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June 08, 2009



Karla, every time I see photos of your home, I swoon! Those cabinets your son made are wonderful! Thanks for sharing these with us.


The creativity is so apparent in your home.

Karen Young

Hi Karla, I loved the tour of your beautiful home. You have a great trip full of fun and adventure.

Hugs karen

LiLi M.

I know exactly what you mean Karla! I'm a homebody too!
I cannot get enough of photos of your gorgeous house. Have a great time!

Donna Layton

So beautiful and cozy:)
Have a fun trip.

Jean Eakin

Karla, I love your house with all the special details you are so good at, but you are right sugarwings room is a dream room for any little girl. I know you will have a great trip. Take care of your back and takes lots of Pictures..
Jean in Virginia

Marietta Hoschak

I am the exact same way and we were just gone three days and I am so glad to be home. Your home is surrounded in things you love and wraps it's arms around you and makes you feel secure... That is the things we love the very most above all the luxury in the world... we are home bodys and I think we have the best of the best built in cause alot of people never find that.... Enjoy but hurry home where you are the happiest.


Thanks for the tour!
Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip - take lots of pictures!


I'm a homebody too and don't like leaving my house much. However, I would NEVER leave my house if it was as beautiful as yours!



Have fun on your trip Karla. Your house is beautiful and you son did an amazing job with your kitchen. I love it!!!!


Your home is beautiful but, it's not just pretty it truly looks like a loved in home. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets homesick. Have fun.


Wow! Grammy does have pretty things! Grammy has INCREDIBLE things! No wonder you want to stay at home! Those stairs!!!!! Please do a post on those alone! Here's my wee attempt at painting flowers....

...but I would die for stairs like those!!!



Oh Miss Karla, your talent just shines in every room of your beautiful home! My heart about exploded when I read the part about sugarwings and Grammy's pretty things! Such a precious, precious moment! You are blessed beyond belief to have that precious little one in your life!!! I am a homebody too, there's no place like home! I'm sure you will have a great time on your trip though, especially spending time with your friends! Enjoy your trip!
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)


I so understand that feeling! Just took a break from cleaning (yuck) and rearranging (hmmmm) to sneak a peek at blogs - your place is so inspiring! Have fun on your trip.


I always get that same feeling the night before I leave on a trip. We are blessed that we have homes we love that much!
I enjoy seeing your lovely home, and still cannot believe I actually saw it in person ~ I really felt like I had stepped into the pages of a magazine!
It's so sweet how special you make things for your little Sugarwings ~ I hope to be that kind of a grandma someday!


Oh your home is ever so lovely ... it speaks of YOU. Your son is very talented indeed and I may like to borrow him one day soon. Hee hee! May your travel be smooth and the adventures be grand ... and I'll be waiting to read all about it when you post again.

Anna Rosa

Hi Karla,
OK, now I can really see how creative and talented you are. Thanks for showing us in blog land.

Your house is soooo pretty with all the hand painted pieces, unbelievable.
Have a fun time away.


Karla, your home is so pretty...and what makes it extra special are all of the pretty details and work done by you and your son...Miss Sugarwings is lucky to have such a sweet little room in her grammy's house...see you soon:)


have a great time Karla. Im a home body too. going away though, is part of what makes home.. home sweet home!

Beth Leintz

You are a whiner, but you're so good at it that I never realize you're whining. I feel sorry for you and then I sympathize with you and then you always say "I'm just whining, its no big deal...and I end up being the one that's all bummed out.

Just kidding.


Home Sweet Home...I know exactly how you feel. You and I must be thinking alike regarding journals, yours is lovely!


What a lovely, warm home. I suspect those adjectives would also describe you perfectly.

Don't feel you need to respond to this comment; I just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog and wish you a very fun, relaxing trip and a wonderful homecoming!


OOOOooooo! I would be so happy to win one of your journals. I have admired them for a while but couldn't justify the purchase!!! I have to win! hugs! karen...


Your house is so yummy. Thanks for sharing so I can drool. Please continue with your tour. Ellie

Tracy M.

OMG, I wouldn't want to leave that beautiful house either! What a wonderful place you have created. Have a great time on your trip.
Tracy M.


I would miss that beautiful home to if I was away from it for a few days. Enjoy your time and have fun.


Kerryanne English

Thanks for the tour of your house Karla. I think Sugarwings room would be my favorite place to stop for a moment too.
Enjoy your 8 day break.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Sugarwings is righ, her Grammy does have the prettiest things! I love your style...your kitchen cabinets are beyound precious and I love your front door...did you paint the roses on the side panels?...ah, you inspire me to get back to finding my bliss!...that is if I ever really knew what my bliss was! I'm still working on creating my own "tag " journal, but finding the large tags is proving to be a challenge...I can find 1000 of them, but I think I would rather start with ten!...have a great holiday!


Oh Karla, I get almost as frustrated as I do inspired when I visit you here. Your home is my dream place. I don't know what room is my favorite. It's such a calming place. Thank you for being so kind as to share with us. I pray your back is feeling better


I love the journal! Come home soon sweets! I miss you already! xo Andrea


Hi Karla, enjoy your trip and your home
is so lovely. I can see why you will miss
it. Love! Love! Love! your kitchen cabinets
and sweet Sugarwings room. I have an
idea if you are missing home too much....
just click your pretty red shoes and you'll
be back to your sweet home, Sugarwings and
Dorkies instantly! :)


Kathy in Chicago

I really enjoyed seeing so much of your house in this post, Karla. It shows so well in these pics. Now-stop the winjing (as a dear English friend of mine calls it). Stiff upper lip, Bucko and have a MARVELOUS time!! We expect pictures and lots of stories when you come back. - Kathy in Chicago

Cindy Is Crafty

Your home is so pretty!

"Be it ever so humble there is no place like home!" ~John Howard Payne


How inviting your home is I love vintage, had one of those homes years ago. Miss it.
I really enjoyed my visit.

Rochelle Gaukel

Have a great time away and know that everything (including weeds) will be at your home upon your arrival back! I too love being home, especially in the summer when my gardens need my tending....and watering....and weeding! :)
XOXO Rochelle

kana conger

Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful home...it is pretty and inviting, just like you!! Hope you are having a wonderful time.


I'm a homebody too, but sure wish I had a pretty home like you!


Your kitchen is lovely. Beautiful mosaic work too!

Susan M Hickam

The journal is lovely Karla! I am selfish and hope I win it. Hope you are having a great time with your friends.


I hope you have a wonderful trip...and I too would miss that beautiful place you call home.


OH, Karla, so very beautiful! I love the kitchen -- so bright and airy! And Ms. Sugarwings room is the best! I'll never forget when I first saw those steps, early on visiting your blog. I decided this woman was either totally crazy or the most creative human being I'd ever seen! (I still wonder, but I lean toward the latter!)

Have a fun time in Washington/VA!


you have a fabulous house! We're building ours in Montana, and I'd like to know how you finished the staircase: are the flowers carpet, wallpaper, or painted wood? I cant see the elements in the corner of each step, they look so cool ... are they decorated wood dowels (I'm sure you think I'm crazy by now).
Would appreciate a few details, if you can find the time to write. I saved the photo in our house file (there are so many thi gs we have been collecting over the years that we are incorporating into this house).
Warm wishes and many thanks.

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