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July 25, 2009



Hi Karla! The kitchen turned out beautiful! What a fantastic transformation...isn't amazing what we can do with paint and a little elbow grease? Thank you for visiting!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

That looks great! We love our paint, don't we? I'm going to try your Minwax trick on my dining chairs - thanks for the tip!

Susan Reaney

The Sugarwings Picassa pic is adorable. You are soooo talented!

I wish I could sew and I wish I knew how to better use my computer.


Thanks for the hint about binding primer. We are painting my daughter's room now.


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow! What a difference paint can make!

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Karla, I love it! You would NEVER know that they were the same cabinets! What a huge difference! I really want to paint mine now! Jen


Thanks, Karla! This kitchen remodel is so inspiring, especially the tip about the primer. I've been holding off painting our cabinets, because, well, I don't want to sand ... ever.

Was Sugar Wings chanting "follow the yellow brick road"? I bet she was. She is so cute.


Beautiful makeover of the kitchen and a magical makeover of the photo. It truly does look like something from fairyland - or Oz.



I like both the makeovers. Cute little subject on the second one though. I don't think there could be a bad pic of her!


you know how to do everything - that kitchen looks great & you gave great tips on how to do it


Wow! What a difference Picasa makes! I'm almost afraid to try it, as I have enough obsessions and little enough time as it is. I can just picture the hours and hours playing with it!


Love your studio, every time I see it, it seems to get prettier. Sugarwings looks beautiful all the time. Martha


Thank you, so much, for visiting my blog. I think I barely met you at Silver Bella last year, but I didn't realize it was you until later that night. I look forward to seeing you again.


I want to redo my kitchen cabinets and you've given me something to look forward too!



But you are an expert at this and you do things . . . . paint things just perfectly. I haven't really tried my hands on it but somehow I enjoy reading about paints and primers and what you do with it LOL Maybe cause I like the before and after look in the end. First, Sugarwings bed and others and now an kitchen. This is major!. And what a difference it is. I like the aged look you did and the swirl details too! :-)

Look at Sugarwings so happy walking through the yellow brick road - - - going to Emerald City? :-)


(I've seen you studio in your post before. Was that last month . . . or maybe more?. There's so much to look at. It's definitely a happy place for crafting.)


Karla, that is one amazing and wonderful kitchen makeover...it doesn't even look like the same place after you worked your painting magic...WOW!!! i am SO impressed!!!
i love the picture of Sugarwings traveling down the yellow brick road...darling!!!


That Oz photo looks fabulous! You did a great job with it!


Hi this is my first comment, but I just had to comment on how fabulous the kitchen redo looks. I really like the two tone cabinets with the light on top and dark on the bottom. It's amazing what a change paint makes!


You talents never cease to amaze me, the redo is fantastic and so cost effective! We don't have one of those paint surplus places but I have lucked out a time or two with oops paint at the hardware store.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my studio. Have a great week!


Great job using Picasa! I've been using it for months and months but you've been playing around with it far more than I have!


Karla, That redo is amazing...I love it... Paint always does wonders...Love seeing little Dorthy..

Kelee Katillac

Karla --love the cabinets!! WOW!

love, kelee

Alison Gibbs

Great ktchen makeover.
Of course Little Dorothy is just way too cute


I have a project that's not even that major and I can't seem to make myself do it. You amaze me.

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