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April 25, 2009



Your studio looks wonderful Karla. I am happy the storm didnt turn into anything else. We dont get tornados where i am in Canada so I wouldnt know what to do. Glad you are all safe and you have such sweet sons. Donna


Wow you have been busy. It looks great. Don't you feel good when you work so hard organizing and everything looks so nice?


I would love to play around in your studio. It's fun and beautiful. I've been doing so much outside work that I've kind of been hoping for a stormy day myself so I could do some inside playing.


this was such a warm, cozy, homey, beautiful, sparkly , inspirational post! i really enjoyed this, karla:)


Love your studio. You continue to inspire me. I am in the midst of creating a studio in my spare bedroom. It is exciting, yet frustrating. So many ideas I have gleaned from you bloggers, and the wonderful Somerset publications. (Even some of my own, too!) My room is so small. I am curious as to the square feet you have to work with. Have a peaceful week. Ellie


Oh my gosh Karla, I don't know how youlive near all those tornado's , that would be crazy. I am glad you are safe and sound and your craft room looks like a vintage haven! I want to come over to your house!

Laurie S.

This might sound crazy, but now we keep our bike helmets handy when we go to the basement for a tornado warning. I heard last year that head injuries are a major cause of tornado deaths. We have had several bad tornadoes in TN since moving here 5 years ago, including one in our community in 06 that I saw while driving. I was able to take cover in Lowes, the tornado struck right below where I saw it hovering as well as right behind Lowes. I know take those warnings pretty seriously! Glad little Missy was safe below ground!


It all turned out lovely! I like how you arranged your jewelry. I was fortunate that a friend gifted me with a BUNCH of pins from her aunt's estate. She was an avid collector, shall we say, of lots of things. So much so that her family was overwhelmed and gave or threw much away. I need to get around to making something with some of it. Putting some on display like you have might be a way to inspire myself.


Don't you feel so much better when it's all done!!!

Your studio is so awsome (and I don't use that word lightly)!!! I can't belive how much inspiration that would give me.


suzanne Harley

I really enjoyed this post Karla. Your studio looks wonderful and inviting! ( I have dreams about rooms like this!) So happy for you that your boys are so thoughtful, that in itself is a wonderful thing. Suzanne.

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh Karla the studio re-do looks wonderful but then I always think your photos look wonderful. I don't think I could possible live somewhere that has TORNADO SIRENS Oh my goodness!!!! please stay safe and hold on to those sparklies if the wind starts to blow stonger...take care,
Kiss Noises Linda


Karla, I love your cozy studio!!! The lighting
makes it extra cozy and I am so glad that
you are safe from the storm. Is Twinkle
bothered by the storms and sirens?
Please take care.


Kerryanne English

Oh my - I can't imagine what it would be like living with the threat of a tornado. We don't have anything like that here... well we did just have the worst bushfires ever but that is rare.

Enjoy your re-organised studio. It is such a joy... until we mess them up again.. LOL.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


I was thinking about you and how we drive right by where the tornado hit to get to your house! Glad you are all safe. We also wear our tennis shoes. Guess that is just part of living in the midwest. LOVE your new space. It looks so organized!

Nerissa Alford

I hope all is well after the storm for you & your family.
The pictures of your studio are so inspiring. I could play in there for hours! Thank you for sharing with us :)


I was born in Kansas and even moved back there when I was a little older too and we had tornado warnings all the time (obviously.) That whole "shoes on" idea is AMAZING and I wish my parents had done it (just in case.) Although I was always bawling my eyes out when the sirens started up so I doubt it would have made me feel better back then.


Very beautiful post, all my favorite things! Hope all is well after the storm. Take care


ahhh.. you live in kansas.. tornados are something you are probably used to. we dont get them here hardly ever. sometimes there are warnings, and just the thought of it unnerves me!
your studio is filled with so many great storage pieces! love it!
have a great week!


Karla, your studio looks wonderful - and full of inspiration. Now, if I could just get something done in mine.


Its amazing to look at your studio!! Its romance and prettiness everywhere. Love it. Thank you for sharing.


Your studio looks great! I hide when the sirens go off here....glad you can be so productive. It is in the 80's here and the wind is strong!


I worried about you last night during the storm, I was watching the radar and it looked like it was barreling down on your neck of the woods! Glad it blew over and left you in one piece!

Your studio looks great, makes me want to live in it! What a joy it would be to wake up to your treasurers!

Lori Oles

Your studio looks wonderful and I am loving all that vintage rhinestone jewlery!


Your studio looks like it oozes creativity...so cute! I'm glad the tornado ended up skipping around your home. I can remember many summer nights at my Grandmother's in Kansas hearing those tornado sirens....so unnerving to me! But, its probably like earthquakes to us...nothing you can do - they just happen! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Martha C

Hi Karla: I have enjoyed watching you up grade your work room. I have always wanted a craft room. This month I got my wish. I have been working all month setting mine up. It is a great feeling to find things that you forgot you had. Thanks for the look at your special place. You have inspired me to fix a section up for my grandson, Noah. Take care, Martha

izzy duncan

I get squeamish just looking at all that clutter.

Cindy (Junque Art)

I LOVE your room!!! Can I come play...I think I could sit in there for hours and just admire all your lovelies! I really love how you put different pieces of wallpaper up. It must be that time of year because I've been working in my studio too and going through things and putting up new shelving. I'm still at it and it's day 3! HUGS!


I must say your Craft Studio looks more like a Craft Shop. What wonderful decorating ideas you come up with I sure do love your new glass top table. Great display.
Hugs, Diane

kana conger

The studio redo is awesome and thanks again for sharing the pretty photos. Sure wish I lived nearby to see it with my eyes and to come over to play! I love Sugarwings little area and I am sure she will be delighted with the new purchase.


It looks fabulous and you are truly a Kansas girl, just like Dortothy. Able to shake off big ole ugly storms!


Hi Karla,
Enjoyed seeing you studio "make-over" , so pretty, and so much more fun when we can see all our goodies out and displayed, otherwise, I tend to forget I have them or am in too much of a hurry to "find"them. I recently did a re-do in my studio too. I live in T-town, and yes that was a bad storm, you got most of it your way, glad you were untouched. Grown-up son concern is the sweetest, isn't it? I totally understand. Thanks for your blog, I always enjoy it! Linda


Wow, I just love seeing pictures of your studio. So many little cupboards and drawers filled with who knows what little pretties (well after all that cleaning and sorting you know, of course). And I just kept staring at all of your bling, bling. Oh how I wish I could get it here for a reasonal price, but usually it is so expensive that it would take the fun out of playing with it.
Hope you and your loved ones stayed safe in the storm.

kathy lowry

OPH LA LA !! TOO much beautiful bling -- makes my mouth water -- the studio is so lovely - just like the things you create
Kathy - ga


Growing up in the Kansas City area I've been through a lot of them! I remember Ruskin Heights in 1958..it was a really bad one and Topeka in 1966. Even saw one on the ground outside Lawrence in 1964.
Karla, your studio is very impressive! I was awstruck with all your baubles! I thought I had a lot of "stuff" but nothing compared to your stash! I'm working on my new small craft area but it will never match yours. I especially like how you painted the walls with the big scrolls.! Neat.

Daisy Cottage

Your studio is so inspiring - and artful in the most enchanting way. I'm so glad the angry tornado left you alone - and all of these gathered pretties in tact.

Hope you have a beautiful week Karla!


tiffany ~ shabby scraps

looks like you weathered the storm both inside and out very well! I can see how hard you have worked in the room , and it looks wonderfuL!! Hope the storm has passed for good...
xoxo, Tiffany


Dear Karla, I am coming to live in your studio. Just me and the 5 dogs, I promise we will be tidy and not too much trouble and none of us are afraid of storms so we will be brave with you. See you soon.(Okay, maybe not, but I can dream...) Your Friend, Bobbi

Rose Brier Studio

Your studio is so wonderful. It's kinda nice to go through everything and find hidden-away treasures. It just always takes more time than one expects! Glad the tornadoes avoided you. They're cool to look at in the distance, but one sure doesn't want them close!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

OMG! Your studio is just amazing, Karla! The treasures, the treasures! I am just in awe...


I only have 4 words to say..I LOOOOOOOVE your studio...No, I lied. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Kim Caldwell

It's incredible Karla! Looks like an antique shop -- can I come over and shop! Seriously so fabulous. . . Glad you are safe too!!

Hugs, Kim

Natasha Burns

Wow tornado sirens? that's scary Dorothy!
I love your studio, and the reorganising you've been doing! It's such a treasure trove! xo


I heard on the news there were tornado's in KS! I'm glad it blew over....your studio looks wonderful! and I have the
"snowball effect" all the time too....guess thats why nothing much gets done!


love the lady looking at herself in the mirror.


OMG...I thought I had a lot of old jewelry. You win!! Love the studio...so big and so very beautiful.

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