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April 27, 2009



Your studio is amazing! What a wonderful space. It looks packed full of treasures. When can I move in??


Rose Brier Studio

Oh please don't! I love your studio and Miss Frenchie's!


Wow Wow Wow Wow, what a large Studio Space you have. Two dining Room Tables what a fantastic work space, and it sure looks good and fluffed!
Hugs Diane


Great work on the studio, but promise me you'll go to the basement if there are sirens! My basement is just like that - old houses are wonderful, but the basements of them, not so much.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla, your studio redo is looking fabulous! I think it is hard to capture just how GORGEOUS that studio is until you see it for real... you have such a WAY with things.

That hole in the basement is a bit scary but we really don't want you to blow away.

xo Heather


Karla, your studio looks totally amazing...i wish you lived closer, so i could come over there and play with you!!!


I'd lay a blanket right there on the table and LIVE there 24/7. It's so inspiring......I think my mind would race 100 miles an hour! It looks beautiful!

Kerryanne English

Karla, while I think your studio is amazing and who could blame you for not wanting to leave it, I think you are missing a wonderful decorating opportuity here...
That Cellar is screaming out for a pretty shabby/French make-over. Just imagine having another beautiful workroom to safely work in when the sirens go off. I'm thinking about the extra storage options too - a girl can never have too many boxes of pretties to play with...LOL.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


More beautiful photos of the studio--love what you've done!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Your studio re-do is looking great!! Yes....looks kind of scary down those steps!!


Oh, I love the pictures. I can't get over how big is your studio. I am going to do some furniture shuffling here so I can have a tiny studio. So looking forward to it!!

kana conger

I'm loving all of the studio photos! How many rooms are there in Karla's cottage?? It is all so wonderful.....except for the dungeon! Maybe, you could just stand near the bottom step when the siren blows and then join the spiders when you hear the train sound!!

Natasha Burns

I miss your studio!!!! I want to be in there playing right now, but yes, you can keep the cellar/basement if it has giant spiders. I don't know what would be more scary, the spiders or the threat of a flight to Oz with Toto!


Sweet Karla...You and Twink are going to make us stay in the basement, aren't you?...Heavy Sigh....Your Friend, Bobbi


Love your studio, maybe you should do a major basement makeover, just in case . . . Rachaelxo


Your studio is simply amazing!

Alison Gibbs

Karla I think I could come live in your studio. Looks like heaven to me. So many pretties

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hi sweetie!!! Please don't stop showing your studio!! I just love looking at each and every detail. I'm thinking you need to give Jo Packham a call for Where Women Create!!! Thanks always for sharing your journey Karla ~ xxoo, Dawn

Pam Carriker

Wow, what a beautiful place to work! Thank your for your kind words about my latest article:-)

Sheila R

Just love your beautiful pictures of your studio!! So inspiring!


Beautiful! Eye candy every where you look. I bet there are many treasures in those cupboards. I bet people come over JUST to dig around in your cupboards.


Miss Karla - You can never show too many pictures of your studio. I'm lovin' it. You have been the inspiration for me to get in gear and take command of my small studio. Have a beautiful week. Ellie

Nancy ~ Fete etFleur

Your studio is beautiful. WOW! Inspiration everywhere!!


Jessica Canham

I love seeing photos of your studio! It looks like such a fun place to explore and create in. On the other hand, your basement looks totally creepy! Maybe you should have a new one dug...

Penny Plum

Well all that Hard work really paid off - your cleaned up / fruffed up studio is soooooo amazing looking. Congratulations. You now deserve some time to play and create.
Like most everyone here I just wish I could come play with you.
I can truly understand your hesitancy about heading down into the basement - once down there you may not be in Kansas anymore, my pretty.
well got to go.

Elaine L.

Yikes! That hole is pretty scary.

The studio look so lovely. You really worked hard.


debi @ life in my studio

I could never get tired of seeing pics of your studio...the only problem is, my case of studio envy gets worse with each showing. :) But I'll keep looking...it's just so beautiful!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh, yes, I agree, your studio should absolutely be in Where Women Create! My absolute favourite thing is that glass cabinet with your vintage millinery flowers.


Hello Karla, I'm so glad you found me (I don't know how)cause it led me to your wonderful blog.I'm still new and I just read this first post and I'm loving it. Your studio is lovely. I enjoyed very much the tour. I think everybody would love to work in such a place. I wish I could see them in person :-)See all those plates, curtains, your little jars that holds other treasures - everything :-)You probably get inspired all the time to be surrounded with all these. As to the basement - dark - who knows, maybe you'll think of redoing it too :-)


mary ellen

Be still my heart!!!!


I'm with you on staying out the of cellar!!!! I have a crawl and my sump pump went out and I was ask if I checked it, 'no way, if someone stole it I wouldn't know' was my answer!! Your studio---I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

Don't you worry about boring us with this stuff, it's what we live for! An amazing (clean!) studio and lovelies for a show? Who are we kidding here, these are our favorite things!!! Bring on more I say!!
xoxo, TIffany


I just can’t believe how big your studio is, lucky you.
And the redo came out wonderful,
everything looks great.

I love looking at all the pictures...


Wow, Your studio makes me want to come shop! Everything is wonderful!


Well Karla - I just picked myself up from off the floor... I fainted when I saw that lovely cabinet stuffed full of millinery! =)

Rochelle Gaukel

Yes Karla I can see why hearing the sirens go off would want to make you stay in your studio and not want to enter the unknown in that there basement you have.....and I thought mine was creepy....I feel fortunate now after seeing yours! lol :)


I've been gone for a few days and catching up! This looks fabulous, Karla! What a joyful relief to redo your studio!


WOW, I am here catching up after a long weekend out of town....everything looks so good here, you have been busy and glad you are safe from the storms..


Love,love,love the way you redid your room!!
gorgeous! I would be hanging out there all the time if I had a room like that! I was trying to figure out how you did the window/valance treatment? It is so pretty!


what an inspiring place to work....it is gorgeous and organized and lovely in every way.
i think i'd rather take on a tornado than have spiders around me. i could almost cry just thinking about it.
have a great day.


Don't ever stop talking about your studio..I always love seeing pictures of your studio...Because I loooooove it so much...


Yes~ Do keep posting pictures of the studio but we need to see more of Sugarwings, your garden and the dorkies too!
Be glad you have a big hidey hole. That is what we called ours when we lived in Joplin, Missouri. We had a opening into the under house crawl space in our garage. Holly was about 8 years old then and the whole tornado thing TOTALLY freaked her out. We had to put the cats in the cat carrier, and bring all her favorite stuffed animals and treasures with us every time the alarm went off. The space was about 3.5 feet tall (yeah, we crawled in on our hands and knees!) and we were on plasic over the dirt. This put the spiders at about hair level. I'm glad you have a tall, big space....I bet you are actually pretty happy to see it when it gets storming scary!!

Bobbie Valentine

Good Job!

Sheri and Sophee~a

I could live in your studio!!!
I am a bit frightened of the basement though LOL

Your pics are always the best and NEVER boring :)

Kelee Katillac

Karla this is so charming! Also, romantic and textured.
Feels like a sepia photo or tin type combined with F. Scott Fitzgerald's Zelda.

love, kelee

p.s. thanks for your kind comments at my place:)


Hi Karla, long time no see, I have had to play catch here, darlin you can go on and on about your studio as I love seeing the before and after shoots, and seeing all your wonderful goodies, Natasha said I have a treasure trove, but for me, your place looks like a treasure wonderland that I'd love to rummage in...lol

I hope theres no more storms, stay safe!


Kara Ward

It is so enormous and lovely....I just need a little corner of it to work in. My poor family would never catch sight of me if I had a lovely studio like yours!

barbara burkard

hee hee...your basement reminds me of those movies where they play that creepy music (and ya know something is going to happen) BUT THEY STILL GO DOWN THERE! of course YOUR basement is not like that...at all...lol...

Karen Young

Karla, I always love looking at your studio.



Oh wow ... I think it's larger than I originally thought. Simply lovely and I am drooling over the 2 large dining sets too - so pretty. {ok I'm drooling over everything especially the size of your space when I compare it to the storage space turned studio I have} Hee Hee! Oh but life is good no matter what; I'm just happy to have a space to call my studio. *wink*

Nannie, the other grannie

Fortunately when we have yucky basements, we don't have to depend only on the sirens these days. The local TV stations are super about pinpointing the exact location of rotation and the direction the storm is moving. Keeping an eye on them, you have a very good idea when your location is in danger. (Unfortunately, last weekend, the rotation passed pretty much directly over your place!) They also have storm chasers reporting live. On Saturday, we could even watch the tornado form on the local stations tower-mounted camera! I bet you have a safe interior room you could go to, also. You are too important to Leandie--you mustn't blow away!

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