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June 05, 2009



Karla very nice, I too design my own I use a hole punch add a bit of seam binding and a vintage button. My past life we had a photography and graphic design studio, my hubby is very good on the mac. (:
Hugs, Diane

jana johnson label

I was blogging around and came across these paintings and they inspired me...I thought you might like them too.
Have Fun.

Kerryanne English

Very inspiring and colorful business cards Karla.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


How clever! I use old industrial time cards. Glue my adress on them and clip them in the shape of a tag and on the back side i glue a nice picture and add glitter on it. Have a wonderful weekend /linnea-maria


your business cards look great Karla...they are really you...beautiful job!!!


wonderful little business cards Karla!

LiLi M.

Love your business cards Karla! I think having a proof of color is a great idea. When I started mine they went brownish in stead of pinkish...still have to finish them though....have a great weekend!

Lolly Busey

You are absolutely the most clever and creative person! Love the business cards!!

Fated Follies

Those are pretty - very colorful!


Your cards are just too cute, Karla. Glad to hear you are on the mend! Take care of yourself.


Karla, I love them! They are so YOU!
I hope your back is getting better and better.:)
xo Lidy

ps. I finally got my own Sugarwings (Linden) and she is the love of my life.


Oh great business cards Karla!

Deborah Woodrow

WOW ! Beautiful, and functional !
You do amazing work ! Hope your back is better soon.
Deborah Woodrow


Hi, Karla -- catching up after a hairy week and no blog time! I like that card the best, too! Thanks for the tip on the UPS store -- I'll have to try them!


You did such an amazing job..I love all of them...

Jean Eakin

Your business cards are great, why am I surprised! You have a way with design.Have a great weekend Karla.
Jean in Virginia


If only all business cards and office supplies were so pretty. I get excited when I'm at work and spot a pink paperclip.

Andrea Villarreal

Those are awesome Karla! I have been thinking of doing a new business card. My old one doesn't have my blog address on it. But I have like 1000 so I was thinking I shouldn't waste them:) But I love your idea about the color copies at UPS. That's not too bad. Maybe.......


What a smartie you are!
The cards look great.
Have a great weekend.
PS I am glad your back is starting to feel a bit better.


Your cards are darling! Hope your back is better soon, take it easy even after you start to feel better, ok?


Karla, your business cards are so pretty!!
I am so glad to hear that you are feeling
better and I hope that you are back to
feeling 100% very soon. Please take
extra care.

Alison Gibbs

They look fabulous.
Hope you are soon feeling better


They're lovely -- good job!

Lori Oles

I love everyone one of them....they are all fablous!

Karen @ Brayton Homestead Interiors

Love your cards -do you make them for others? LOVe the bottom left with pink rose for my blog-- thanks for visiting my blog!

Martha C

Karla: Love your business cards. I thought the one that came in your recent package was great. You out did yourself! Martha

Kelee Katillac

Hi Karla! Glad you feeling better! I love the tage you liked....
these are very charming!

love, kelee

p.s. Are you making a scarf for the lost dogs? We could use your creative help...see the 2nd post at my place!

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