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May 08, 2009



I have always had an interest in painted furniture but have never known how to paint it in the right way myself. Thanks for sharing this. BTW for those who love painted furniture I have to recommend one of my favourite sites - http://www.paintedfurnitureco.co.uk/


I am going to try and tackle painting my cream bedroom furniture black. It has a varnish finish. Would I be able to use this short cut or would I need to follow other steps?

Jeanne Whitwell

HI: 1st time user of your Blog---loaned a :maple" chest of drawers, just rec'ed back &can use some "redo"--can I just clean,use bonding thenjust plain color of my choise w/new drawer pulls??? use to use old antique kits, but feel that "era" has past---thanks jeanne


Soooo if I just want a white finished piece.. It's best to just use the primer only and then use the Glaze to seal it all? I'm thinking of doing my first piece a vintage lingerie dresser! And I want it all white with black knobs! :)



Karla Nathan

No, glaze doesnt seal. Glaze is a clear paint that you add color to, it gives a semi transparent tint to the color you add, and has an extended drying time to it so that you can manipulate the color by wiping it off.

I use tinted glaze over a heavily applied base of primer sometimes for a certain look. It is not the way to go if you just want white. Do a coat of primer and a coat of white paint.

Karla Nathan


Hey,..wondering if there's another way. i have an old piece of furniture inside too big to take it outside. Is there a way or type of paint I can use for it, without the smell. It is the old yellow or bone color furniture.

Angie Newsom

Great info. Love your work. It is amazing. Keep it up.

Jenny Markham

I like to leave wood alone, or if anything refinish it. Why are people so hostile to wood? It drives me crazy to go into a house and see all the wood painted over...

Sara Welsh

My mother gave me an old furniture piece, and I think it would really benefit from a coat of paint. It could really give the piece some new life. I think that restoring it would be a lot of fun, and I would love to restore it in the style that you did yours. The antique look is so stylish, and it goes with almost any room!
Sara Welsh | http://danielscuderi.com/restoration.php


Hi Karla
Love your post I love the antique cream look glazed of course would I prime, paint with a cream water based paint then apply the same water based paint with the glaze mixed in for the finish. Then apply my poly

Karla Nathan

Abril, if you paint and glaze with the same shade, it is a wasted step. It wont change the look at all. You can glaze cream over white, or visa versa. Or a darker cream over the base, but just make sure you are using two different colors if you want an antiquing effect.

Elsie Mack

I love painting old furniture. It is very hard work, indeed. I am so glad that I have found your tips. You are so right that cheap brushes are working perfectly. You have done nice job! Best regards!

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