeah, i guess that's better that clothes. And then to see all those beautiful paper designs, it's all worth it :-)

Twinks is adorable :-)



Karla, this is such a great post, I have really enjoyed reading it. Twinks is delightful.


Oh how great! I'll have to let you cut though I've never been able to find any wallpaper to buy! I'm going to look and see about getting some from you! Thanks!
Hugs, Lisa

Niesz Vintage Home

I'm drooling over all of your gorgeous wallpaper!
Love your pretty ironing board cover, too.
Thanks for the great tips!

Kimberly :)

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

Hi Karla,
I would love to be linked on your blog! It's such a source of creativity (and amusement) to me. Somedays you have me rolling on the floor laughing, you really do!! I think I'm convinced now to use vintage wallpaper instead of the tacky scrapbook papers I have been using - thanks.

Mitzi Curi

I would love to trade links with you....I think we have a lot in common. Although I have been an antique dealer for 10 years, I have learned so much from your blog that has been helpful (painting chandeliers, ironing wallpaper etc.) It is so generous of you to share your wisdom with us!
You can visit me at mitziscollecitbles.typepad.com

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