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July 10, 2009



That bed is gorgeous!! Bethany did much better is a big girl bed. She also was a climber. We just had to make sure we had a gate up so she didn't sleep walk and fall down our stairs! She is so sweet concentrating on her painting. Hope you had fun at the zoo we haven't been there yet!


What an adorable picture of Miss Sugarwings!
Love the bed, too.
Do they still have the train at Gage Park? I remember taking my daughter there when she was little (she'll be 40 in Dec.) They have a nice Zoo there!! Have a fun day!!

Sea Witch

Sugarwings...I love this sweet nickname you have for your granddaughter. I call mine my little 3-cheese ravioli because she a little pocket of goodness. Enjoying our postings. Sea Witch

LiLi M.

70 bucks? I think it's worth it! Mmm I think I pack my bag and move to Kansas city. Not before I wished you good luck tomorrow on the garage sales, it might be my lucky month hehehe! Have fun at the zoo!


Every fairy princess needs a princess bed -- and around here, $70 is a steal!


She looks so sweet and serious about painting! Love the bed, what a find!! Can't wait to see the after shots!


What a pretty bed for a pretty princess!
I wanted to tell you my giveaway goodie package arrived, and I love it!! Thank you sooooooo much!! I posted about it on my blog today, when you get a chance to take a peek (you might also want to see what I found yesterday :)
Thank you again; you are so thoughtful!!

Jessica Canham

My, you're both hard at work! I just love the Fairy Berry trail, what an adorable idea. No wonder Sugarwings is excited to make a fairy house to add to her special trail. Can't wait to see the princess bed when it's done!


Every fairy princess needs such a lovely bed. She is going to feel so special.


Looking forward to seeing your finished project!


I'm sure Sugarwings will love the her new fairy bed.



look at you girls working on your projects...how CUTE!!! that bed is gorgeous Karla...what a find...it is the perfect spot for little sugarwings to lay her head!!!


So far it looks great. Can't wait to see it when it's done.
You are such an amazing grandma.
Sugarwings is super lucky.


Oh so worth the money--she is going to LOVE it! What color's are you doing her room in? That was the most fun I had in a long time, decorating for my little one.

Karyn (French Charming)

Sugarwings is the cutest thing ever! What a beautiful little girl and I love the makeover you're doing on the bed...it's the perfect place for her to lay her pretty little head and have many sweet dreams!


Jean Eakin

Karla, The bed is fantastic.
Have a great weekend.
jean in virginia

Christina Jackson

Yes, the box is an old piece that has designs wood-burned onto it. Thank you so much for visiting! BTW, did you notice that we are practically neighbors? Isn't it a small world? My brother is a graduate of KU!

Happy day!
Christina :)

kana conger

Such a lucky little girl...I love the bed!!


Oh Karla, the picture of your Sugarwings
is just precious and I LOVE the sweet
vintage bed that you have painted for her.
Absolutely beautiful!! Have a wonderful



I swear, when I first saw the pic of the bed I was wondering if you were going to put the bed on the Fairy Berry Trail too!

Irma's Rose Cottage

What a cute bed. How cute that it is a minature size poster bed. Sugarwings is really going to love it. Love the pic of both you and Sugarwings looking back.

Hugs :)



Hah Ha! I thought the same thing! I thought NO! Don't put that beautiful bed on the Fairy Berry Trail! It's wonderful and I would have paid that in a heartbeat!
The most precious thing about this post was that wonderful picture of you two creative girls busy at work...looking over your shoulders! Thats a scrapbook picture for Sugarwings book for sure! LOVE IT!
I'm hitting the yard sales tomorrow too!


Wow, the bed is beautiful. I can't wait to see the magic you will do to it. I think it was a great buy. Sugarwings, will truly be a princess in her new bed!

Elaine L.

I LOVE the first picture of Sugarwings. She has such a look of deep concentration.

The bed is ADORABLE and I don't think you paid too much for it. It's perfect for her and will be priceless when you're done with it.

I know you feel lucky to have Sugarwings, but she is so lucky to have such loving doting grandparents who spend so much quality time with her. It will make such a difference in her life.


Alison Gibbs

Mmmm... sometimes so hard to make them stay in their own bed.

Gretchen Gerg


That bed is simply gorgeous! Lucky SugarWings.


Sheila R

What a lovely fairy grandbaby bed!


Hi Karla,
That bed is too cute! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving your lovely foot print. I have blog stalked you for so long, and was so happy to see you come by. I love the fairy berry trail.


Karla, I love that bed, it's beautiful. That is where I want to sleep when I come visit, if Sugarwings will let me !! You know how I love to hike too, so I want to hike the Fairy Berry Trail. Debbie.


Your little Sugarwings has got to be the prettiest little girl ever!...she is absolutely precious. Your posts are so good for the soul...Thank you!


Hi Karla!!!
What a lovely fairy grandbaby bed!
Absolutely beautiful!!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

that is the perfect fairy princess bed! SW is so spoiled, I love it! She deserves it. What a wonderful grandma you are!
xoxo, Tiffany


That bed frame is gorgeous! And SW looks like she is quite enjoying her painting project!


She is so pretty and the bed is perfect! Rachaelxo

Gumbo Lily

Sugarwings is growing more beautiful every day. Love the princess bed and can't wait to see how it all turns out.



I love the sweet picture of your and your grandbaby : )


Karla, That bed is gorgeous.. I love it..

aubrey hall

HI I enjoyed looking and reading through your blog! I just moved into a house that's full of shabby chic charm waiting to come forth:) so I needed lots of inspiration. Thank you!

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