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June 19, 2009


Jean Eakin

Sugarwings and the bunny are both so sweet. I loved the photo of her in the lambs ears. Your new camera is wonderful. Have a great weekend.
Jean in Virginia


Hi Karla, I enjoyed your photos much, but this last one with her holding the baby is just too cute. What a beautiful Granddaughter you have! Of course I think the same way about mine too. But she fits her name Sugar Wings.


She is so darling. The name sugarwings definitely fits!


Karla, Sugarwings is so precious. I love
the picture with her and the tiny bunny.
She has gorgeous blue eyes. What a beauty!


Sugarwings is adorable sitting in the Lambs Ear!



You are living my future dreams...an adorable grandbaby and soft bunnies, sigh....Perfect!!

Kerryanne English

That Sugarwings is sooooooo cute.
She looks so angelic holding the bunny.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Well the "Mine" name is hard to argue :-) especially to a so adorable fairy such as Sugarwings :-)My, if those beautiful blue eyes are looking right back, it really is hard to resist.

Oh what are those red lines in her face? I hope she wasn't scratched.

Alison Gibbs

Sweet little Sugarwings is growing so quickly. It is funny how the littlies love the feel of lambs ears.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What garden fun with Sugarwings!

Susan M Hickam

Sugarwings must be very quick to catch a little bunny! I have tons in my yard but I can never get close. That last picture sure is precious. Sue

kana conger


She just gets more and more beautiful!! Looks like you two had a gun afternoon together!


Your little Sugarwings is such a beauty... and the lambs ear photo is adorable, these are the things that make up a life of precious memories :)...Enjoy!


I like to name things "mine" too. Especially cute furry things like bunnies or kittens! :)
She is a beautiful little girl!
(I haven't bought any annuals yet this year ~ and I'm often the one heading out as soon as it hits May 15th, the official planting of annuals date :)

hope | paper relics

sweet photos!


Hi Karla!!
That Sugarwings is so cute.


Your grandbabe is such a little beauty.

Elaine L.

She reminds me of a Nature Child from the hippie commune days. She's so sweet!



ADORABLE!!! Love her big blue eyes and the slight curls are so soft and lovable!That picture is the best!!


What a beautiful little girl!!


That is just so cute! I rescued a baby bunny from one of the dogs once, and when I took it back up to the tree grove, there was it's mama waiting!


Oh My Gosh! How much do I love that little bunny. The pictures of Sugarwings are so precious.


Love your garden.....Sugarwings sure can find her little friends! That is too cute!!!


Your day looks perfect with flowers, bunnies and fairy grandbabies.

Nancy Stone

How I would love to have sugarwing's big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. What a sweet litle girl.

Vicki Chrisman

Okay ..everything about this post was just darling!! I love the name.. "mine". lol
She is just such a beautiful little girl... oh my!

LiLi M.

Every time you show us photos of Sugarwings I think (and not I alone) that this is the best photo you have ever taken of Sugarwings, but every time you amaze me to show a photo that is more beautiful than the last, so I don't dare say that the last photo of Sugarwings with the bunny is sheer perfection! Do you save or print your blog for her? I think you should.

Southern Lady's Vintage

Lol! What sweet photos! Grand babies are one of God's very best blessings!


Sugarwings looks like a cherub sitting in the soft, downy lambs ear! What a pretty little girl. And that bunny is adorable, too, though I chase bunnies OUT of my garden. She can have 'mine.'

Photographer Sydney

Thanked God that wasn't a poisonous mushroom at all..


Oh my goodness that last picture is just adorable! I think I'd want to keep the little bunny too!

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