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July 08, 2009



WOW! That looks like it was quite the garage sale! If only I could stumble upon such sales! The chairs are amazing and the paper goods are fabulous!


Karla, what an amazing garage sale that must have been!!! wow weeeeeee:)
your new chairs are TDF gorgeous!!!
Beth is so sweet to you...you are such good friends to each other...

ps: i was a mini hat~whisperer today...i FINALLY found some flowers and hats that were reasonably priced...hooray!!!

Melissa Burford

What beautiful finds. I understand how difficult it is to be productive when there is so many other things to do. Congrats on getting new things posted and the mini makeover...fabulous as ever. Hope your 4th was a great one!


Love those chairs and the beautiful curtains behind them! Great finds -- I haven't seen that great a sale around here, try as I may!


I LOVE your mini-make over. And the way you made the drapes work made me smile -- I did that same thing in my bedroom -- made the curtains go a way that the manufacture did not intend just to get the look I was after.
Those chairs were a bargain. I would expect to see a $300 to $500 price tag on them in the the PacNW.
You said that you have the same paper napkins that I used for my recent garage sale find. Well, of course you have them, they have ROSES on them. LOL

Kim Johnson

Love those vintage papers. I just visted your Etsy shopped and purchased a few for myself. Can't wait to get them in the mail... :-)


How fun and that plate is so sweet!

Debra Abel

Ah, new decor, priceless....

Looks great. Love the vintage curtains and the chairs, great finds.


That's my kind of makeover. And I'm glad you rescued the Fairy Berry post - those pictures are wonderful, especially Sugarwings kissing the frog. She is just a doll, but you know that.


the curtains look great! I of course LOVE the chairs! The ephemera packs look wonderful too. Loved that floral one! (sold!) dern!


Hi Karla,

Don't you always feel vindicated when you finally find the perfect place for something you found years ago?? "See I knew there was a reason why I kept moving that ...around" :) Got to love it!!Hmmmm with that kinda work you should reward yourself with a good mystery & a glass of wine while soaking up the ambiance of the "summer room" !

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx

LiLi M.

Those chairs were a steal! I expected to pay over a 100 dollars a piece! Why do all americans want to go to Paris, I think you pay over 200 dollars a piece over there! That was a great make over!


WOW! You did great on the room. Love the chairs. They can go anywhere. I got some curtain with pleats on top, but I didn't have that kind of rod. When my son was helping me hang them, He said Mom these won't work. I said oh yes they will, turn them upside down and use the hem for the pocket. It was our little secret. Great minds think alike. Have a good weekend.


I would love to sit in that room anytime. It's beautiful! I love the treatment you did on the pic of Sugarwings!



oh ...goodness...with us just moving into the new place..i'm having to part with some things and find NEW things to fit! and of course play that shuffle around game....the house has been zapping all my free time...i'm sooo far behind...then i got some orders for some custom market bags...and some scrapbook pages...then i found out my new job (that was supposed to begin in august...) will begin this month! EXCITEMENT...AND TIRED ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

hugz and much love...


oohhhhh love the ephemera ... and everything else too!

Alison Gibbs

Hi Karla great post. No wonder you got those chairs - great price and they look perfect where you have them
Come over to my blog and enter my giveaway


Those chairs are absolutely fabulous! I came on over because I heard you were "The Hat Whisperer"! LOL! ;)

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

wow! I totally get why I couldn't get you on the phone now!! Great stuff! I am DYING over the chairs! oh, and the ephemera!!!
xoxo, TIffany


wonderful garage sale finds! very pretty.
inviting you over to my 500th post give away

Elaine L.

Wow! You really scored with those chairs. I love your creative use of the drapes. It's a good reminder, for me, to think outside the box.

How cool is it that grandpa thought about creating the fairy trail. He's a keeper!



Beautiful chairs Karla!!! What a great
find! I also like your new curtains. I
never would have thought of turning them
upside down. Thank you for the wonderful
idea. Love Sugarwings pic in the beginning
too! She's a beauty!


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Those chairs were a steal, Karla. Love your mini-makeover!


Beautiful make-over! I love the chairs, they are PERFECT in your room! And I adore the curtains; I love the bold colors and of course the fact that they are roses!

Andrea Villarreal

Oh my gosh those chairs were only $100 that's amazing. Here they would have been at least $100 a piece. I did a little antiquing over the 4th of July weekend in central California and bought nothing. You would have thought everything was made of gold!! I found the cutest old books too with seashells on the cover. They were children's books and the shop owner wanted $65 a piece! Crazy wasn't in that day;)


what a great garage sale!!!! why can't i ever find a garage sale like that?!
love the chairs and all your other pretties.


oh what a sweet pic of sugarwings! love the mini makeover also! Those curtains look fabulous!


The room looks so fresh and pretty. I love the changes you've made.

I know how you adore your fairy grandbaby. I have a grandson that I adore, too.

I'm feeling lucky about your giveaway this month. It's my birthday month!!!


EVERYTHING is scrumptous! The chairs were a steal! For antique French chairs that is unheard of! Keep that ladies address in your memory so if she has another sale you'll be first in line!! Enjoy!

Heather Bullard

Just poppin' in to say hello to my SB roomie! Love the chairs and the ephemera packs too! As always you're a busy gal! You must have more than 24 hours in your day. Smiles, H


Incredible chairs...they must make you feel like the Cheshire Cat everytime you walk by them! I hopped over to your boutique to snatch a couple of those beautiful Victorian booklets but some other little shopper snagged the ones I wanted.

Love your blog...the previous post featuring The Fairy Berry Trail was PRECIOUS.

Jennifer Hayslip

Fabulous mini makeover Miss Karla! WHOO-HOO on the chairs!!! Loooove the vintage ephemera! As many others I have a softness and weekness for them. ;) So so beautiful! Hugs! Xo,Jenn


I love it all!...I especially love your little Sugarwings :) At every turn her photos make me smile, you are blessed!


I love all your cards and such and I LOVE the picture of Sugarwings.....that is really a neat picture


I love your garage sale finds. The chairs are to die for! I love reading about the fun you and your hubby have with Sugarwings. When I'm a grandma, I want to be like you. Ü


Fabulous chairs!!! Rachaelxo

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