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May 06, 2009


chas at the wild raspberry

what a great birthday...you know one of my birthday wishes already :)
i totally plan for what i want too. it is very satisfying even without surprises.
ooooh i want a rebel sooo bad. i looked at them once. and had to look away.
glad you were surrounded with friends and family.
have a great thursday.


Congrats on the camera! We (hubby thinks it's 1/2 his --brouhahahaha) splurged on a Rebel last year and I just love it. Lucky that our Canon lenses from the old film camera work on it! Especially love the macro lens.

I'd love to hear more about your tests of printable fabrics. Which worked well for you? Do you have a laser jet or ink jet printer?

debi @ life in my studio

Well, Happy Birthday to You! What a brilliant idea...planning and throwing your own party! I think I'm going to copy your idea....maybe, I'll even turn 51 too! ;)


Happy Birthday to you Karla! I'm a day late and a dollar short, but it sounds like it was fun! Glad you finally got your new camera too - you will have fun with that!


Happy Birthday Karla. I think that was a wonderful plan, buy yourself just what you wanted and celebrate just the way you want to. You know the Song Goes like this.... It's my party and I'll do what I want to.....
Hugs, Diane


That sure sounds like you had a great day Karla. So glad, and WOW, I love the pictures with the new camera grrrl, you did good with that one. Looks much more true to colors now. Have fun with your new toy!!

Deborah Woodrow

Dear Karla:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Wow ! Love the pics of the flea mkt goodies. And little twinkles, is getting better, YAY !
Glad you got your new camera, and you had a nice birthday, now thats the smart way to do things ! Wish I could have been to the crafting day.


Hi Karla, I'm so glad that you had a
great Birthday celebration and were able
to do the special things that you wished
to do on your day. Love the pretty tee shirt
that you made and I'm sooooooo glad that
sweet Twinkle is on the mend. The pics of
Bella, Twinkle and Sugarwings are adorable!!

Elaine L.

You sure know how to do up a birthday. I'm taking your advice, next year.



What a wonderful birthday. I love the photos you took with the new camera. It's on my wish list.

Happy Belated Birthday



what a great birthday Karla...the pictures taken with your new camera look fantastic!!! how clever that you bought your own present...that really is the best way to get exactly what you want:)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Karla, you are one smart lady! Sounds like a wonderful birthday day. I just chose and ordered my own Mother's Day gifts off of Etsy this year - I'm getting exactly what I like and what I want, and no trouble for husband!

Sheila R

Happy Birthday Karla!! Sounds like you had a great one!!! Love your pictures with you new camera!


oh happy birthday Karla dear!
I always buy myself something special for my birthday! I know just what i like!
glad you had a happy day!


What a great birthday! You make me want to stay home from work and make cute t-shirts too! Well, glad it was happy!
hugs! karen...

Christa from Chloe Rose

Happy Belated Birthday! That's a great idea to ensure a fabulous birthday.....orchestrate it yourself! I love the idea of having a shirt embellishing day.....how fun! I can't believe the difference in the photos....hmmmm, maybe I'll have to look into a new camera.


Chloe Rose
Kindred Roses

kathy lowry

Belated Happy Birthday !! Love the pics -- and Glad Twinks is better - Kathy - ga

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla, I am SOOOOOO sorry I didn't stop by to wish you a happy birthday! I can see you had a WONDERFUL day!!! And the new camera... you have been wanting that for so long! Yay for finally getting it!

Glad Twinkle is feeling better. little cutie

xoxo Heather


happy belated birthday. you know how to throw a party!!!



Happy belated bday Karla I kept meaning to get over here and wish you the best! It's been crazy here, school is almost out :) LOVE LOVE that you got a new camera!!!! That is the best camera, I sure loved mine. Great pics and love the iron on idea. I wonder why it didn't work? Did you use fabric softener when you washed the shirts? Sometimes that will effect the transfer. Glad you had a great bday hope to see you soon, shawn :)

Kelee Katillac

Happy Birthday Karla!

Love your t-shirt ad projects day! Also, the figurine photos are charming!

love, kelee


I am a day late with my Happy Birthday, or, as I like to refer to it, just extending the celebration a day or two. Congrats on the new camera! And lovely finds, as always. Hope this year is fabulous!

Andrea Villarreal

Happy Birthday Karla! A little late.... I love all the pictures of the dorkies you have been putting up lately:) Your silver little one is beautiful!! Sugarwings hair is so cute in little braids. I remember when....she is fifteen now. No more braids. Have fun with your new camera. Hurray!


Happy birthday and congrats on the great camera, the pictures are very nice..
I just loved the idea of your perfect birthday, I guess I don't wanna wait till I am 51 to use that idea, better learn from others experiences and save me some disappointments , well maybe on my next birthday.


I am a bit late, but I just want to congratulate you with your birthday! And you got it so right, organising your own party. Maybe I'll do that this year too.


Great post, but I'm mad at myself because I missed your birthday! So belated wishes. Glad to hear Twinkle's toes are improved. She looks sad with the bandage.

And lovely photos -- Go Canon! What a fabulous gift!

Rose Brier Studio

Happy Birthday and Feliz Cinco de Mayo, belatedly! I had it written down and promptly covered up the calendar mouse pad, oops. Great new photos from your camera. My dh has a Canon and loves his. I'm looking for a new one that takes better close-ups. I always love to see good photos. Good for you for buying it for yourself!


awesome camera! I know I need a new one!Happy to see you had a good birthday!


So happy you had such a great day. You're so smart to plan your party. Love the pixs of Sugar Wings and the puppies! I know of several people who have that camera, it must be fabulous!! Enjoy and I know we will all profit from your great photos.


So glad you had a fabulous birthday! I learned the birthday give yourself a gift lesson a long time ago, and have never been disappointed since, and my husband loves how easy peasy it is! Good first gift to give yourself! Now, maybe some new lenses for mother's day???
xoxo, Tiffany
PS Can't wait to see you!


YEAH!!! BEST KIND OF GIFTS...and you get it right! lol...so question is...did you wrap it and oooo and ahhh...over it when you opened it? lol...i'm in lacey, washington right now...(LOVE LOVE THE CITY NAME!) i found www.shipwreckbeads.com the store here..i have never in my life seen so many beads! omgoodness! today we head to mt. rainier and tommorrow the ocean....

sooo loving those baby dollies!!! wow what finds!!!

we are going to a couple of vintage sales here..may have to ship the goodies home or ???

Jenny Sellars

I love it!! I guess I need to give myself what I want next birthday. It will save my husband from the midnight run the night before my birthday even though I have told him for the whole month that my birthday is coming up.....great idea!!


That's the best birthday party ever and you deserve it indeed! Congratulations on the new camera, I'm sure you will have a blast trying it out.

Lisa Boni

Happy Belated Birthday! Congrats on the new camera! I got my new Xsi a couple months ago and love it! Having lots of fun with it, though at times there is a bit of a learning curve with it!

Blessings and peace,

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