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June 15, 2009



to dream of days gone by...it's so romantic!
i love to go to steamboat arabia and think of the ladies moving out west and all the lovely things they were moving with them...the buttons and beads, the ironstone, the silverware. it is so cool to see history standing still like this for us.
have fun...


ohhhhhhhhhh KARLA!!! i am SO SO SO jealous that you went to embellishments of old...wow Wow WOW...it looks just amazing!!! i want to see what you bought there...i hope you show us:)

Jean Eakin

Karla, that chair was great, such a pity. We love to yardsale up that way when we go to see the kids. Pretty things do make you feel good, and can bring you up on a down day too.
You have a great Monday.
jean in virginia

hope | paper relics

I am glad you got to Accessories of Old - amazing shop isn't it. And I tried to make it to Sue's - but over slept - I was POOPED from the day before I guess!


Karla, I'll take your version of sightseeing any day!! LindaSonia


Such beautiful embellishments, I think you must have felt you died and went to vintage trim heaven.. What a wonderful week.
Hugs, Diane

Sheila R

Looks like you were in heaven! Thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely trip.


Does that store have a website?? My gosh, everything is beautiful in there....WOW!! is all I can say


Hmmm, duh...the name itself was the link to their site. OK, Going there now...=)

Karen Young

Karla, Well I guess I'm shallow too, I would never want to leave that wonderful store. It would be a very dangerous place when one is armed with a credit card.

Hugs Karen


Hi Karla, wow, you have had quite a week!
I don't blame you at all for sleeping in
and resting. Sight-seeing and shopping
can take a good toll on us even though it
is so much fun. I'm so glad you are having
a good trip and I don't think you are shallow
at all! That chair was gorgeous....and I
think I would have been dragging it around with me and shipping it somehow. I think so..
Accessories of Old looks fabulous! Goodness,
I don't think I could have left that store
for hours and hours. Any pics of your
condo? Would love to see it. Please
rest and have a safe trip home.



Oh Karla, I could definitely get into that kind of history, too! LOL Beautiful!!! Thanks for joining the fun at Mosaic Monday. :)


I don't think I could have turned down that chair; it would be heard. When I saw that wall of buttons, I said "Oh my" right outloud and my doggie turned around and looked at me like I was an idiot!!!


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

OMYGOODNESS Karla!!!! I would have just FAINTED in that shop!!! Look at all the trims! I would have had to had some serious cash for sure....everything is so amazing ~ I'm so glad you share your adventures with us!!
xxoo, Dawn


If that's shallow, then I'm rolling up my pants and wading on in to the "shallow water" with you...what an incredible week you had! Thanks for sharing!


oh my goodness.....l o v e l y

Agneta from Sweden

Robin-Thrifty Miss Priss

I think I just died and went to heaven...oh.my.GOSH!

Lori E

I think stores like that stir up endless possibilities of creativity. Like food for our creative souls.


That all looked like so much fun!


Oh I love all of that trim!!!!! Goodness I wish I had been there shopping with all of you! Glad you had fun. Miss ya and we need a craft day. I'm dying to make meatballs and crockpot taters :)

LiLi M.

I was staying at my cousins for the weekend and it seems that I missed a lot over here. That bracelet for Beth is gorgeous, I saw it on her blog too. That shopping weekend looked so great.
Shallow? I just scrolled through the previous comments and there is no one who says that she preferred to see a museum, on the contrary. Ok we all are shallow and I love it! :-D

debi @ life in my studio

Ooooooooh! So much pretty eye candy!! Now I want to go do some shopping! tfs

kana conger

Teacher Karla,

Thanks for the history lesson....you are my kind of teacher, very visual!! Sure beats the ole high school football coach version of a history class. Did you buy any of those beautiful trims?

Beth Leintz

Really, you could have stayed longer, I would have been fine taking the shuttle- but I don't know how your credit card would have held up.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

That shop looks absolutely incredible. I would have spent hours in there, trying to decide what I could not live without. It just looks amazing there - lucky you!


Awesome mosaic! Great job... they are fun aren't they? And addicting! And that yard sale... oh my gosh... I saw three or four things just from the photo that I wanted! $20.00 for that chair???? What? FUN post!
Have a great week!
~Really Rainey~

julie - eab designs

I'm only twenty minutes from Bethesda so I will definitely being heading to Accessories of Old. Thanks for the tip!


how rude of me to drool, on my first visit here. lol can't help myself. thank you for the visit.
; )

Southern Lady's Vintage

Love all of that trim too. I would have been in lace heaven!


When I was sewing and smocking I would have loved to have seen this shop. It's to die for.


Wow wish I could have a shop like that close by. I'd be poor but I would also be happy. Great pics thanks for sharing! You have me so addicted to wallpaper now! Thanks for that, come by and see my first jounal I made. Tell me how I did?

Kerryanne English

I can't believe that chair was only $20!!

I have embellishment envy after seeing that store. Unbelievable!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


lace is fabulous...só pretty I love it
thank you for sharing.
Gr. Anna

kathy lowry

FUN FUN !! No i loved the shop -- fantastic -- will only see it in my dreams -- I think all things old have a place in history -- They recall what people wore and how they lived -- Glad you had such a great time -- Kathy - ga

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Karla, this place is AMAZING!!!!! how exciting to walk into a place so beautiful. I hope you bought lots of treasures. ;) I would love to go there next time we are in town.

xo Heather

Nancy Stone

Karla, What a wonderful store! I think that I could spend hours there just looking and touching everything. Love the little sew on appliques. It sounds like you and your friends had a glorious trip together. What fun.


Really good stuff!! but almost too much, it would be too hard to decide what to buy. You could spend a lifetime just looking and a fortune, too. Lots of eye candy!!!!! Thanks for sharing!


Wow - what a fantastic yard sale! And, thank you, I've made a note of that store for when we go East next summer...if I can wait that long!!

Jen Grenko

You are not shallow! You are creative... when you see those pretty things, you see all the beautiful things you can create with them... that makes you an artist... Who cares if it's not hanging in a museum! Jennifer


This is what my heaven looks like! are you kidding, that chair was only $20 bucks?!?!? You're killing me!! I miss all you guys so much! looks like you had an awesome time!!
xoxoxo, Tiffany


Oh My Gosh! If just photos of Accessories of Old is making my heart pound, I can't imagine actually being there!
It sounds like you've had a wonderful time on this trip--fun, fun, fun!


That place looks amazing!!!!! I soooooo wish we could've gone there...That garage sale looked amazing to...That chair was so pretty...


It really looks like you have been having some fun this summer. Good for you!


OH My Goodness!!!!!!! I have got to find a way to get to Accessories of Old. Helloooo! Skip the dull monument - that place looks beyond fabuous to this "shallow" gal. Hee Hee!!


Accessories of Old looks fabulous! I'm afraid I'd go in and never come out! Would have loved to have seen what you could do with that chair. Go back and get it. You can carry it on can't you?!

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