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April 19, 2009



That looks like is was quiet a grand market. I have been to many french brocante markets, in France that is, and they never look as good as this one does. Wish I could have been there, but thank you for showing so many beautiful pictures.
Have a nice week and take a rest!


Well I would have loved to have been there. It looks beautiful , eye candy every where. I am happy you had such a good weekend. Are you doing one fr Christmas too this year , that would be great? Donna


It looks amazingly beautiful in there... a vintage heaven!! I am sure you did pretty well. Glad you had a great time.



Karla, your booth and sign looked wonderful! I'm so glad the show was such a success - sorry I didn't get more of a chance to visit with you!


Congratulations on a successful event. I was there, in line, on Friday night when you opened, and I loved ALL of it! It was so much FUN. Everywhere I turned, I found delightful treasures. All of you who hosted the event were so gracious, friendly, and helpful. Thanks for your part in a delightful show!

Jessica Canham

Thanks for the all the great pictures! It looks like a magical place and lots of fun!


I wish I were closer!!! Your booth looked gorgeous and I cannot wait to see what you had left over.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, your booth looks amazing! Those fabulous handpainted murals of yours! So wish I could have come shopping at Miss Frenchie's!


Oui! Oui! Oui! Oh, how I wish I had been able to attend. My heart is skipping beats just thinking about what I missed. Thanks for the yummy pictures. Congrats on a successful weekend. Ellie

Tracy M.

What beautiful shabby goodies! Your booth was lovely, wish I could have been there to see in person. Thank you for the pictures.
Tracy M.

Tiffany ~ shabby scraps

simply amazing! I have my first show coming up and I am so nervous! I don't think I could ever have a boothas goregous as you girls!! Fab job, I wish I did not live so far away, I would have loved to attend!
xoxo, Tiffany

Gretchen Schaumann

Thanks Karla for sharing the great photos of the Frenchie sale. It all looked so lovely. Would love to come down to it one of these times, to see it in person. It would be fabulous.
I'm glad it was successful for you all since it was a lot of work to prepare from it. Nothing happens on its own. Some may think so, but lots of hours are represented in the photos you've shown.


OMG!!!!!! It looks amazing...you girls did a fabulous job....wish I lived closer!!!!!


It's okay that I wasn't able to come because I would have just been wandering around the booths all weekend long in a beautiful daze of wonder, maxed out my credit card and begged, borrowed and stole to get as many of those goodies I could!



Karla, that looks totally amazing...your booth is gorgeous...i hope you had a lot of fun...i sure wish i could have been there to see it all in person!!!


wow.. would have loved to spend a few hours hunting for sweet treasures there. what a great set up. I love how everyone takes the extra steps to make it extra special! so .. what did you bring home?
have a sweet week!

meleen dupré


everything looks beautiful!! you girls thought of every little detail and it shows. i'm coming back to drool over the photos...right now i have a daughter who's looking for some help with a project that's due tomorrow! yikes!


sandra blanks

Wow!!! I know ya'll probably spent untold hours readying for this fabulous event, but it was worth it.....simply breathtaking!!! I only wish I was close enough to attend...maybe someday...


I missed your sign on the back of the barn--I guess because we came in on the other side. It's a great sign!


Thanks for all the yummy pictures! Some awesome shopping fun!

Deborah Woodrow

Karla :
Well, you always amaze me with your creativity, and your talent ! Everyone there, had beautiful displays, and I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures !
Vintage Lust heaven !
Did you HAVE to mention, those homemade croissants ! Yum ! They sound heavenly !
Put me in for the drawing. I look at your blog almost every day, to see what you've created next ... take care.


You are all so talented in setting up such lovelies displays and vignettes. I'm so pleased you shared photos of the event for us to drool over!


everything is so wonderful. we are lacking (greatly) these kinds of shows in washington state. hopefully that will soon change. love it all!

Jane Palmer

Everything looks so gorgeous, Karla! What fun it must've been for those able to attend! Thanks for giving the rest of us a glimpse through your photos and descriptions.


Everything looks just wonderful. I was so hoping that I could make it, but it just did not work out. Thank you for sharing the pictures, what a visual treat!

Karen Young

Karla, it sounds and looks like the weekend was a sucess. I have so enjoyed all the beautiful pictures you have been posting. Almost, but not quite, as good as be being there. Belive me...I would have loved to attended. You both was gorgeous and I'm sure everyone had so much fun checking out all your goodies.

thanks again for sharing
Hugs Karen

LiLi M.

Sigh...Everything looks terrific! I can almost imagine being there and smelling the croissants too. I'm of to bake off some...thanks for sharing!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh wow Karla what a wonderful event!! You know I think I could have spent an awful lot of time in your space, it just looks so magical and special! Great job!
I am so envious that I am on the other side of the world, perhaps I should round up some girls here....no it wouldn't be quite the same, you have the BEST things where you live! Thanks for sharing,
Kiss Noises Linda

Sheila R

Enjoyed Miss Frenchie's and seeing you there! Again, just wanted to extend my services if you are a vendor at Silver Bella this year. I'll be happy to help.

Just love your pics!

Kathy in Chicago

So, why am I in Chicago missing something like this?! It looks like it was a fabulous event. I would have loved to have been there. Who knew KCMO was the epicenter of France!! hee-hee Thanks for pics, they made this dreary ole Monday a.m. brighter - Kathy in Chicago


Everything looks so grand. Wish I were closer! ehat a terrific idea to put fairy lights in the crinoline.


I can tell from the pictures that I really missed out on some great stuff by not going to the Friday night event! I'll have to make a point to hit it the very first night, next time! It was fun, though! So many beautiful things and oh so talented artists... lots of eye candy!

barbara burkard

...OH ALL THE WORK BEFORE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WELL WORTH THE EXTRAVAGANT FEAST!!! lovely lovely lovely!!! thanks for sharing...my hubby is so glad we live a distance away...lol....or should i say...ROAD TRIP? LOL


Karla....you are so right....it was magical and beautiful and amazing. I had such a great time there Saturday. Your booth was darling.
{there is a ring you were selling that I want really bad and hope that you still have it when my birthday rolls around in June!!!}
It was really nice to meet you!


Ooh La La, I would have loved to been there.....



Love your sign! We didn't see it since we came in the other way. What a fabulous show and your pictures are wonderful! We'll see you tomorrow for craft day. We are so excited and Bethany is really excited to make may day baskets :)

Niesz Vintage Home

Aaaackk! I am definitely in the wrong part of the country! What I wouldn't give to attend that fabulous show.
You did such a great job with your booth...so, so pretty!

Kimberly :)


All the pictures are stunning! It looks like the event turned out beautifully.

Cindy Is Crafty

How funny that you show a picture of Donnie's display with that kitty. I went to a couple of church yard sales this weekend and bought two in different green prints. They are so cute. I will have to research to learn more about them.

Glad that you did so well over the weekend!


Hi Karla...Everything looks magical! How fun to just sit and look at everything! Come to Oklahoma and help me decorate my girls' rooms! Your so cute! Mondaie, Tuttle, OK

Alice W.

It looks amazing Karla! Wish I could have been there! I probably would have come home seriously broke...but happy with my finds for sure!


Oh how I wish I were closer to attend! The place looks incredible and such treasures at every turn! Glad it went well, thanks for sharing the day!

Jean Eakin

All looked fantastic Karla. I loved your booth. You did an amazing job. I wish we had something like this here in good old Roanoke. I knew it would be a success. I hope you are getting some rest now that it is over. You all should pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.
Jean in Virginia


Fun, fun, fun. Lots of wonderful goodies. Thank you, Karla for entering my blog giveaway and for your lovely comments regarding my shop's anniversary. I drew the winner this morning and she is Couture de Papier. It was lots of fun. Stop back by anytime!


Rose Brier Studio

Karla, your displays are really top notch! They really inspire me as I work on getting my shop space pulled together for the summer season.


Fantastic, Karla! How I wish I lived in your area...you'd better believe I would be there in a flash! Your displays are incredible.

Sammy Girl

karla --

everything was lovely. Smart thinking about the lace to keep the stair "suff" from falling on your heads!

Like so many others, I live too far away to be there, but your pics are a wonderful way to share the event.

Betty :)


OMG karla! these photos are to die for! what a gorgeous setting- thanks for showing us- wish I could have been there in person!
happy spring! xo natalea

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen such a gorgeous looking sale! I would have gone home broke and possibly in the negative.


OMG!!!! Everything looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! I really wish I lived closer...There was just so many pretty treasures I saw in your photos...


Boy I wish I could have gone to that sale...so much to look at.
If I lived closer I would have been there. All the pictures are great. They are the kind you have to look at more than once or you'll miss something.
Have a great day !


so fun... so would of loved to of been there! A dear friend of mine did go and I have heard of about this day on her blog. so sad it was my weekend to work. So will try to come to the next.. When is the next time?


Beautiful! I wish I was in your part of the country! Where did you say you found the eiffel tower (from the newer post)? I've been searching for one for a long time.

oh, and by the way, you inspired me in my art creating. A while back you posted a picture of a bust with a crown on top: I have since made a bust of my own (three, actually!) in ceramics, and when I take foundry for the second time, I will be making a crown as well!


Oh, my -- this looks fabulous! Love what you did with the lights -- they make all the difference! It's simply beautiful -- I would have gone quite mad, I think! (And isn't that the point?!)


Looks like a beautiful show -- so wish I lived closer!!


Loved your booth display, and your friends too. Wish I could have been there as I saw several things I would have bought. What fun you have. Thanks for the pictures!



Thanks for sharing the photos! As usual, I LOVED your stuff - just wish I could have shopped more! I haven't even downloaded my photos yet - will soon. I slept today until 1PM..... thanks for giving us all an over view - I enjoyed seeing it and i was there. I am thankful for the wonderful weather, vendors and shoppers. No one got hurt, I heard a lot of laughter, I left with a lot of memories and a pretty empty truck. Thank you again for sharing such beautiful photos!


Irma's Rose Cottage

Wow! What fabulous pics. Wished I could have been there. I saw many things I liked.

Hugs :)



Truly Amazing. Why on earth is there never anything like this near me ... oh how devine it must have been!


Oh what stunning and gorgeous and fabulous photos of this wonderful event. Oh how I wish I could have been there. I'd have been lost in heaven!


Oh my gosh! This looks soooo beautiful. Too bad I'm so far! Really so very pretty!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

WOw WOW WOWW!!!!! SOoooooo much beauty there Karla. I SO wish I could have seen your beautiful booth in person. Glad you had such a great weekend!


Cindy Roberts

Wonderful photos of so many antique treasures! I'm selling at The Little French Flea Market on May 9th and hope it is as spectacular! Stop by to see the details at http://wwwcutepinkstuffcom.blogspot.com/

Jenny Fowler

Oh my Karla you have 63 comments on this post! How do you have time for all of us?!! :) Your antique show looked amazing. I wish I could have gone!

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