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May 10, 2009



I do the very same thing for Mothers day! Whenever anyone asks what I did or got for mothers day...I like to say "labor" get it? lol
Happy Mother's day~


Happy Mothers Day and Grammies Day. You two girls look so much alike in that picture! Take a nice bath Soak tonight (: And yes a very jealous one you lucky girls are going to have a ball at Jennifer's. Have fun and take loads of pictures.
Hugs, Diane

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Happy Mother's Day Karla!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Have a simply wonderful time 'playing' over the next few days, I am sure it will be packed with all sorts of arty,cooking, discovering things. Enjoy and happy Mother's Day.
Kiss Noises Linda


Happy Mother's Day!!


I was finally able to get logged onto your blog!! It was fun to catch up! Thanks for the tips on aging furniture. I just got something today...I wasnt sure which primer to use...so Thanks! laurie


Happy Mother's Day!!!!


Great Picture of you and Sugar Wings! Now I see where she gets her beautiful sparkly eyes! You certainly don't look like a grandmother Karla!

Jessica Canham

Happy Mother's day, Karla! Glad you had a good day!


What a fun tradition, if an exhausting one! Hey, I am working on a big collage of old cards and photos for my Gram's funeral. Have you got any good ideas, tips, suggestions? Ever done one like this? I can't quite get it to form in my head.

Alice W.

Adorable pics Karla!!! Hope it was a productive and wonderful day for you! {Maybe one year have them send you to the spa and have them do all the work while you are away...lol!}


Happy Mother's day Karla.

This is a nice tradition. You must love gardening and enjoy it very much. It makes it even more enjoyable and special on this day with you family sharing one of your love.

Hard work and love - yup, mother's are like that and I commend all moms!

(Sugarwings is cute)



I enjoy your blog so much. You don't have to always answer. I just love seeing all of your wonderful things and getting inspiration from your projects. I can't paint unless somebody else draws it for me but you are talented in so many things!!! You give me lots of ideas.

I'm going to have to look into the landskaping cloth. I have so many weeks this year. I love in Idaho but I think I can plant by now. They say you shouldn't plant until the snow is off one of our mountain peaks so all have to take a look tomorrow.



After all that, I forgot to say Happy Mother's Day. What a great family tradition!


Happy Mother's Day!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Hope you didn't work too hard, Karla. I always garden on Mother's Day too, but this year it was a bit of a wash-out due to the cold rain. p.s. that's such a pretty picture of you and Sugarwings!


I saw some of that biodegradable brown paper in a catalogue and have been contemplating trying it. Since my shoulder won't let me dig everything out this year to do it (it's one of those "unmulch" the garden to remove the plastic, put on the stuff and remulch), I don't know if it'll happen this year, but I'll sure appreciate a review at the end of the season!

Happy belated Mother's Day!


Hi Karla,
What an adorable picture of you and Sugarwings! She definitely favors you. weeding sure does take a lot of time. In a pinch I've used layers of newspaper that biodegrades, also. then cover with mulch. It is easy to adjust around the plants, too.
Enjoy your time with your granddaughter, these are precious memories for both of you.
Have fun at Jennifer's. I'm anxious to see the pictures afterwards especially with your new camera!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven

I sure hope you and sugarwings have professional pictures taken, (maybe you already have), of the two of you together. You are two blue eyed beauties and I know the pictures would be remarkable. Have a great time with Sugar Wings. Gosh, you sound like me that would be the perfect Mother's Day gift. Thanks for the paper tip. I'm going to check it out!

Janet Doherty

You do not look like a grandma...wow...you two are so sweet together.
I love the idea about the kraft paper...I have seen it also with shredded news paper and then grass clippings...never tried it so I will be interested in following along.
Happy Mothers Day to you.


Sounds like you had a great mother's day. You and Sugarwings look so cute in the picture. I love it. Have fun with the little one and on your trip.


What a lovely picture of you and your
Sugarwings! I LOVE Twinkle's pic too!
I always enjoy them.

milli wagoner

I think making your yard pretty on Mother's Day is a good tradition, and you get help! Yes, those bags of mulch way a ton! You are inspiring me to get outside and work in my flower beds, they need some TLC! What fun to get to spend a few days with just you and little sugarwings! She really looks so much like you! You are two pretty ladies! I want a grandbaby so bad, especially when I read about all of your fun adventures with sugarwings! You are such a good grammie and you are making so many wonderful memories that she will treasure forever! When I was little, there was no place in the world I would rather be than with my "Mamaw Dillon"! Enjoy your fun days ahead!
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)

Kelee Katillac

What a wonderful photo of you two!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

love, kelee


I love that photo of you and Sugarwings! Happy belated Mother's day! karen...

Elaine L.

Great Picture of you and Sugarwings. She looks just like her grammy.



Karla I always thought you were so beautiful. What a fabulous photo of you and your granddaughter (who is equally as gorgeous). PLEASE get this blown up, framed, sepia toned, a charm made- everything! It's one for the memory books.


Hi Sweet Karla! I am a little late responding to this post but when I'd first seen it, didn't have thyme (get it? THYME? sorry...) anyway, back when I was married with a family the tradition was to go to the flower shop and get all the flowers for my many windowboxes, and DH would help me to plant them. It is a beloved memory...Your Friend, Bobbi

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