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July 11, 2009



The bouncy house looks like fun. My daughter was so tiny she would get bounced around and could never get up!


Pixie Pie is almost as cite as Sugar Wings! I rember when my niece was 4 (she's almost 30 now) my sisters took her to one of those houses with all the balls. That's when they didn't ban adults from those places. It was so much fun! However, everything was fun when your 28. Oh, everything is still fun!!!



Goodness........you've got to take your little Sugarwings to a modeling agency....she is a BEAUTY! Holy COW!....just adorable.

Nope, I agree, there is nothing better than being a grandma. My little guy is the light of my life and the joy of my heart....my license plate ring even says so!

Great job on the bed. Can't wait to see it all finished.



I have to say Karla, that is one beautiful grandbaby!


My goodness...sugarwings is beautiful...just like an angel. She needs to model...

Kerryanne English

Any child would be blessed to have such a devoted and fun loving grandma like you.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Love tea parties! Looks like a fun time at the zoo!
Good luck with the sewing - wtih the feather bed,you can play "princess and the pea"!

Jane - Jacksonville


I love all of your Sugarwings collages ..... too cute!
:o) Sue


Karla, those mosaics you made with the two cuties are so precious...those are the sweetest cousins ever...good luck with your sewing project there missy!!!

Sheila R

You definitely put the GRAND in grandma! Such lovely pictures of Sugarwings!


Good luck with all your projects. The bed is going to be beautiful and I know the little princess will enjoy it. She is so beautiful.

LiLi M.

What a great afternoon! What fun having tea and jumping up and down, yes sometimes life is a bowl of cherries! Those wooden 'farm' animals, houses, gates and trees can be quite old. They are from Germany, from the 'Erz' mountains. People over there make the most lovely wooden toys, they did so for centuries and they are still doing, therefor these pieces are hard to date. When you put them in the sun they will loose color, so that isn't a way of dating them either, but they are nice. Great idea to glitter them for Christmas decoration!


That picture of you in the bouncy castle is so great! I love it when people can still love that hard and are not afraid to show themselves laughing like that on a picture. It is so much better than all those fake smiles on posed pictures. Love the finds you did on the flea markets. You sure have a talent for that!


Your picture of Sugarwings is breathtaking!
You can practically see see a cool blue pool in those eyes and her skin looks like peaches and cream! She certainly photogenic!
Your new camera is great and I love the depth of field on your large portrait.!! The zoo looks like great fun. You all look like you're having a blast. Look forward to more great pictures.


Of course Sugarwings deserves a custom made feather mattress! And what an adorable picture of her! She gets prettier every day! Looks like you had a lot of fun in the bouncy house at the zoo!!!

Cindy Is Crafty

Wow, Karla, making a mattress. That is truly a labor of love! :O) There are some companies that will custom make mattresses for you. You can google search them. Not sure of the cost.

Jean Eakin

Karla, One thing always leads to another doesn't it. Who but sugarwings will have a custom mattress? You took some really cute photos of the little kiddies . I loved seeing them. Have a great Sunday evening.
Jean in Virginia

Alauar Parrish

Hey Karla; OH my; your Sugar Wings sure is a beauty, love all the photos of her. I wish you lot's of luck with the feather bed mattress, sounds and looks like fun, but will be well worth it, her bed is so pretty fit for a Princess... Have a great week.



What a way to spend the day - having the see on your own. Well, those two little fairies deserve it, after a birthday celebration is being held :-)

can't wait to see the finished fairy bed. The posts in them is just a nice one to play with. And I'll know you'll make something really grand! :-)

jessi nagy

hey sweets,

eeekkk your grandaughter is breathtaking. just a beauty.
hope all is well.



oh, miss sugarwings is going to love her new bed!!! made with such love! kept thinking about "the princess and the pea" while i read your post. she is really a treasure karla!!



All the fun! Your house is full of magic and splendor. You are the best grandma around!


Thank you for listing the buttons, I just bought them!...I love buttons, old...new...doesn't much matter...

I love the names you have for those beautiful little girls...Sugarwings and Pixie Pie, could they be any sweeter ?!

Thanks again!


Oh for the love of buttons, feathers, and that gorgeous green tea pot! I love it all!


I agree that being a grandmother is the best ever.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla :)

You always have the sweetest posts! I love posts about Sugarwings and seeing pictures of her. She is so sweet! I LOVE the bed you are making her! You are truly the best grandma!
I love your office!! The desk with the glass front doors and the millinery inside, *sigh* What eye candy!!!!



We really love your blog. Such fabulous pictures too!! We will visit often.

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters

Susan Reaney

Guess it has been said...Sugarwings is a toal Knockout in that first picture. My God in Heaven! She is stunning and exotic! Her cousin is just as sweet and round-faced as pie.

They look like they are the appointed royalty in the picture on the bed...too funny. Love these Karla. Thanks for the treat!



...sugarwings is growing everyday!!! i'm soo happy i've been around long enough to see her grow and change...we all know she is adorable...but in that first pic..she is STUNNING!!! (just like her grandma..hee hee..)


You are a fantastic grandma! I can't wait to see the princess bed all finished. And 15 cent floral sheets! Fabulous!


Love all the pictures of Sugarwings!!! She is so adorable Karla..You both looked like you had so much fun on the moon bounce...

Deborah  Woodrow

Karla :
I love all your new creations, the bed is just lovely, even if it is for a tiny fairy grandbaby ! And your new finds, just gorgeous ! I have put in my order for your etsy shop, can't hadly wait to get my package, and I hope everyone, will get some beautiful things, too ! You have the best taste.
ok, take Care.
Deborah Woodrow


First, that photo of Sugarwings is a prizewinner. Enter it now. Somewhere.

Second -- you are making a mattress. I'm thinking we should call the people with the little white coats. This only confirms my thoughts when I saw the beautiful but oh-my-God wallpaper steps... You are making a mattress. My mouth is agape. Like WOW.

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