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June 29, 2009


Anna Rosa Designs

Hi Karla,
Sounds like you had a lovely time catching up with family and friends and celebrating your Aunty's great life.
Love to see all your pictures along the way.


what a beautiful lady she was....glad you had a good trip and made it safely home.


I am so glad that you found peace during the services, not only for your aunt but for your Mother as well. It is wonderful that you had that moment to feel your Mothers heart and know that she lives on through you even in loving others. The picture of the foot made me smile. Before I read what it was, I thought it was a foot print in the stars of the sky. Have a look at it again and you might see what I saw at first. Have a relaxing blessed week. Cherie

Holly Abston

Karla, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dear great aunt. That last picture of her really touched me. She had such a kind and gentle face.

I love your new hair color, I think you look young and beautiful. I, too, had to chill on the highlights, they were looking a little too brassy and dry on me!


Karla,last year my husband and I stayed in a ($150.00 per night) hotel in Mt. Dora and the ghost activity was so bad we barely slept. we finally left at about 5:00am. I was willing to sleep in the car.Your sister may have sensed something. Believe me..it itsn't fun. glad you are back safe and sound:)


OK, is it my imagination or is this posted twice. I'm glad because this time I looked at the scenery a little more. I do love the scenery in Florida. I haven't been there for a long time.



Dear Karla, such lovely pictures of your
Aunt. I am so glad that you are home
safe and sound.
Ok....the lizard did scare me a bit! :)



Hello. Just getting home from being away for over a week ... just now hearing of your Auntie's passing. So sorry for your loss. {love Grandma's trailor!} Will have to go back and read the things you posted while I was away from my computer for so long.


Hello, brave Karla! What you did at the funeral was hard, but I am so glad you did it. You will never by sorry for that good bye. Praying for confort for you. Hugs to Sugarwings! Martha

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla, so sorry for the loss of your Aunt. She truly was such a beautiful lady.
xo heather


Oh, Karla -- I know you were fabulous. And that probably had to be one of the hardest speaking gigs you'll ever have. Hugs.


I know exactly what you mean, I felt the same way at my Gram's funeral a month ago. I also hope someone could understand me through my blubbering-I was sure I wouldn't survive the experience. But I am glad I did it! Oh, and yikes-mr. lizard!

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