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May 04, 2009



Oh such lovely charms! Both of them! So sorry to hear about Twinkle's paw. Oh poor baby.


Oh Karla, I feel so bad for Twinkle.
Thank goodness you checked on her when you
did and that your Husband thought quickly
with the bandaging until you brought her
to the Vet. Please give her a sweet
hug from me and I hope she feels better
very soon.



Sorry to hear about Twinkle's owie. Your charm giveaway is lovely, as always.


Jessica Canham

Oh no! Poor Twinkle! I'm glad you found her in time and hope she feels better soon.
Your charms are very sweet and I look forward to seeing your wallpaper journals featured in Somerset life!

Tracy M.

Hope Twinkle is feeling better. She is too cute! Lovely charms too.
Take Care,
Tracy M.


Oh poor twinks! I feel so bad for her. Glad she didn't bleed all over your house before you found her. (and I'm glad you didn't show those pictures!)



So glad Twinkle is doing better. Wishing her a speedy recovery!


Sweet Twinkle has an owie! I hope it heals quickly for her.

Deborah Woodrow

Dear Karla:
Hey, love looking at all your new goodies ! Wish I could paint Roses, like you.
The charms are lovely, as are all your creations !
Sorry about your dogs, paw and surgery, poor little baby !
Happy Birthday ! Take Care.


that poor baby...give twinkle a gentle pat!!!


HAVING a giveaway on my blog all month for a box of vintage proportion! So be sure to stop by!!!



Poor Twinkles; she looks so sad.

The picture of Miss Pink Frenchie and Twinkles is cute!



Have a Happy B-day tomorrow!
Hope Twinks is feeling lots better. Can't let anything happen to our "dog children"!


awwwwwwwww...poor poor little Twinks...she looks so sad in that picture...i hope you have a wonderful birthday Karla!!!

chas at the wild raspberry

poor little pup! hope she gets a special treat for din-din tonight!
enjoy your b-day....

Debe L

Sweet baby Twinks! Sometimes pretty vintage bowls just aren't the thing. You need to find her a nice silverplate piece. That would fit her style! Love those giveaways!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

That Miss Pink Frenchie is so fabulous, Karla! A perfect pal for Twinkle - hope she's feeling better. And Happy Birthday to you, Karla!!!


Awwhhh, Twinkle and Pink Frenchie look adorable!!! Poor thing, she looks sad in the pix above. Hope her foot heals soon. Have a Wonderful Birthday tommorrow. You deserve it gal. You are very special!!

Jenny S

Poor Miss Twinkle!! I hope she feels better!! Great charms! Add me in!!

Heidi Gordon

I love the charms and I love that you said, "I make a lot of crap" which is so not true because your stuff is divine! And you do find great stuff! Can't wait until SB in Nov. and if you all are going to see the wallpaper lady in Iowa again, can I come too!? pretty please!


What darling charms! Happy birthday! ; )


Poor little baby! I do hate when they get hurt or don't feel well...just makes me feel badly too! I hope she heels quickly! Gah, they kits look amazing!


Cindy Is Crafty

I would be thrilled to win either. Congrats on your b-day! Happy, happy to you!

kana conger

I like your pretty charms! So sad to hear about little Twinks and I hope her paw is on the mend very soon. Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Deb Brennan

Happy birthday! Glad to find your great blog!


Have a very Happy Birthday, Karla! I didn't realize we are the same age...except I am 4 months younger (lol). Poor little Twinks...I'm sure she'll feeling better real soon! Enjoy your Bday tomorrow!


OH!!!! I feel terrible for Twinkles...
Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!! Love your charms you made...They're so pretty..


Poor little doggy! Happy Birthday tommarow! Hope you have a lovely day filled with all things beautiful! xo Andrea


Oh, I hope your pup is all better soon - I love your charms and would love to be entered!

Jennifer M.

Your charm giveaway is lovely! Please enter me.


Penny Plum

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
Your still a spring chicken, dear Karla, Happy Birthday to you!

Genghis,Dale and I send purrs and prayers to poor Twinks. Get Better soon Twinks.

It goes without saying your charms are beautiful.


Kathy in Chicago

Awwww...your dear little Twinks drugged, tired eyes. Poor, poor baby. You are so lucky you were home and thank you for not sharing photos! Give that sweetie a big hug and kiss. Doesn't it make you feel just awful when something like that happens. I HATE that feeling. As for that pink poodle...it would look swell with Beth's transvestite doll. KIDDING! I'm just kidding!! But hopefully, it made you smile. Take care of dear Twinks and yourself! - Hugs, Kathy in Chicago


Oh Poor Twinkle! I feel so bad when my pets get hurt! All your goodies are lovely as always Miss Karla! Hope all is well with you and your family! hugs! karen....

Sharon Boyer

Oh I am so very sorry about Twinkle. I'm glad she is on the mend. Your giveaway is wonderful. I love your blog. Maybe one day I will join the blog world with my own. Thanks. Sharon


Lovely charms. Poor poor Twinkle. Happy, happy birthday for tomorrow. Rachaelxo


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARLA, I know you'll have fun. Happy happies.


Happy Birthday! Lovely giveaways, please add me to both drawings and thank you for your generosity!

Bobbie Valentine

Happy Birthday today! Wish we could celebrate together.


Love all your charms and your work. Add my name please!


Poor Twinkle, I hope she is better...

Please add my name to your give-away pot.

Happy Birthday!!!!
Have a great day!!!!


Happy Birthday! I turned 52 last month so don't feel bad. I actually have been enjoying these over 50 B Days. I feel much freer at this point in my life. Hope little Twink's foot is recovering. Your charms are lovely. Pam


A very happy and blessed birthday to you! I know from experience (just a few months ago!) that the "51" is just a number, not too exciting. But I don't think I could handle the big excitement every year! Enjoy it, and warm thoughts for Twinks too, and hope she heals up real soon! Love your blog, it's the highlight of my morning! from your southern Kansas friend, Elaine

tammy hebert

Please sign me up for your drawings..
thanks, tammy


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARLA!!! (since I'm leaving this on the 5th)


Happy Birthday Karla!!! 51 is the new 31! Such CUTE charms to give away too! That would be a great late b day gift for me (april 5th) :) Have a blessed day...


so glad twinks is alright, and you didn't post the blood bath photo! LOL!
See you soon!
xoxo, Tiffany


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a beautiful day and a wonderful year!

Hope Twinkle is feeling a little better this morning too!


A very Happy Birthday, Karla! Are you going out to dinner or somewhere special to celebrate?

Poor little Twinkle! Give her a lot of snuggle time. She looks like she needs it!

Take care, LynnW (my Rusty says arf to Twinks!)


Poor Twinks, bless her little heart....Hope she heals very fast..

Nancy Stone

Karla the charms are beautiful as always. So sorry about Twinkle, I hope she is feeling better soon. At least she got some pain meds. Have a very Happy Birthday.


Karla, your charms are lovely! Poor Twinkle, I am so sorry she was in pain. Now you'll just have to cuddle and comfort her. Have a wonderful birthday, Karla!

Autumn Clark

Wonderful charm, Karla. Thanks for the chance to win! Hope Twinkle feels better soon. I'm having a giveaway too, so check out my blog. autumnsantics.blogspot.com
Autumn Clark


Happy Birthday! Glad Twinks is going to be ok.


Happy Birthday Day Dear Karla!
Thanks for sharing such a WONDERFUL and INSPIRING blog!! Hope you have a terrific day!!


Happy Birthday, Karla! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
I feel so sorry for Twinkle--hope her little foot heals quickly.

meleen dupré


can you hear me singing "happy birthday"....if twinkle is howling then i guess i'm coming in loud and clear!!!

enjoy your day!!!

Renie Cee

Karla, the charms are great! Poor Twinkle, she looks so sad with her foot all bandaged. I showed her picture to my french poodle Beauregard and he sends kisses her way and said she was one hot babe. I said,"shame on you Beauregard", Twinkle is indisposed right now. You know how those french poodles are, always thinking about ooh la la. Maybe later when she gets to feeling better, they can talk.

Beth Marie

Poor little miss Twinkle! I hope she is better soon. She is so adorable with that sweet little face and that shiny coat. I just want to hug her! I bet she's a good comfort to you when you're feeling down and out. :)


Happy Birthday! Make a wish, you deserve it!

Karen Young

Happy Birthday Karla, Hope your day is special.

Hugs Karen

Leigh of Bloggertiaville

Poor Twinkle, I hope she is on the mend. Poor little Twinle Toes!

Debra Ganas

Happy Birthday Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeear Karla!!!

I hope I have 1/10th the energy you do at 51. I only have a few more years until I get there.

Jackie sends Twinkle get well wishes. Poor Twinks.


How pretty! Please enter me.


Your charms are precious. Hope your sweet Twinkle is on the mend!

Diane Pierce

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Please enter me in your giveaway.

Diane Pierce

Please enter me in the 3rd annual cottage charm giveaway as well.


Happy Birthday!

Jean Eakin

I too feel so sorry for little Twinks. It breaks your heart when your pet babies are hurting. Your charms are so pretty, Ms. talented lady.
Since its already the 5th, Happy Birthday to you dear Karla. i hope you have a fantastic birthday.
Jean in Virginia

Renee G

Your charm giveaway is lovely, as is Twinkle.



Love your charms. According to my time zone, it's not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope it was great. Love your charms.

Martha C

Happy Birthday Karla! I want you to know how much you have enriched my life. Thank you. P. S., love those charms! Martha

Elaine L.

Awwwwww, poor Twinkle. Good thinking on the part of your DH.

Hmmmmm, 51, ouch? I know, I'll take your #51 and you can have my #57. (insert my smiling face, here)

I love the white rose charm!



Have a happy birthday Karla. You bring such joy to me. I wish I was there to celebrate with you. You are a real gift.

Melissa Burford

Oh poor Twinks! Hope you have a happy birthday otherwise.


Hi, I just came across your blog two days ago, and I couldn't stop reading till I finished all your old posts, you seem to have a really creative life :)
You remind me so much of my mom, she loves roses ,fairies and her only grand daughter, which is in a way, just like yours , her little fairy..
I wish you and your family a happy life.


I'm Late! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Karla!

Jane Palmer

Happy Birthday, Karla! Don't worry about turning 51 - just think about all the AARP mail you'll receive! :-)

Hope Twinkles is feeling better now! Poor little sweetie, born for beautiful vintage china and glass and now resigned to tin - at least her new water bowl isn't plastic!

Jane - Jacksonville

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hi Karla! I hope your little pup is feeling much better now....and that you had a wonderful birthday too!! xxoo, Dawn

Lolly Busey

OMG, I hope Twinks is feeling better today. How traumatic!

Count me in for the giveaway, please! Beautiful charm!


milli wagoner

Oh, the tags and charms are SO pretty!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day on your Birthday!!! Poor little Twinkle, bless her heart! Both of my fur babies have ceramic food and water bowls and I will be changing that TODAY! Who would ever think about them breaking, that's terrible! I know it must have hurt your heart so bad to see your little twinkle hurt and crying ;( .
Have a very Happy Birthday!!!


hey chick! a giveaway! neato! come by my blog I am having a huge studio blog sale! I am trying to raise money for furniture by saleing my vintage items and some of my craft stuff!! big big hugs!



Happy B'day to you and sorry to poor Twinkie. My dog smashed a glass off of the counter she is not supposed to jump on! OJ and glass-but no one got hurt.
Thanks for the beautiful give away!Lovely!

Sadie Lou

Happy Birthday Karla,
Wonderful goodies here!
~Sadie Lou


Awww, sweet Twinkle. She's so cute.


Your charms are beautiful! Sorry about your Twinkle. Warm wishes, Esther


Kaye Prince

What a beautiful charm, I would love to win it! Thank you!


Hugs for poor wee Twinkle!
Your charms are beautiful.
I also want to thank you for your great tutorial on painting a chandelier. I have one in dire need of a makeover!
Hugs & Happy Birthday,



Well, certainly entering the drawing because I love all the work you do! And the photo of Twinkle (happy) is dear! Glad you got her tended to in a timely way. Poor thing.

I'll be having a drawing for a crystal at my blog starting tomorrow, so stop by if you're interested!


Karla, please enter me in your giveaway. Awesome charms!
Your poor baby. Hope she's better.
Marilyn in NM

Jeannine Wayman

Sorry about Twinks foot. Hope she heals quickly. The charm is well, charming!


Very cute charms, glad to find your blog :)

Renee Miller

What great give away I want to play too!


Please enter me in this giveaway. The charm is darling. So sorry about your furbaby's paw!!! chubmoma@verizon.net

Daisy Cottage

Beautiful charm Karla and poor poor Twinkle!! She's such a SWEET girl - love her. Please kiss her boo boo for me and tell her that Maggie and I hope she feels better soon!!!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day!!!


My in laws used to have a Yorkie named Twinkle! She was the light of their lives. I hope your Twink feels better soon! Your blog is just lovely!


Love, love your sweet charm! Thank you for the chance to win it.
blog: http://emmacallsmemama.com
email: marie@waltercom.com


Oooooooooooohhhh! Adorable! Please enter me.


Warm blessings,

marydon ford

Charming collection of creations.
Cross my fingers ~
TTFN ~ Marydon
Feedsack Fantasy


I feel so sorry for poor Twinkle! I hope she is on the mend soon! Your charm is lovely! Please add my name to your draw and remember...you are only as old as you feel! Happy Birthday too!


I'd love to be entered. :D Thanks!

God bless


hi, lovely giveaway, count me in please. love your lil blog too!!

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