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April 05, 2009



Oh, wow!! Looks so yummy and exquisite!!


Mmmm...everything looks so yummy. Almost too pretty to eat...almost.


Hey Karla, love your puppy pics and the photo of you and your husband is lovely. Just had to tell you (because of our Geneva connection) that Persimmon Tree on 3rd St. in Geneva is selling my work now :) We have been soooooo busy with my wholesale business, have not been over to your site for too long.


It all sounds so beautiful and fun.
Lucky you.
Cari B.

tiffany~shabby scraps

being the coffee snob that I am, I have to comment that this coffee looks sooooo YUM!!! that's what I would have ordered too!
glad you are having a good time!
xoxo, Tiffany

LiLi M.

Hi! Karla,
Boy am I happy that I just finished breakfast before reading your post! Mmmm it looks delicious and what a fun photo of you and your hubby. Isn't that hamburger looking cookie a macaron (macaroon) the same sort Ladurée in Paris is famous for? Mmmm I have to swallow...Have a nice trip!

Kerryanne English

Yummmmmmmy... how amazingly delicious does that coffee and desserts look? I would have gone with the coffee too.

That is a lovley photo of you and your husband karla.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


oooooh, that looks so yummy Karla!!! what a cute picture of you and your hubby:)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Such a lovely photo of you and your husband, Karla. Thanks for inviting me to the restaurant along with you (special treat for me since I can no longer eat out due my food allergy).


looks like a wonderful place to go! I've taken quite a few pictures of food in restaurants.. People do look at us a little funny when we do that dont they??
have a sweet week!


YUM-0! That food looks fabulous!
That battle scene on the wall at Gettysburg is quite a site.....I'm not a fan of military history but you can't help but be awe inspired by that!


It all looks so good…
I love Gettysburg
and DC is just wonderful this time of the year…


Beth Leintz

You know how if I go to a really good sale or auction that you can't go to, I bring you a little something? I can't wait to see what you put in your purse from the Tower Club for me

Sher Miller

It's so nice to occasionally treat yourself (or be treated) to such a meal! I love the presentation of your meal! Now, to fix myself some toast...(*whimpering pathetically*)...

Karen Young

Hi Karla,

That is a lovely picture of you and your hubby. And the meal is presented so nicely. I could almost taste it.

Hugs Karen


You and hubby look so cute in the picture...Let me tell ya, that food looks amazing...I love scallops..Sounds like an amazing time...


it all looks wonderful!! Glad you have had a great time.

Lady M

The food, the ambience, the view...it looked lovely.

I'm glad that you had a terrific time :)


Lady M

Maija Lepore

That mini hamburger looks quite a bit like a traditional French macaroon!


Oh, all that food is to DIE for! How fabulous! (And the fellow with you -- he's to die for, too!)

Michelle (shell) may

Karla you are my kinda crazy fun lady! I'm still laughing!
bunny hugs,

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